xxx hindi audio story
xxx hindi audio story

xxx hindi audio story Stepmom tries to teach sex but stepson keeps fucking the wrong hole

xxx hindi audio story Stepmom tries to teach sex but stepson keeps fucking the wrong hole

xxx hindi audio story
xxx hindi audio story

My Life 04 – me and my young sister

In July just before the summer holidays started, we had a family meeting and Mum announced she was going to get a job. This stunned Susan and I as we had got used to her being there when we came home from school, and especially during school holidays. However my parents had decided that as I was 13, I’d be old enough to look after my eleven year old sister during the holidays. In fact the summer holidays came quite quickly and on the first day, my mother, of course, went off to work and for the first time ever my sister and I were left alone in the house during the day. Mum had given me strict instructions to keep an eye on my sister, not answer the door to strangers etc but I felt old enough and responsible to enough to cope.

On the first day I was up and about quite early although Susan stayed in bed. Mum had expressed her surprise that I was up so early and I explained it was just to see her off. She laughed and said this was not necessary so on the Tuesday I stayed in bed. Mum came to kiss me goodbye and I heard the front door close.

It had, of course, occurred to me that I could play with myself during the day if only I could get rid of Susan! She had a couple of close friends, Lynne across the road who was Colin’s sister and Sandra who was a year older than her. I casually slipped my hand down to my groin, where my early morning erection was ready and, listening carefully, I began to gently stroke myself. However to my dismay I heard Susan’s bedroom door open.

Then to my surprise I heard a gentle tap on my own bedroom door.

“Come in.” I called. Susan and I got on very well, I must confess. I think she saw me as some sort of older brother hero type if and I felt responsible for her. Her head appeared round the door and she grinned at me.

“It’s good this isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“Having the house to ourselves! We can do whatever we like – we don’t have to get up until lunchtime!” I grinned at Susan’s childish excitement. She stepped into the room and I saw she was still wearing her pyjamas – a cotton singlet and shorts. My erection had by now died down but gazing at my sister I was surprised to feel it twitch a couple times. Whilst I was with Auntie Eleanor I hadn’t really thought about my sister in that way but looking at her now I was surprised to see that she was starting to grow breasts! I hadn’t really noticed this before, obviously being too preoccupied.

“So how come you’re up already them?” I laughed. What Susan said next surprised me.

“I thought perhaps I could come in with you…” Over the years, especially when younger, we had often shared a bed in the morning before mum and dad were up, but in all innocence. We hadn’t done it for quite a long time and I must confess the thought of a warm body in bed next to me was rather inviting. It didn’t occur to me of course that this would have a detrimental effect on my cock! I grinned at Sue and pulled back the sheets.

“Come on then!” I said with a resigned voice but secretly quite excited. I had tucked my cock back into my pyjama trousers and hoped Susan wouldn’t spot it. Susan quickly closed the door and scampered across to the bed, climbing in next to me. She snuggled down under the sheets and we both giggled as we lay together in the small bed. I had to agree with Susan – it was quite exciting the two of us lying in bed knowing that we would not be discovered!

We were lying on our backs staring at the ceiling and I could feel her feet occasionally brushing against my legs. As the bed was only single, our bodies were touching along our sides and I felt Susan’s fingers curl into mine. I turned to look at her and she blushed. I grinned back at her reassuringly. We didn’t speak but if I found I enjoyed the warmth of her body next to mine, and, to my horror, once again my cock began to stir. I tried to point it away from Susan hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Are you alright bruv?” That was her pet name for me. I quickly bought my hand backup to my chest.

“Yes I’m fine. Why?”

“I wondered what you’re doing down there?” Susan looked at me. I told her I was scratching an itch and this seemed to satisfy her. Then she turned to look at me again.

“Are you wearing any pyjama trousers?” I guess she had seen I wasn’t wearing a pyjama jacket and assumed the worse. I nodded.

“I don’t always wear pyjama trousers, but I am at the moment.”

“I sometimes don’t wear anything in bed if it’s very hot.” Susan announced matter-of-factly.

“Nor do I.” I replied, “In fact most nights I don’t wear anything.” Susan turned to look at me.

“You can take your pyjama trousers off now if you like…” she said quietly. I turned to look at her. “If you want to that is…” Her voice tailed off. I was now beginning to get quite excited. I thought for a few seconds. What harm would it do? The anticipation of lying in bed naked with another body in the bed was too much!

“OK then…if you sure it’s alright?” Sue nodded. I slid my hands under the bed sheets and carefully pulled down my pyjama trousers, taking them off over my feet. Reaching down I pulled them out from under the bed clothes and threw them on to the floor. I was now naked in bed next to my sister and I must confess it felt wonderful. I turned to look at Susan who was gazing at me red faced. I wondered if she would do the same…

“Are you going to take yours off?” I whispered. Susan grinned excitedly.

“Shall I?”

“If you like.” I tried to sound casual, trying not to betray how excited I felt. Sue slid her hands down under the bed clothes and I could feel her sliding her shorts off. She then brought her hands back up and triumphantly showed them before dropping them on the floor.

Our bodies were still touching along their length but this time I could feel her bare hips against mine. Sue slid her leg across and I did the same and we wriggled our feet together excitedly, giggling as we did so.
“You haven’t got anything on now have you?” Sue turned to look at me with a smirk.

“Nope!” I replied with a grin.

“Shall I take my top off?” Sue whispered.

I swallowed hard. My cock was now beginning to stiffen and I knew that if Susan took her top off it would make it even worse. However this was too good a chance to miss.

“Go on then…I dare you!” We often dared each other to do daft things and Susan laughed before reaching underneath the sheets and pulling up the hem of her singlet. To my dismay she she turned away from me as she pulled it up over her head, dropped it onto the floor and then quickly dived under the sheets again. She pulled the blanket up to her neck so all I could see was her head.

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xxx hindi audio story

“There…that’s better!” she exclaimed. We lay there on our backs, unsure what to do next. Our bodies were still touching and my erection was now throbbing. This was the first time since Auntie Eleanor that I had been in bed with a woman, although of course this time it was a young girl, and I knew I had to be very careful not to embarrass myself. I was thinking quickly, wondering how to resolve matters. Either I could concentrate on ordinary things and hope that my erection went away or I would have to take the plunge and somehow get rid of Sue.

However there was of course a third alternative…

“You always do what I dare you don’t you?” I turned to Sue.

“It depends…” Susan turned to look at me with a grin on her face. I thought quickly.

“Your turn to dare me now…if you like.” I was trying to think of a way that Susan could see my erection and she looked at me thoughtfully. To my surprise her mind was obviously thinking along then same lines.
“All right then. I dare you…to pull the sheets down to your waist.” I laughed.

“No problem!” I rolled the sheets down, noticing that Susan kept a firm grip on her half, until it reached my waist. I actually rolled it a bit further than I needed to and a small tuft of pubic hair poked out from under the cotton sheet. There was also an obvious bulge under the sheet and Susan gazed down at it.

“What’s that?” She peered closer. “Is that your thingy?” I swallowed hard. It was now or never.

“That’s my cock!” I said proudly. “Do you want to see it?” Susan turned her gaze to me.

“Can I?” She went bright red.

“You have to dare though!” I teased and Susan grinned.

“I dare me to show me your cock!” As she said this I quickly brought the sheets down and my cock sprung into view.

“Crikey!” Susan exclaimed, gazing at my cock as it swayed about. “It’s huge!” I grinned to myself proudly, enjoying the feeling of the cool air on my body. To my surprise Susan then lay back on the bed again.

“You can dare me now!” she exclaimed. I knew immediately what to say, and also knew what she was expecting!

“I dare you to pull the sheets on your side down to your waist.” Susan turned to look at me nervously and then quickly slid the sheets down. To my surprise the sheets went way past her waist and I was greeted by the sight not only of her young breasts but also her bald pubis. Suddenly she seemed to realise what she had done, gave a little shriek and pulled the sheets back up to her tummy again.

“I think I went a bit too far!” Susan exclaimed.

“It’s alright, I didn’t see anything” I lied. There was silence for a few seconds.

“We can roll the sheets all the way down if you like” Susan murmured, glancing up at me. “I’ve seen yours so you can see mine…” Her voice trailed away again and she started to slide the sheets down. Between us we pulled the sheets down to the end of the bed and kicked them off. We were now both lying on the mattress, naked.

“Is it always that big?” Susan asked, gazing at my erection pointing at the ceiling. I had been staring at the small bumps on Susan’s chest and quickly turned my attention back to her face.

“Not always. He always gets bigger when I get excited though.”

“Are you excited then?” said Susan turning to look at me with a puzzled look on her face. I turned to look at her. It occurred to me that at her age she knew nothing about sex and all its ramifications. I wasn’t sure what to say.

“It’s sort of…sexy.” Whenever the words sex or sexy came up in conversation with us kids there was always lots of giggling and mutterings. We knew that sex was exciting and different and dangerous but in our “gang” I assumed I was the only one who knew anything about it.

“Do you think I’m sexy then?” Susan whispered, turning to look at me. I shuffled on to my side so my cock lay flat on the mattress and I took the opportunity to gaze blatantly at her body. My eyes roamed up from her bald groin, passed her small breasts up to her face.

“I think you’re very sexy!” Susan grinned. To call anyone or anything sexy was the ultimate compliment!
“Gosh!” Susan grinned self consciously. “Why do you think I’m sexy?” I knew now she was fishing for compliments!

“Because you got a lovely face,” Susan grinned. “lovely breasts…” she now went bright red as I directed my gaze to her chest and then I slid my eyes further down. “and you’ve got a nice tummy and…stuff …” My voice trailed away.

“Gosh thanks bruv!” Susan looked down her own body and casually ran a hand over her budding breasts. I watched enviously as the soft flesh bobbled about. She did it a couple of times and glancing at her face I saw she was starting to go red. She suddenly caught my glance and brought her hand down.

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xxx hindi audio story

“It’s all right…carry on if you like.” Susan now looked totally embarrassed. I longed to share my experiences with Auntie Eleanor with her to make her feel better.

“I know girls like playing with their breasts. It feels nice doesn’t it?” Susan looked at me red faced.

“I like doing it when I’m by myself but I’m bit embarrassed doing it with someone else here…”

“It’s alright don’t worry about me…” I thought suddenly occurred to me and I grinned.

“I dare you to play with your breasts!”

Susan laughed. “Unfair!” she protested. I grinned at her but said nothing. “Tell you what…I dare you to play with them!” My heart thumped in my chest. This was what I had been waiting for!

“OK then…” I said casually and reached out to her. Susan’s eyes followed my hand as it drifted across her tummy and then up to gently cup her left breast. It was, of course, much smaller than Auntie Eleanor’s. No more than soft bumps really but I felt incredibly turned on cupping it. Susan closed her eyes and lay her head back as I gently stroked her breast and then moved my hand across to the other one.

I watched the soft bumps move around as my hand roved over Susan’s chest and I was gratified to see the soft, pink nipples hardening under my touch. I carefully brushed my thumb across the nipples and Susan twitched. She still said nothing as I continue to do this until suddenly she brushed my hand away. Her eyes shot open.

“I think you’re better stop there…” I looked at her. I knew what was happening.

“Was it nice though? Did it feel nice?” Susan nodded.

“It was lovely!”

“Did it feel strange down there?” I pointed to her groin. Susan went bright red.

“Sort of…”

“Have you ever rubbed yourself down there?” I asked casually. I found out later that of course she had but for my benefit she pretended she hadn’t

“What between my legs you mean?” I nodded. Susan looked down her body.

“It’s very sexy…” I explained, using the magic word. “It’s very sexy when you rub yourself down there.” I swallowed hard. “Shall I show you?”

“If you like…” she seemed noncommittal as I rested my hand on her tummy again and gently stroked it down until it reached the soft pad above her groin. Susan’s eyes were closed as I gently ran my fingers further down.

“Spread your legs slightly…” I whispered and Susan did so. I was now able to reach between her thighs and I ran my fingers along the insides, enjoying the feeling of the soft young flesh. I glanced at Susan’s face and noticed she was blushing. I brought my fingers up and gently rested them on her pubic area. I pressed gently and Sue gave a little sigh.

“Is that alright?”

Sue nodded. “It feels nice…” I smiled to myself. I then slid my hand further down and carefully ran my middle finger between her soft outer lips. She gave a little whimper. Then I began to twirl my fingers round in a circle, gently pressing the soft pad of flesh against her pubic bone.

I glanced up at Susan’s face and noticed that her mouth was now half open and she was breathing more heavily. Her eyelids were fluttering as I continued to massage the area between her legs. Then I felt a slight moistness at my finger and sliding down I was pleased to feel her pussy starting to get wet. I was having the required effect! I then began to slide my index finger between the lips of her pussy, knowing I could not go too far because of her hymen. However I was now sliding the first inch of my finger in and out of Susan’s pussy and using my thumb to caress the top of the slit where I knew her young clitoris would be.

“Oh wow!” Susan gasped and then her hips shot up in the air. She gave a little squeak and suddenly grabbed my hand again. However this time rather than pulling it away she clamped it tight against her pussy as her orgasm ran through her. Her eyes were screwed up and her lips clamped together as she silently trembled through it. It was almost as if she was too embarrassed to cry out but after a few seconds she collapsed back onto the bed with a long drawn out the sigh.

I didn’t say anything, letting her recover, but after a minute or so she turned to face me.

“That was brilliant bruv!” She was grinning broadly.

“Now you know how to do it, you can play with yourself anytime you like!”

“But you’ll still play with me though won’t you? I liked it when you played with me.” I nodded and grinned.
I turned over on to my back and glanced down at my erection which was now almost bursting. Susan turned on to her side and followed my gaze.

“When does it get small again then?” I smiled to myself.

“When I play with it. Like I’ve just played with you.”

“So how do boys do it then?” I swallowed hard and then reached out and curled my fingers around the shaft of my cock. It twitched and then I began to slowly wank myself.

“Like this…” I whispered. I glanced to my side and saw Susan was gazing with rapt attention at my hand working away on my cock. I knew, however, that I was very close to coming and ought to warn her.

“I should explain that when boys have an orgasm stuff comes out the end.”

“Not all over me I hope?” she sounded concerned but I reassured her.

“I’m nearly there Sue…”

To my surprise my sister snuggled up to me and curled an arm around my neck, nuzzling her head into my shoulder. I quickly stretched out my left arm and Sue lifted herself up so I could cuddle her to me. Her left leg was now draped across mine and I braced myself for the coming orgasm.

“Is that alright?” Susan whispered. “I’m not putting you off am I?”

“No, not at all…” I gasped and suddenly my orgasm hit me. I gave a grunt as the first jet of sperm shot out of my cock. I carefully directed it upwards so that I wouldn’t splatter my poor sister and to her credit Susan said nothing as several jets of sperm arced up to into the air and splattered on to my tummy. I slowed down my pumping so the last few drops oozed out of the top. I gave one last squeeze and then lay back on the bed.

“I think that’s it…”

“Blimey, that was brilliant!” Sue exclaimed. I smiled to myself. Sue then propped herself up on one hand and gazed at the pool of sperm on my tummy. To my surprise she dipped her finger into the sticky goo and twirled around.

“It’s all sticky!” She grinned at me.

“Yes I shall have to clean myself up in a minute. I normally use a hanky.” As I said this I pulled one from under my pillow.

“Let me bruv…” I handed her the handkerchief and she carefully mopped up the mess on my tummy. I grinned gratefully. I tucked the handkerchief back under the pillow and Susan lay down next to me again.
“So what was it like having your first orgasm then?” I turned to Sue. She bit her lip and looked guilty. I raised my eyebrows and she grinned and then told me exactly what she and Lynne had got up to. I was astonished but incredibly aroused, thinking about these two young girls.

“Well as it’s confession time then…” I then told her all about Auntie Eleanor and Susan listened open mouthed as I told her what had happened between me and our auntie.

“So you and Auntie Eleanor actually did it then?” Susan looked at me aghast. I nodded, feeling a little guilty.

“Can we do it?”

I closed my eyes. Whilst I had been telling Sue about what we had got up to, I just knew she was going to ask if we could do the same. However this was a line I could not cross.

“I’m afraid we can’t, Sue. It would be illegal.” Sue’s face dropped and I explained the various ramifications. Not only would there be a much greater risk of discovery but also there was an even bigger risk that I could actually get her pregnant. This seemed to bring her up short and she was now in full agreement with me.

Our conversation seemed to break the spell a bit and Sue went back to her own room indicating she was going to get dressed. The rest of the day went quite normally although Sue looked particularly thoughtful, but by the end of the day we were happily chatting about various things, although skirting around what we had done that morning. It occurred to me that probably the experience would not be repeated. However…

The next morning, the same routine was carried out insofar as mum came and kissed me goodbye and I decided to get up there and then. I heard the front door slam and I climbed out of bed, stripping off my pyjama trousers and folding them up. Then, to my surprise, came a tap at the door and without waiting for an answer Susan came in.

We looked at each other in surprise. She was stark naked!

“Oh…you’re up…I thought perhaps we could have a cuddle…” Her voice trailed off. I smiled at her reassuringly. What harm could it do?

“In bed do you mean?” Susan nodded and I quickly pulled back the sheets again and climbed in. Susan joined me and this time, rather than lying side by side we faced each other and wrapped our arms around each other. My cock, which was of course starting to stiffen, nuzzling in her groin and I enjoyed the feeling of her tiny breasts against my chest. Her head was nestling in my shoulder and I gently ran my fingers up and down her back and down to her tiny bottom.

“I thought it will be all right if we just did this.” Susan whispered in my ear.

“That’s a good idea. This is quite safe and really nice isn’t it?” She nodded.

I felt her hands stroking my back, as I was hers, and then she too slid her hands down to my backside and squeezed the cheeks. By now of course my cock seemed to have a mind of its own and I shuffled around so that it lay against my tummy and pressed into Susan’s.

“He’s getting big again isn’t he?” Susan whispered in my ear.

“Sorry about this…it’s what you do to me!” Susan chuckled.

“That’s it…blame me!” I laughed and pulled her closer to me. Then she pulled her head from my shoulder and gazed at me.

“Can we try kissing?” I grinned at her. We had kissed occasionally, just on the lips with mouths closed as we found it quite exciting. This was another thing that our “gang” got up to when we were by ourselves, sometimes me kissing Lynne and Colin kissing Susan. We thought it very exciting and daring! I leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

xxx hindi audio story
xxx hindi audio story

“How’s that?”

“Can we do it properly?” I knew what she meant. At the weekend our gang had been on the common and had noticed an older boy and girl lying on the grass and kissing. Only I knew that they had been French kissing but the others were astonished. I leaned forward again and kissed Susan on the lips, harder this time and she opened her mouth. I did the same and poked my tongue in. Sue gave a little moan as my tongue found hers and rubbed against it. She squeezed me tightly as we began to French kiss properly, our lips slurping and our tongues wrestling in our mouths.

It went on for at least half a minute before Susan suddenly pulled away, red faced.

“Gosh that’s nice!” I had to agree with her. The warmth of her naked body and the softness of her lips and tongue were quite exquisite. Without saying a word I kissed her again and we spent the next five minutes kissing and cuddling in bed. As we were cuddling Susan had lifted her left leg over my hips and I noticed that my erection was now pressing against her groin. I was too involved in kissing to think much more of this but I suddenly realised that Susan was actually thrusting against my erection, the bump of my cock rubbing against her pubic bone.

My head was spinning… I had to be so careful and xnxxxfree resist the temptation to slide into her. However I could feel small amounts of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock and this was now rubbing against Susan’s groin as she in turn rubbed herself against me. We writhed together in silence and then I realised she was speeding up and was going to come.

Suddenly she gave a grunt and pulled me tightly to her. Her whole body stiffened and I knew she was coming. I quickly grabbed the tiny cheeks of her backside and squeezed them closer to me to maximise the pressure on her pussy. She then gave her a long moan and trembled against me as her orgasm went through her. After a while she relaxed her grip and fell back on the bed. She looked at me with a grin on her face.

“Gosh that was fantastic!”

“That was a bit sneaky wasn’t it?” Susan bit her lip. I grinned back at her reassuringly and suddenly felt another drop of pre-cum losing from the tip of my cock. I looked down and Sue followed my gaze.

“Looks like you’re about to come as well…” She muttered. I knew I was quite close and I had an idea.
“If I lie on my back will you lie on top of me? Then we can kiss I can play with myself.” Sue was keen on this idea and so I lay on my back and pulled the sheets down. She clambered on top of me and of course as she was shorter than me, when her face was level with mine my cock was sticking up between her legs but I could quite easily reach it. I also found I could reach her backside. Perfect!

I quickly reached under my pillow for a hanky which I carefully wrapped around my cock, as I always did when I played with myself at night. This also helped prolong the gap before I came. With my right hand I started to wank and my left hand grabbed the cheeks of Susan’s tiny bottom. She grinned at me and then started to kiss as we had done before, our tongues intertwining.

I was in heaven! Susan’s young body on top of mine felt fantastic and her kissing technique was getting better and better. My hand clutched at the cheeks of her backside as I started to feel my orgasm approaching and then suddenly I came. I could feel the sperm thudding into the handkerchief and my fingers grasped Susan’s backside, my middle finger actually slipping between the cheeks. To her credit, Susan knew what to do and stopped kissing me, burying her head in my shoulder as I let out a cry.

“God yes!” I grunted as I continued to come, my young sister’s body clasped to me. The orgasm seemed to last forever but eventually I felt the last few drops ooze out and I relaxed my grip.

“Was that nice bruv…?” Susan whispered in my ear.


“I liked it when you were squeezing my bottom!” Susan muttered. I grinned and gave it another squeeze.
“It’s such a nice little bottom it’s hard to resist!” I laughed. Sues then raised herself up on to her elbows and looked at me again. Then she clambered up until she was actually kneeling on my chest. She was so light.

I gazed up at her. We were now completely relaxed being naked in each other’s company. I casually reached out and stroked my fingers lightly across her young breasts. Susan grinned down at me.

“Do you think they’ll get any bigger?” I nodded reassuringly.

“I’m sure they will.” I wondered however whether I would still be able to play with them as they got bigger and as Sue got older…


The next morning I was prepared for Susan and had already pulled the sheets of the bed and lay on it spread eagled, my erection already pulsing. Susan knocked and came in. She laughed out loud when she saw me, and scampered over to the bed, bending down to give me a kiss on the lips.

“Morning bruv!”

“Morning sis!”

“Move over then…”

“Why don’t you sit on top?” Susan grinned and clambered on top of me. I bent my cock down until it was flat on my tummy and then instructed her to rest on it so it was rubbing against her pussy lips. She settled down and I could just see the tip of my cock poking up between her legs.

“Gosh this is nice…” Susan muttered as she shuffled her hips against my erection.

“Me to!” I exclaimed. The feeling of her soft pussy against my cock was wonderful.

“Try sliding backwards and forwards…” I muttered.

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xxx hindi audio story

Susan started to rock her body backwards and forwards and within seconds I felt her pussy become moist. We stared at each other as we both realised how exciting this was. My cock was rubbing against Susan’s pussy lips and at each movement it was rubbing against her clitoris. In the meantime I had the feeling of Susan’s soft pussy running up and down my cock.

“Blimey I think I’m going to come in a minute…” Susan muttered as she started to speed up. I must confess I was pretty close myself and as Susan closed her eyes and leaned forward I grabbed her young hips and started to press my cock harder against her groin. Suddenly she gave out a cry,

“Yes…yes that’s it…” Susan came and I could feel her body trembling against mine which sent me over top. My hands clutched at her hips as my orgasm hit me and my spunk spurted from my cock splashing over my tummy and chest. The pair of us clung together as we both came and it was Susan who eventually quietened down and after a few small spasms I too started to relax.

Susan straight and herself up and gazed down at the pool of semen on my tummy. Her eyes were a little glazed and I think we both realised that this was as close as we had ever come to having proper sex. I think it also brought us up short. I realized how close I had been to actually entering Susan. As she had been sliding backwards and forwards, a quick flick of my cock would have resulted in it piercing her quite easily and Susan was also conscious of the pool of sperm so close to her.

We discussed this at length after we had recovered from our orgasms and gradually we decided that our physical relationship should end there. Susan took it well for one so young and I knew it was the sensible thing to do.

“Tell you what we could do…” Susan looked thoughtful. “I could ask Lynne if she wants to go with you?” I grinned at her. The very same thought had occurred to me and Sue promised to try and raise it casually with Lynne.