desi sex stories
desi sex stories

Desi Sex Stories Incest Sex Experience With The Slutty Mom

Desi Sex Stories Incest Sex Experience With The Slutty Mom

desi sex stories
desi sex stories

This is the real story of someone like 8-year-old incident. He sent me an email and later we had some chat about his experience and asked me to write a story about his incest sex experience. I will tell the story on behalf of him.

My name is Arjun, born in Bhopal and I was 20 years old when this happened in my family. My mom’s name is Shruti, she was 40 years old and my sister Supriya was 21 old and my dad Vijay 52. He is a 12-year elder to my wife. We belong to good rich medium class family we do not have any kind of financial issue or any other issue. My dad has a furniture showroom in Bhopal and we have 2 branches.

When I was in college, I was having an affair with a girl name Drashti, and his Drashti brother Rocky was the boyfriend of my sister Supriya.

Before this incident, I never thought of incest sex but all this started suddenly in my life. One day I was alone watching TV at home. Mom was out to bring groceries from the market. When she arrived home she was accompanied by my college friend Pradip.

Pradip: hey Arjuna, how are you. I saw aunty was walking on the road and she didn’t find a taxi or anything so I asked her to drop her at home.
Me: thanks buddy for helping my mom. From where you picked up my mom.
Pradip: from Natraj road.

I was shocked to hear that because Natraj road is full of prostitution and the guest houses. Not a good for the family. And mom never goes there. But I didn’t utter a word. Later I and Pradip had coffee made by mom and he left within an hour. I didn’t ask anything to mom about this but I was shocked.

On next day in the morning I asked mom if she wants to go market I can take her as I will be going the same road but she said she will go after one hour after completing kitchen work. I left home to meet my girlfriend. After the one hour, I wanted to check if anything is wrong or not. I asked my girlfriend that I will meet her tomorrow I needed to go to urgent work. I went to the market but I didn’t see mom so I called her on phone and asked her where is she.

She said she is on the market so I asked her if I can help her anyhow. But she said she will manage and not to worry. But I was worried she said she is in the market but she was not and while talking on the phone I was able to hear traffic voice she is somewhere out of the home. I went to same Natraj road to find her. I looked there for 20 min but didn’t find her then I parked my bike aside on the same road for smoking.

While I was smoking, I saw mom was in a taxi moving somewhere. I started my bike and followed her. The taxi stopped at a guest house named trident guest house. So now It was confirmed that she was in a physical relationship with someone. She was alone in a taxi. I waited there for an hour to come her out. She was back in an hour and she was alone. Still, I followed my mom when she went to the market and then go home.

I went to the same guest house for more details to ask about my mom but they refused to give me any details. So I phoned one of my friend who is the son of Police PI. I met him and explained everything about the situation. He is my close friend so I trusted him to involve in this matter.

At evening, we both went to the same guest house for details but still, the reception was not giving us any details he was not aware of my friend that he is the son of a policeman. We asked for the manager. When the manager arrived, we sat on the sofa in a corner. My friend spoke to the manager and asked for details about my mom. I took out my phone to showed mom’s pic to the manager.

Manager: oh this beautiful lady Shruti? She is my very good friend. I know her from the last 10 years.

I was shell-shocked. We both asked him how he knows her for so long.
Manager: she is a regular customer for the last 10 years and she doesn’t always come to our guest house. There is also another 3-4 guest house in the next lane, so sometimes she goes there and sometimes she comes here.
I asked him do you know with whom she have an affair.

Manager: I don’t know much about her but we speak sometimes when she comes to Our guest house. Once she said about her life that she doesn’t have a good sex life and not satisfied by her husband so she had affair with her old classmates. Before she was an affair with some Shailesh name men he was her classmate and later they broke up 5 years ago. Currently, there are 2 affairs she has one is Yadav and one is young collegian guy name Siddharth.

We asked him if she comes next time please call us and inform us and do not give them room and please tell them that for a week it is Not secured going to any guest house as everywhere it is been raided by police. He was agreed then we left the guest house. After hearing all this my penis was really tight in my pants but I controlled. My friend said most of the old married lady they have a physical relationship and her mom also have affair with someone. I was amazed by his calm behavior.

I waited 3 days but nothing happened on the 4th day I received a call from the guest house from the manager and he said to me that lady will be coming today to the guest house. I asked her when she comes do not allocate a room to her and he said he remembered what he needs to do. I told mom that I was going to play cricket and I will be back in the evening.

My dad was already in the showroom and he comes at 9 pm every day and sister was in college she comes at 5 pm. So I was thinking if she doesn’t get a room so she might bring his lover to our home. I followed her silently till guest house. When she entered the guest house I received a call from mom after 5 minutes. She asked me where was I and when I will be back. I said it will take me time playing cricket and will be back In the evening after 6. I know she will take her lover at our home.

Before they reach our home I reached at home parked my bike somewhere far from my home. I Entered in-house from the back door and didn’t open the lock of the front gate. We don’t live on flat it is duplex of one floor and terrace. I was hiding in the main living room under the sofa. After 15 min mom was at home with her lover Yadav. She took her Bf to her room. The door was closed but it was not locked from the inside. I went near the door to see and hear their conversation.

Yadav: Aaj to me Tujhe there Bistar pe hi chodne Wala hu Jaan.
Mom: ha Jaan Kash tum yaha roj aa sako or. Meri chudai kar sako.
Yadav: kahi koi agaya to.
Mom: koi nahi ayenga abi sabhi bahar hai.

Then both started to kiss each other they were all naked on the bed. I took my dick out started to stroke slowly after seeing them. Mom started to suck his dick his dick was big. Mom was looking beautiful while sucking dick. I was so horny on seeing my mom naked that I wanted to fuck my mom at the same time but I waited for a right time.

Yadav opened mom’s legs and entered his tool in mom pussy. Yadav was looking of the same age as a mom. Mom was having a good time while fucking with him she was moaning loudly. Saying ” yeah baby fuck me hard meri chut fad do, meri gand bhi fad do”.

By hearing all this I felt amazing I never knew my mom is so hot in bed. I wanted to catch them red-handed so I plan immediately. I went to the sofa in the living room and walked normally to mom room as normally and acted as I am not aware of the situation. I opened the door and entered the room both were hell shocked and I acted same as they. I took my dad car key and said sorry and left the room.

desi sex stories
desi sex stories

I returned home at night 10 pm at dinner time. Mom was looking worried and looking at me again and again. I went to the kitchen and kept my hand on mom ass and said don’t worry mom it will be secret between us. I smiled at her and came back to the dining table, she smiled back at me and she was normal. Everything was normal.

On the next morning when dad and sister left from home for their duties mom said that she was going to market.
I smiled and said, ” why you are wasting money on taxi do you want me to drop you at guest house”.
She laughed and said, ” yeah sure if you don’t mind.

While on the way on the bike she said, ” kal tu moke pe fayda utharata meri gand pe hath rakhke ”
I laughed and said nothing.

I dropped her at the guest house and said. ” have fun mom ” she smiled and bid goodbye.
After I dropped mom at the guest house I went to meet my girlfriend. In the evening I returned home around 9.30 pm. When I was changing clothes in my room suddenly mom came and hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek and said “love you beta thank you”.

After dinner, everyone was asleep including me also. At around 2 am someone tapped on my shoulder. As I opened my eyes it was my mom in her nighty. She said in low voice to come into the living room. We both went into the living room as my sister was sleeping in my room.

Mom: just wanted to talk to you son
Me: can’t you wait till morning, say what happened
Mom: since how long do you know about my affair.

Me: ( laughed) when my friend gave you a lift from Natraj road. So I was surprised when you started going to that area. So I had an eye on you. Later spoke to the manager in the guest house for more details. Now I know everything about your 10 years affairs.
Mom: very clever, but you do not have a problem because of my this activity
Me: no mom, of course not. I can understand your problem and dad is a 12-year elder to you. I know he can’t satisfy you.

Mom hugged me tightly as her boobs were touching on the shoulder. I was in my shorts without underwear. My penis got erected it was visible in my shorts clearly. When mom saw she said, ” is Babu Rao ka Kya karoge ab Ye khada hogaya “. I said nothing just laughed.

Mom: let’s go to the terrace and talk.
We both took a bed sheet and spread on floor terrace. We both laid down on the floor beside each other.
Me: mom, with how many guys you had sex.

Mom: it’s a long story I never counted on guys who have fucked me.
Me: oh my God seriously
Mom: during college days I was in a physical relationship with 5 guys during 3 years college and also I had threesome many times. After marriage, I had a relationship with 5 guys and currently with 2 Yadav and Siddharth.
Me: mom you were like whore such a hotty.

Mom: tu Tera bata Tera kya scene hai.
Me: Mene to sirf ek ke sath hi Kya mom.
Mom started to laugh
Mom: Teri bhen b bot chudakkad hai Kai ke sath chalu hai.
Me: seriously, how do you know it.

Mom: maa hu sab pata hai, bilkul mere pe gai hai.
We both had a bold conversation. We looked into each other eyes and suddenly mom started to kiss me on my lips. We both had a passionate kiss.
Mom: I fucked so many guys and still I go to the guest house to have sex but that is just body need but I think I m in love with my son.
Me: love you too.
Mom: let’s go downstairs to our room or there will be our problems.

On the same night, I masturbated three times thinking of my mom. We both went to our room and slept. On the next morning, I was asleep when mom came to my room in a bra and panty and woke me up. She kissed me and sat on my dick part.

Mom: beta it’s already 1 pm now get up and we need to go shopping.
Me: what do you wanna buy.
Mom: lingerie, bra, and panty ( smiling)

I was happy and got ready within 30min and mom was already ready and also completed her house chores. We both went to the market to buy a bra panty for her. She asked me to select lingerie for her. I selected all the latest and fancy and bold lingerie for her. I asked mom if she can wear and show me all these new bra panties.

She smiled and asked me to wait in her room. She went to the bathroom with all bra panty. She changed and came back to the room with her new set. She was looking beautiful in the yellow set. I stood up near her touching her boob’s and ass. It was a romantic atmosphere while kissing we both laid on the bed.

I removed her bra, sucked her nipples and pressed her another boob with one hand. Mom started moaning loudly while I played with her boob’s. She took my clothes off and made me naked within a minute. She liked my penis at the same time she took my tool in her mouth. Blowjob by mom was something different feeling. She sucked my dick for a long time for 15 minutes.

Mom: beta Tera lund bot mast hai please Chod mujhe.
Me: ha maa me tumhari sari Bhuk mita dunga.

Mom took off her panty, opened her legs. First time I saw pussy of my mom so closely. I kissed her pussy just opened her pussy lips and entered my tongue inside the pussy. I licked all the saliva off my mom pussy. She shouted that please fuck me I can’t control.

I entered my tool in mom pussy it was heaven feeling fucking mom pussy. I took her in the bathroom and made stand near the wall, her hands were on the wall and she bowed down. I was fucking her from behind in her pussy. I fucked her till half an hour. Before my sister comes home we fucked three times.

Mom: bas kar Kya aaj hi meri chut ka bhosda banayega Kya. Ab Teri bhen ane wali hi hogi.
Sister arrived at 5 pm at home from college. After she came we didn’t get any chance to touch each other. Later dad also came and we all had dinner together. From that day we regularly had sex and I was not paying much attention to my girlfriend also.

desi sex stories
desi sex stories

One day I received a call from my sister and she said her Bf had a sex video of her and Jenna showing to all of his friends and making fun of her. I immediately moved to her college and found a rock, Bf of my sister. I had a bad fight with him. He started to bleed during our fight and all the other Student came in between and took us apart and stopped us fighting.

Even I was hurt little. I and sister arrived at our home and explained everything to mom. Because of this fight, even my relationship was down as my girlfriend was the sister of rocky with whom I had a fight. My sister apologizes to me and said sorry that everything is messed up because of her. I said it was not important than you and I hugged my sister tightly.

One day I was fucking my mom in her room in doggy pose. We were so busy with each other that we didn’t realize that my sister is standing in our room and looking at us. As we saw her we stopped and looked at her.
Sister: what the hell is going on.

Mom: beta please wai,t let us explain to you.
Sister: what you gonna explain to me about this. Do you think any explanation will be suitable for this situation?
It was 3 pm and she always comes at 5 pm normally. After she left the room we continued our sex. Within 10 min I jerked in my mom pussy. We both changed clothes and went to the living room. My sister was already there. We told her everything that was true and we said we also know about her.

Sister: are you both trying to blackmail me. I m just trying to say it is incest and it is the biggest sin.
Mom: when you have felt there is no sin beta.
On the next day, I talked to my sister and made her calm.
Me: you haven’t gone out to any cafe or restaurant after your break up so let me take you out. ( she smiled)
Me: act like you are my girlfriend sister and enjoy the dinner
Sister: phele tu decide karle bhen banani hai ya girlfriend.
We both laughed

She was looking hot in her shirt dress. Even we had a dance in a cafe for slow music. While dancing I kept my hands on her waist and hands was on my waist. We were like real Couple. While dancing we hugged each other many times. My erection was visible in my pants even she noticed. She looked at me smiled at me.

After the dance, we both sat in our car. I was driving to the home way she said the date is a date if you don’t have coffee with your girlfriend on a date. I smiled and took her on the highway side for coffee. On the highway, it was a nice to open place cafe. We both were standing near our car and ordered cold coffee. It was 11 pm night and silent highway. We both shared each other secret of everything and had some bold convention. While talking she kissed me on my lips and started smiling.

Me: they don’t do if someone will see what they will say about brother and sister.
Sister: who knows we are brother and sister here. They know us as a couple. And you’re my Bf now.
She was in a good mood.
I laughed and said if you are my girlfriend then let’s go to the hotel room.
She laughed loudly and said,” Tharki “.

We both had a nice time with each other. When we arrived home everyone was asleep. Me and my sister used to share on the room from the beginning. But she sleeps on the floor and me on the bed. We both changed our clothes and prepared to sleep. She kept her pillows and blanket on my bed and asked me to give her some space.
Me: we are now at home baby now we are brother and sister.
Sister: so what bro. At least we can share a bed now.
Me: I m on with it.
Lights were off and we were same bed, talking to each other.
Sister: did you had a nice time with me today bro. Did you like it?
Me: of course sister it was amazing.

Then I gave her one single shot kiss on her lips. Feelings xnxx stories were increasing between us. During midnight my sister was asleep I was still awake. I was so horny that I wanted to fuck mom or my sister. I started to masturbate slowly as I didn’t want to get the attention of my sister. I closed my eyes when I was stroking my tool. After 2-3 minutes when I opened my eyes my sister was looking at me.
Sister: do you want any help bro, and let me help you, your relationship is broken because of me so it is my duty now to please you until you don’t get a

desi sex kahani


I was amazed by his words. She took my tool in her mouth and started to suck it. She was experienced well I felt as she was doing. She made me naked completely and sat on me with my tool inside her mouth. It was a nice Blowjob first mom and then a sister. Within some moment we both were fully naked. Her pussy was beautiful and tight also. I licked her pussy it was cleaned shave.

Sister: please fuck me bro I really like your cock.
I entered my tool into her vagina her pussy walls were tight as she was not much used by others. I entered in full In her pussy.

Me: now I have 2 girlfriends you and mom.
Sister: yes fuck me at night and fuck mom in noon timings.

I entered my dick inside sister cunt. She moaned in pain and pleasure! She grabbed my hair and cried in pain.
I gave another push and my dick had crawled inside her love hole! I began fucking sister. We were in the missionary position. I then lay on the seat while sister sat on my dick and started riding up and down.

Sister bouncing on my dick with her breasts dancing as well as the best sight ever! She reduced her speed which meant she was about to cum! I started fucking her vigorously and she came within a minute. Then I took my dick out and masturbated over her breasts. I shoot my cum over her breasts and face and lay down on her.
Sister: maja aya bhen ki chut mar ke. Ab jab tak tuje girlfriend nai milti me tujhe maje dungi ese b Tera break up meri wajeh se hua hai.

Me: girlfriend banani b nai hai. Jab itni pyari bhen hai to girlfriend to Kya me to sayad Shadi b na karu.
While talking we both fell asleep naked. On the next morning, we were woken up by mom. Mom was looking at our condition and said to us ” Lagtay kal Bhai bhen ki date success ho gayi hai “.
Mom: maja aya beti mere bete ka loda leke

Sister: bot maja aya maa bot jamkar choda Bhai NE.
Mom stripped herself and became naked within no time and laid on the bed with us. Mom and sister both started kissing each other. I was loving this Lesbian show.
Mom: beta Teri chut abi b tight hai. Matlab abi tak tu itni chudi nai hai.
Sister: nai abi b tight hai lekin ab roj bhaiyya se chudwa chudwa ke dhili karwaungi.

Me: chalo me tum dono ki gand Marta hu.
Mom: nai bilkul b nai gand me bot dard hoga.
Sister: gand me nai bhaiyya. Me to rone lagungi.
Mom: next month kahi bahar Jane ka program karte waha vacation ka waha tu hum dono ko jese thokna hai thokna.

After that conversation mom sat on my face with her ass and pussy on the face. I was licking her ass hole and pussy, while sister was jumping on my dick with inside my tool. I licked both mom and sister pussy turn by turn and ate juices of both pussies. They both sat on knees on the floor and licked my balls and cock while I was standing.
There were lots of moans in the room both of them were just moaning so loudly. I said, “You both are my bitch for now.”

Mom gave me a wicked smile. I began to suck her boobs and nipples. While sister gave me a quick blow job. I slowly went down to mom inner thighs and licked and tongue fucked her pussy. While sister was squeezing and eating her boobs.

I ate her pussy for 12 minutes. She came all over my face and sister licked each and every drop from my face. I inserted my dick inside mom pussy. I began to fuck her slowly and nicely. Later on, I began to fuck her very hard she was moaning very loudly.

So I told sister to put her pussy on mom’s face. There were still loud moans in the room. After 15 minutes of intense fucking. After at least 18 minutes of intense fucking. We took a break. And we had nice oral sex with each other. We were kissing each other very passionately.

After half an hour we went to the bathroom for the last finishing touch. We had a nice shower sex. They were applying soap all over me. Even I applied soap on them. After half an hour we came out. They kissed me and my dick saying thank you.

Mom now used to sleep with us now in our bedroom. She comes to our room after dad fell asleep. We daily have sex at night and even in the morning and afternoon. We always keep ourselves busy in fucking when dad is not at home.
I was planning for one day trip with my friends at his farmhouse so I asked if mom and sister want to join us. But my idea was really cheap. Mom asked me how they can join us in what will I say to my friends. I told mom that my friend group is looking for prostitutes for one day so I will show them your pics and they don’t know you both that you are my family. Mom and sister were agreed on this.

On the next day, I met my friends at the cafe we were planning for the farmhouse. So I told them that I had pics of 2 prostitute and the rate is a little cheaper. They looked at my mom and sister pics on my phone and they were amazed to see both beauties. Suddenly one of them asked how much they will charge for one night for 24 hours. I randomly said 30k. One of my friends said that it is costing more. But then another was agreed. We were total 4 friends including me and the other 3 were David, Rohan, and Suresh. I came home and told mom and sister that deal is final in 30k.

Mom: chudwa b lenge or paise b miljayenge.
Sister: tum 4 sab milkar jamkar chodna hume.
Me: are Ekdum mast chodenge jaan.

I will tell the remaining story in the next part. If you like the story please email me on