hindi sexy audio story
hindi sexy audio story

hindi sexy audio story Amanda visits her Uncle

hindi sexy audio story Amanda visits her Uncle

hindi sexy audio story
hindi sexy audio story

This is my third attempt at erotic fiction. I am a male postgraduate engineer with interests in sexual fantasy that range from the normal to the bizarre. And if you have read “Jenny’s final success” and “Jenny’s Asylum Encore” – read on..

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Amanda visits her Uncle

Amanda had found her time with the amputee Aaron very exciting indeed. It was her vacation time and she had been told by her school mistress that she could visit her Uncle in England – a Lord who lived in solitude under mysterious feudal surroundings. Amanda had consented to visit this old uncle of hers, an uncle who should be pushing 65 years of age.

On arrival in London she was picked up by a limousine with a set of chaperones who would have put a king to shame. The car traveled with great speed through the country side for five hours before arriving in a small village set between a valley between two mountains. The place looked lovely in the evening. It was a small village owned by her Uncle with all the people there more or less his slaves. In minutes the old man had greeted her in a grand way and had introduced to her to the multitude of servants. Amanda had begun to enjoy herself. The look that her Uncle had given her lithe body had made her spirits stand up.

“You can do anything here, my dear,” said her Uncle the Lord of the Valley,

“For I own everything and everyone in sight,” he winked at her.

It was a Sunday. Amanda went to Church with her Uncle. It was a small Church, and very beautiful. The mass was simple and was headed by an old padre’. After the hymns singing and the sermons, People were waiting for their confessions. A coffin had been brought in for the final rites and was being left overnight in the church as the body waited for some of the closest relatives to come from a nearby town. The padre had left and Amanda watched a very young and handsome priest step into the confessional for forgiving the sinners. He patiently listened to every single one of them. As Amanda turned to leave, he came out of the little cubicle. “Interested?” smiled her Uncle with an evil grin “This is a church for Lords,” he told her, ” not serfs.”

“You can do what you want with anybody you want here, my dear,” said her uncle. And with a meaningful wave of his hand he walked towards the young priest.

“My niece here would like to make a confession for her sins weigh heavily on her chest” he said to the priest. “Be here at sundown to privately grant forgiveness to her. Do you understand?”

“Of course milord” said the priest, “Always a pleasure to be of service to you highness” said the priest in humility.

“You can come here at sundown, my dear,” said her Uncle to Amanda “and enjoy a private confession,” he said below his breadth. “I’ll make sure nobody will be around.”

Amanda had a heavy lunch and lots of wine with her uncle. Her uncle referred to his subjects as serfs and slaves with whom he could do what he wished. They were for his pleasure. Amanda had a nice nap in the afternoon. When she woke up she was fresh as a lily. She started to dress herself to meet the priest.

She chose a micro-mini cheer leader outfit which stopped short of her titties and thighs barely covering her bush. She chose a bikini style panties with a thin thong at the back. And the she covered all this in a huge black cloak. And she took along with her a pair of handcuffs.

She walked confidently into the church yard at sundown. As guaranteed by her Uncle, the place was clear of people. She walked into the church It was well lighted. The priest saw her come in and bowed to her before entering the confessional cubicle. After he had entered, Amanda locked the massive church doors noiselessly. She was now alone with the priest.

She knelt in front of the confessional on the padded stool.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned,” she started.

In no time she recounted in detail how she had found a young lady doctor enjoying herself with a amputee and making him her slave and defecating and urinating in the poor boys mouth. She explained how, she, a devout Catholic had strayed from the fold and let herself into the boys room in the owners absence and how she had enjoyed the helplessness of the amputee boy Aaron. She described in detail the sensations that had passed through her when she had pissed into a saucer of milk and had made him drink it. She half rose and slid out of her back robe to reveal her pert body in her undersized cheerleader outfit. The young padre could not see her anyway.. She described how it had felt to have her pussy licked to glorious orgasms – she had removed her G-string panty by now – and how she had finally eased herself in the poor boys mouth. She was fingering herself now.

“Are you listening father?” asked Amanda.

As she frigged her cunt lips furiously. Her breath came in short huffs as she opened the cubicle door!

Lo and behold!!! The poor young parishioner was holding his raging hard on in is right hand and was furiously trying to cover the hard on with his cassock. Amanda pushed her advantage.

hindi sexy audio story
hindi sexy audio story

“So this is what you do when a young girl confesses to you, huh!?” she said as she flaunted her nubile cheerleader body in front of him.

“Wait till I tell my Uncle of what happened today,”xnxxxfree she screamed at the pale faced young man, who was shivering in fear.

She bent over to pick up the handcuffs from the robe she had worn, giving the young priest a clear view of her soaked cunt…

“Don’t you dare stare at my poor catholic cheerleader cunny!” she chided him. The priest was indeed staring and shivering, and straining. “Maybe we can work things out to my satisfaction and I will forgive you,” said Amanda.

“Anything you say madame,” pleaded the priest.

Amanda walked up to him and turned him round with his face downwards on the floor. She securely cuffed his hands behind his back. He was well muscled. With a piece of curtain cord from the drapes near the piano, she did his feet too. He was ready for her to use.

Amanda helped him back into the cubicle to a sitting position. She looked at him in fiendish glee.

“I will now proceed with the rest of my confession,” as she parted his robes to expose his now flaccid cock.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew I needed carnal access to you when on duty that is,” said Amanda.

She kissed the visibly shaken priest full on the mouth, and fondled his balls.

“No! No!! Please don’t do this to me! This is a Church and I am a Priest! Pleaaase!!!” cried the priest.

Amanda stopped smelling his cock and drew herself to full height in front of him.

“You mean you did not want to see my high school titties topped with lollipop nipples?” she asked as she lifted her short top to expose her highly aroused breasts. She rubbed them on his face and kissed him again.

hindi sexy audio story
hindi sexy audio story

“And did you not want to see my dripping schoolgirl cunt?” she cooed as she slyly lifted her short cheerleader skirt to expose her wet shaved pussy to the gaze of the poor young priest as he tried to turn his face away and close his eyes.

“Open your eyes and look at me, or I scream!” threatened Amanda. The priest looked, and his cock grew stiffer.

Amanda sat bare-assed on his bare thighs as she kissed him in the confessional booth. Sexy, sly kisses. Until she was sure that he would do anything for the relief he so badly needed. Come to think of it, she needed relief badly too. She took hold of him by the cock and gently led the priest who hopped behind her with tight feet to the coffin.

“NO! NOOOO!!! Any thing but that!” screamed the priest in protest. She opened the coffin and looked into the eyes of a middle-aged dead body.

“We can mate now,” she said as she pushed the priest into the coffin.

The priest screamed, unable to get out with his feet tied. He was lying beside the stiff. Amanda stared at the crucifix in front of her as she straddle the coffin facing the priest.

“Oh God thank you for this day!” she said as she jacked her skirts up and exposed her dripping pussy to the priest – and pissed on the two mouths inside the coffin.

“Open wide loser,” she said as she trained her jet on the priest, forcing him to drink. Fully aroused, she pressed her cunt to his open mouth to ensure he did not waste single drop.

“Did you like that?” She asked smiling evilly. She turned to look at his wild erection poking through his cassock.

“I think you did, and here is something more,” she said as she straddled his mouth with her pooper.

The priest closed his lips tightly. Amanda farted a huge bugle fart which stopped short of waking the dead man. Annoyed that the priest did not keep his mouth open, Amanda shifted her anus to see his face and yelled “Uncle!!” at the top of her voice. It was raining heavily outside as the priest opened his mouth in total debasement. Amanda enjoyed his mouth and tongue alternately forcing him to eat her shit. After two orgasms she settled on his cock and held on to the coffin walls on both sides. “Fucking a schoolgirl can be fun,” she told him as she rode his cock to a glorious orgasm, right there in the coffin. As the priest had his orgasm deep inside her she came – with a low banshee wail, the very sound of the evil that possessed her.

The church doors opened. Her Uncle had come down with a Umbrella to see whether his Niece was enjoying herself.

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