gay sex stories
gay sex stories

Gay Sex Stories Train Full of Cocks – Gay Stories

Gay Sex Stories Train Full of Cocks – Gay Stories

gay sex stories
gay sex stories

I stared at my exposed tit, and felt a rush of nerves get me.

As I contemplated making a run for the exit, the guys around me circled around what little space we had in the train.

I grabbed the broken piece of my red dress and pulled it back up trying to cover up my right tit, but the guy sitting next to me was keeping me by playing with my nipple.

“Um…listen…” I said as I looked for words to say to him with a devilish grin on my face.

“Will, My name is Will, sweet sexy foxy baby,” he said to me as he looked into my eyes flirting with me. His black, dark skin shined a bit from the one strong light bulb right above us. He kept his other hand on my lap, as he smiled at me.

I looked at him, and wondered if what everyone said about Black guys having horse sized cocks was even remotely possible.

“Yeah…Will, I’m going to need to cover that up,” I said to him as I slapped his hand away and covered up my exposed tit.

I got up, looked around me and saw how these gang of thugs seemed to try and intimidate me. To try and make me fear a total **** scene, since we were all alone in the train.

I actually kind of liked it. The thought of being forcefully fucked made me a bit hot. For some reason, I loved the idea of being forced fucked. I don’t know why, but it just turns me on for some reason. I still stared at the exit to the next train cart.

“I should head into the next cart…” I trailed off as I spoke and slowly walked for the exit.

“Nah…don’t do that,” Will said to me.

“No…I should, it’s a little…crowded in here,” I said back as i slowly made my way through these strong bodies.

As I walked the began to follow me, I could feel their presence behind me…as if I was being hunted like some piece of meat. I got a bit nervous and started to run, and had to let go of my ripped top…leaving my tit exposed again.

As I ran, my fake DD tits bounced like crazy, and my exposed tit moved up and down as my arm slapped at it as I ran for the exit to the next cart.

I could feel them all running behind me, as I could see the exit in front of me, I was about to make it through the exit into the next train cart.

Of course, as I did so…I began to wonder what would happen if I did make it. I mean, I’m really a guy…but I’m really the size of an actual woman, so I didn’t have the strength to hold the cart door. Not to mention the fact that I had already taken 4 different cocks in less than half an hour, I was too exhausted to even try and do such a thing.

I still ran.

As I was about to make it to the exit, I felt a strong pair of hands grab me from behind and pull me back. I was picked up and held up in the air and slammed onto the wall of the train.

I guess it was more than obvious that I liked to be handled rough, because it seemed as if everyone treated me like so.

I was several inches high from the floor of the train, and I could see the group of guys surround me as the biggest of the group kept me held up. They were mostly black men in the group, about 2 were Latino and one looked white.

I squirmed a bit, trying to see if this enormous black man holding me still like a rock would budge. But, it was no use.

“Listen, I don’t know what you guys think your doing…but it’s wrong,” I pleaded.

Will, who seemed to be the leader of the group, walked towards me. He tapped the big gorilla holding me up, and as if following orders he set me down on the seat beneath me.

“We’re just playing around sweet honey,” he said to me…still being flirtatious with his choice of words. I could tell from his voice, his eyes, that he wanted to fuck me.

“What do you want from me? Money?” I asked stupidly knowing it wasn’t money they were after. My long blond hair was a bit messy, as it went down my face cover the sides of my face. My right tit was still exposed as well, as my legs were a bit crossed with one of my shoes off.

“No…not money,” Will said as he stood right in front of me.

“Something…more…” he trailed off as he stared at my large fake tits.

“Something…more…?” I repeated as my green eyes looked down at his bulging member poking from his blue baggy jeans.

Will got close to me, while still standing above me with my legs between his.

He bent over and said to me with a grin, “How ’bout a kiss?”

My eyes lit up, wondering if that was really what he wanted. Wondering if he really thought I was that slutty a bitch to just kiss a stranger I had just met on the train.

“A kiss? Only a kiss?” I said to him a bit thrown off still.

“Yeah.” he said as he looked into my green eyes, playing with my exposed tit’s nipple.

“I dunno,” I said as I looked around a bit nervously. My eyes wandered a bit, as I could see a few of the guys watching on with their hands down their pants.

“Or…I could probably make you give me something more,” Will said to me pointing out his gang. Pointing out he could probably **** me with his gang if he wanted to do so.

I quickly felt the same sense of fear I had when Ben, Barry’s father, came on to me. Fear that while fucking me, he would discover my…surprise.

Will kept his face close to mine, with a grin.

I looked at him, with my huge thick devil red lips watering a bit, and thought to myself it might be enough to get out of this jam.

I simply thought to myself, “What the fuck, why not?”

I jumped at him, now standing, and grabbed hold of his face and kissed him deeply.

He closed his eyes, and grabbed my exposed tit as his other hand went down my back and down to my enormous ass. As his hand went down to my ass, he pushed by back into it and I could feel him poking my stomach.

My hands were wrapped around his lower body, as one hand crept near his crotch. Our heads turned as our tongues and saliva met. Will’s hand went down my ass and down to my leg, as he forcefully picked it up and wrapped my long leg around his ass as he thrust himself upon me.

“Unnng…” I quietly moaned as I could feel his hardening cock poke my stomach, and it felt huge.

His gang really were left jaw dropped by what had just happened, as I pulled away. I had his saliva dripping down my mouth with now both tits exposed. I was a bit dizzy from the strong kiss I had just experienced, looking down trying to control myself.

“There, you got the kiss you wanted…now let me get outta here,” I said to Will, refusing to make eye contact with him.

“No…you got the kiss you wanted,” he said to me.

I looked at him puzzled.

Will then undid his belt, and his baggy jeans dropped to the floor exposing his enormously huge cock. His cock was long, thick, throbbing with pre-cum and was like a black piece of meat. His cock was fucking huge.

My mouth watered as I stared at it. It was obvious with my gaze that I wanted that monster deep inside of me.

“I wanted, AND still want another kind of kiss…Erica,” he said to me as he jerked his huge cock around.

I was so fucking horny right now, but was too afraid to go along with it. Afraid that they would get angry once they found out my secret.

“I…I…I’m sorry,” I looked down as I tried making my way out.

“I can’t do this, I better get out of here,” I pleaded.

Will grabbed my arm and pulled me back, right on top of his cock.

“Oh…FUCK,” I yelled as I had his cock slap on my thigh.

“What are you afraid of? We know you want it, it’s so fucking obvious you want this shit,” he said to me. “So, what’s the problem baby?”

I looked down, and suddenly found myself confessing to a gang of horny cocks all alone on a train.

gay sex stories
gay sex stories

“I’m…I’m not really a woman,” I said scared.

Will looked at me and said, “what?!”

“I’m sorry…I never meant to lead you on…or lead on any of you guys…it’s just been a very long day and I think it’s best if I just…” as I tried to finish I was picked up and slammed hard against to wall of the train again.

“Ahh…” I yelled as I could feel the sting on my back. The big black man had once again thrown me and held me up on the wall. This time he held my wrists still on the wall as Will got in front of me.

“So…you ain’t a real woman?” Will asked me.

“No…” I looked down ashamed.

Will pulled up my red dress and exposed my black lace thong. There was a small bulge that everyone of those 7 guys there easily noticed. Will pulled the thong to the side and my cock was exposed as my legs were crossed very fem-like.

Will looked at my cock, and looked me in the eyes.

“Hey, Tiny,” Will called to one of his guys.

“Come show Erica what we do to his…her…it’s kind around here.”

One of the guys stepped up, bent down on his knees…grabbed my cock…and began to suck it.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh…” I began to moan as Tiny sucked my cock. All the rest began to take off their clothes.

“MmmmmmNnnnn…” I continued to moan as I kept my eyes closed and thrust a bit into Tiny’s mouth.

The big guy let go of my hands, and I reached down and began to force Tiny’s head onto my cock. I started to pound into his mouth, and moaned with pleasure.

“MMnnnnnnn, God no wonder they call you Tiny…you’ve got such a tight and tiny mouth..,” I said as I fucked his mouth with my tits exposed and my red dress hiked up.

As I was about to climax, I was pulled away into the crowd of naked horny guys in the train. My head was forced down, and I got on my knees. I had all different sized cocks pointing at my face.

I was in Gangbang heaven.

I started to suck on one cock, licking the tip…then sucking down on it whole. I kept both my hands busy by jerking off a pair of cocks. I had my head shoved into cocksucking…as I pulled away, another pair of hands pulled me towards another cock. I began to thrust hard into the cock, determined to make him shoot a cum load early.

I got my wish as he exploded into my face. Once I had finished off one cock, another was literally shoved into my mouth.

I continued to jerk off a pair of cocks, but the rest grew impatient and got closer to me as they all stood high above me. I could feel some cock being slapped on the back of my head, as well has 2 dicks using my shoulder as a jerking helper.

“Shit, this bitch knows how to suck cock,” said one man as he kept his hand on my head with my mouth moving up and down his shaft.

“Tell me about it, tight thick lips too…it’s like having that sexy bitch Angelina Jolie suck your cock.”

I loved the comments, especially the comment about how my lips looked like Angelina Jolie’s, all of which made me throb down even harder on the cock in my mouth. Cum escaped my mouth, and began to spew everywhere as I slammed my throat hard onto a dick.

I continued to shove cock into my mouth, as I felt another dick explode in my mouth, this time he held my skull hard and I could barely breath as I was being choked by his cum load dripping into my throat. My face turned red as I closed my eyes, with his strong hands keeping my entire throat wrapped around his cock, and I really couldn’t breathe.

As he pulled out, I began to cough hard and spill cum out of my mouth. My cheeks turned red from the hard face fucking I was receiving.

“Holy fucking shit…God, this is a lot of cum,” I yelled as I coughed cum out my mouth.

I felt another guy moan in extacy as I felt a cum load hit the top of my head.

I was then pulled forcefully onto another cock, but I could feel another guy get jealous of the attention I was giving his friend beside him.

I felt my hair get pulled and a second cock got shoved into my mouth. I was now sucking down on 2 cocks at once, as I jerked off 2 other cocks, with another cock using my long blonde hair wrapped around his hand as he jerked off, with 2 others slapping my cum covered back.

All of a sudden, I could feel another guy grow impatient and feel his huge hands grab my head and shove his cock into my already full mouth.

I now had 3 cocks going in and out of my outstretched mouth. I was starting to choke and cough on the cocks as I could feel it was too much for me to handle. I pulled out, and felt the cum hit my face hard. I closed my eyes as a ton of cum hit me, and left my entire face cum covered.

“Shit…you guys really have a lot of cum stored up,” I said as I tried wiping my eyes clean.

“Fuck…this is crazy shit,” I said as I gurgled through the cum in my mouth.

I was then picked up and face to face with Will. He came close to me, and kissed me. I was amazed he even did, considering the amount of cum I had on my face and in my mouth. I could feel his tongue move around my mouth as he grabbed my ass and squeezed. I could feel the cum from my mouth transfer over to his mouth, as he lips were sticky and wet from the still fresh cum I had hit me in the face and mouth.

“Shit…you have a huge ass. I mean, your so slim, and that ass of your is fucking huge,” Will said to me as he kissed me.

I smiled and said, “Yeah…you wanna try it out for a ride?” I said to him biting my lower lip as I stroked his enormous cock.

He smiled, turned me around very strongly, forcefully bent me over and pulled off my thong. As I was bent over, I had 2 cocks shoved into my mouth as Will slapped my ass with his cock.

“Mmmmnnnnhhhhhh,” I moaned as Will shoved into my ass. He started off slowly, and then he grabbed my hiked up red dress on my sides for support as he began to build speed. I had 2 dicks shoved into my mouth as Will began to pound my ass hard.

“AAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fucking shit…” I screamed as I pulled the cocks out of my mouth and bit my lip in pleasure.

“Fucking slutty white bitch, I know you like this shit,” Will yelled at me as he began to fuck me harder and harder.

“Pull my hair,” I yelled at Will.

As the other guys sat down and enjoyed the fucking show going on, they all jerked off while watching me get fucked.

Will pulled my long blond hair and began to fuck me so hard, my legs got weak and my back gave way as I collapsed on the floor.

“SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!” was the sound being made as my cum drenched covered ass was being slammed hard, as I was left on the floor with my ass still in the air. I fell to the floor completely, and screamed as I felt Will fuck my ass even harder as he built up momentum.

“Oh shit, fucking shit…oh…you fucking slut…fuck Erica,” Will yelled as he began to shake and I could feel the stream of cum enter my ass as I jerked the pair of cocks in front of me as I smiled enjoying this very much. The two guys entered my mouth, and shot their load as I swallowed what I could handle.

Will then pulled out, with the pair of cocks pulling away as well, and I was picked up off the ground by the big black guy that had held me down before.

He picked me, and held me missionary style as our eyes met I grabbed his bald head and smiled as I knew what I was about to get.

“Hold on,” he whispered in my ear.

I looked up, and saw the hand rail for standing passengers. I had my back against the window and I reached up, as he held me up high, and held onto the hand rail with my long legs spread out open for the fucking. He supported me as I held on to the hand rail with both hands.

“Fuck me…” I said to him as I looked down at his cock.

“Oh, your gonna get a pounding, slutty fucking whore,” as he held the small of my back with one hand…he slowly got his cock past my dick…and sneaked it into my tight wet asshole.

“OOoohhhhhh…shit…” I shivered and blurted as I closed my eyes and felt his enormous manhood creep into my ass.

He looked into my eyes with intensity.

I still held on to the hand rail, as I was being held up in the air with my legs spread wide open with this ape of a man pounding his meat into my ass. He kept his hands on my wide hips as he thrust in and out of me, with me still holding on tightly to the hand rail.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…yeah…” I moaned as he gained speed.

“Fuck me harder, you fucking motherfuker! Harder! Fuck! Shit, that’s right…right there…fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I moaned as he thrust into me harder.

My balls began to slap up on his throbbing cock as he went in and out of me, and he groaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking shit…” he shot his load as I still held on tightly to the hand rail, and felt his hands hold tightly to my wide hips.

He laid his bald head on my chest, as I licked the beads of sweat from his head. He looked up at me and smiled.

He then pulled out, and I was left holding myself up on the hand rail, spreading open like a gymnast.

“Who wants to split this pie?” I teased as I waited for someone to get up and fuck me.

Two guys got up and one got behind me on top of the train seats and the other in front of me where the big guy was before.

While still holding on to the hand rail like some swing set, they both entered my ass.

gay sex stories
gay sex stories

“Fucking shit, oh shit, oh shit…” I moaned as they both went into my ass at once. I could feel both cocks slide into my huge wet sticky ass…the gooey cum made it easier…and very enjoyable.

“Oh God…that feels so good…so fucking good,” I moaned as I began to get fucked harder.

The guy in front of me held on to my back, as the guy behind me grabbed hold of my hips as I continued to hold on to the hand rail.

I let go of the hand rail and grasped for a holding on the shoulders of the guy fucking me from in front.

I hugged him as he and his buddy slid in and out of me. I began to climax, and I held on tighter to him, keeping my legs completely wide open as he held me tightly and fucked me with his friend grabbing hold of my huge ass cheeks as he pounded into it with everyone watching the gangbang take place.

The entire train was quiet, and all that could be heard was our moaning.

“Fuck…oh Fuck…Oh fucking shit, you fucking motherfucking monsters dicks,” I moaned as I was being pounded by these cocks.

I held on tighter as I felt the guy behind me vibrate and moan as he came. He grabbed my shoulders as he laid his head on my back. His friend then held my head and came into my ass.

“Fucking shit…I can feel you shooting inside of me,” I laughed.

I could feel both of them explode into me, with the cum dripping out of my enormous ass.

They both then set me down on my bare feet, as my shoes got lost sometime before my ass fucking.

I stood there, with all of them watching me stand there in my cum filled slutty way. I then slipped down my red dress and kicked it to the side.

I was now standing there, in front of 7 naked men in an empty train, with my fake tits exposed and my dick hanging out. My curves were almost cartoony in how incredibly sexy I looked.

I loved this…the attention, the sexiness I felt, the cum all over my body.

I did a little dance, turned around and bent over. I used the Hand pole in the train to turn and get on top of one of the men.

I got on top of him, as he entered my ass and I began to slam down on him.

“Fuck…your a big one,” I moaned as my body slammed up and down with my hair wildly going everywhere.

I wish I could tell you his name…but honestly, I didn’t know it. The only names I had gotten was Will’s and Tiny’s…making me such a fucking slut because here I was getting fucked by total strangers.

As I had my feet up on the seat with my J-Lo ass riding this stranger, surrounded by even more strangers, I began to slam even harder. My balls began to hurt a bit from the hard slamming…but I continued.

“AAhhhhhhhhh, shit…that’s right…keep quiet…I like the feeling of being fucked by zombies,” I screamed as I rode him hard.

I closed my eyes, and held on to the back of his neck as he simply sat there fucking my while I did all the work.

He then began to thrust into me a bit, and eventually he came.

“Fucking shit…that was great,” I moaned as he pulled out of my cum covered ass.

I unsaddled, and fell over to the empty seats. I sat there, and stared at these men…and I began to jerk off.

“You like this…don’t you?” I teased as I masturbated and fingered my ass at once.

My hair was still straight down, but it covered most of my face now as I began to jerk off intensely.

“MMnnnn…you like seeing me jerk off, huh?” I said as I continued.

One man groaned and popped off a hot shot, which actually managed to come my way and land on my lap.

I laughed and enjoyed.

“OOhhhhhhhh…” I moaned as I kept jerking.

All of a sudden, the door to the train opened up and a man in a blue conductor suit and hat appeared.

“I put the train in auto stop mode…I thought I heard…” he said as he looked upon the scene with clothes everywhere, and a gang of naked men to one side with me on the other holding my dick in my hands.

I was a bit shocked to see him.

“I…what the fuck is going on here…?” he asked as some of the guys got up and rushed him.

They held him tightly, and brought him to me.

“What the fuck…that’s a fucking shemale…” he yelled.

I stayed in my seat and spread my legs wide open…the guys holding him pulled down his pants as he stood in front of me.

“Do your thing, man…fuck her…” they said as his dick was left hanging out.

“No way…I’m not into that shit…I like girls!” he yelled out.

The other guys looked at each other like he was crazy, making me feel so incredibly sexy…knowing that they all thought this conductor was crazy for not wanting a piece of my ass.

“Man…look at those tits…” they pointed out. “They’re fucking perfect…!”

I then turned around and showed off my enormous ass.

“And that ass…man, that ass is bigger than J-Lo’s!” as the they all pointed out with he conductor beginning to sweat as he stared at me.

I sat back down, and spread open my legs again…as I saw his cock get stiff.

One of the guys picked his blue hat off, and tossed it my way. I grabbed hold of it, and put on the conductor hat.

“Come fuck me…” I said with the conductor hat lowered on my head with my blond hair sticking out of it.

The conductor’s mouth opened wide, as he dove onto me, kissing my neck as he began to thurst into me. He began to fuck me like some horny little monkey, and I was surprised by how hard he was fucking me.

I closed my eyes as he literally split my ass wider with his cock. The rest of the guys whistled and clapped, while others climbed on top of me and as the conductor fucked me missionary style on the seat…I had one guy get on my chest and start tit fucking me while another got his ass in my face as the guy tit fucking me sucked him off.

I held the hat down tightly as I was eating some ass, while I could feel my hands being led to some cock for jerking off.

“Oh fucking shit…I am such a fucking whore,” I moaned as I felt the cum hit my body.

As I felt my mind spin with all the cum entering me, the guy’s ass I was eating out turned around and had his dick face me.

“You want this…don’t you…” he teased as he slapped my face with his huge cock.

I had on the conductor’s hat while being fucked at the same time, while giving a tit fuck and jerking off a pair of cocks while he shoved his dick into my mouth. The back of my head hit the window as he began to pound into my mouth.

“MMmmmppggghhhh…” I said with his cock muffing my voice.

“Ahhhh…Fuck!!!!!…Shit…” I heard the conductor as he pounded hard with his cumshot hitting my dick. He pulled out as he held on tightly to my wide hips.

The guy tit fucking me shot his load all over my chest, while the guy fucking my mouth shot another load right in my face.

“Shit…! God…I’m soaked…” I said as they got off of me.

I still had on my cute blue hat, that I had borrowed from the conductor. Will got up and got behind me, forcing me to the ground in a doggystyle position, while another hard dick got in front of me and began to get a cock sucking from me.

“SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!” was the sound being heard again as Will slammed into my ass while shoving my skull into another xnxxxfree cock while in doggy style.

All the other guys sat back down and stroked themselves as they watched me become a human dick cuff.

“AAhhhhhh…Fucking motherfucking fucking Goddamn shit!!” I screamed as I gasped for air after getting my mouth away from the cum splattering cock.

I closed my eyes and yelled as I felt Will slam into my ass feeling his balls slap my sack, it was a good type of pain really. My cute hat still held on, making it look like I was the conductor slut getting fucked by the passengers, which was kinda true either way.

“Fucking shit…You fucking whore…fucking cumslut, taking a gang of fucking strangers…fuck!” Will yelled as he slammed into my ass, pulling my hair while holding my left shoulder, and then let off a cumload.

The guy face fucking me let off a cumshot that hit me in the eyes…snowblinding me and stinging like fucking hell.

gay sex stories
gay sex stories

“Fucking shit…goddamn it…you fucking blinded me…” I yelled as they both got up with me on the ground covered in cum.

Everyone was exhausted from fucking me…I let everyone do what they wanted with me…and they were all exhausted.

I laid there on the floor, covered completely in cum, and lowered the hat to cover my eyes. My eyes still covered by cum…even after I had cleaned them away. I stayed on the ground naked, as the guys all looked for their clothes and got dressed.

The conductor got dressed, and after placing his sack in my mouth, got back his cute little conductor hat and went back to do his job.

I still laid on the floor…exhausted from the immense amount of fucking my body had received.

The train made a stop, and the guys exited.

Will looked at me, kneeled down and said, “Shit…your such a sexy slut, Erica. I gotta say…I enjoyed this. I hope we run into each other again sometime…” he said to me as I laid naked on the ground covered in cum.

I smiled, “Yeah…me too. I liked it too…” I said to him.

Will then surprised me by closing in and kissing me very deeply and passionately, holding my face tightly as he kissed me. His tongue moved around my mouth, as he could taste the cum loads of the other men in my mouth. As he pulled away, our mouths shared a long, sticky cum line that led from his mouth to mine.

I smiled and slurped it back into my mouth, licking it all up from my luscious thick lips.

He got up, said good bye and went out the train stop. As he exited, an old man entered. He had to be around his late 50’s to early 60’s really, but was still a very handsome man.

He entered, and saw me on the ground naked in puddles of cum.

I looked up at him, and he adjusted his glasses and sat down with a smile. The train doors closed, and I rose up to get dressed.

I kept my legs crossed, hiding my dick, and asked the old man, “Can you hand me my thong…it’s right beside you on the seats.”

He smiled and said, “of course young lady”, as he passed it to me.

I quickly slid into my thong, while still hiding my cock, and rose back up. I then picked up my red dress from the seats behind me and slid into them, while still leaving my ass and tits exposed. I could see the old man staring at me, licking his lips and adjusting his glasses as he also adjusted his crotch a number of times.

I passed by the old man, with my huge tits and enormous ass bouncing by him. The old man took a whack and slapped my ass nice and hard, to which I was a bit surprised…but I enjoyed as I turned and smiled.

I got my shoes and turned to him with an idea.

“Can you help me get these on, they’re a killer to balance on,” I said in the most cute way.

He quickly nodded, “of course, I’d love to.”

I stood in front of him, with my tits exposed infront of him I held onto his shoulders as I picked up my feet and he slid my shoes on. When I had on each pair, I smiled at him and he reached put to me and grabbed my tits.

I laughed a bit, and I saw he had a bulge in his pants.

He caught me looking, and quickly reached down and tapped it. I did the rest by unzipping hit for him, and to my surprise he was fucking big. I felt my horny feeling rise again, and I jumped on him. I hiked up my red dress a bit, pulled my thong to the side to make way to my tight wet hole and I grabbed his cock and guided it into my ass as I slammed my ass onto his cock.

“Oh…fucking shit, Grandpa…your really packing heat aren’t you…” I moaned as I fucked him hard.

I gained speed as I jumped up and down harder and harder.

I moaned loudly as I looked down while slamming on his cock, he kept his head on my chest licking my tits. I slammed harder, and could feel his cock get deep into my ass.

“Ah,” he moaned as he shot his load into me, while he grabbed a hold of my shoulders and rocked in and out of my ass as the train stopped.

I got off of him, lowered my dress and picked up my top…and I smiled at him.

“This is my stop…see ya,” I said as I exited with him smiling at me.

I left the train station, and made sure the tape held up this time on my top.

My hair was a mess, as i had cum in my hair as well as the rest of my body. The cum stains were on my arms, my lips, my cheeks, my legs, my tits, my stomach, my back, my ass…everywhere.

Everyone I passed noticed as well, and knew automatically that I had hit some cock train very hard.

I was such a fucking slut, and I knew it…and I loved it.