indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

indian mom son sex stories literotica

indian mom son sex stories literotica

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

It was always hard to me growing up with my mom since she had me at a very early age. She was just 15 when I was born but she really did everything to make sure i succeeded. As I got older I realized how much she gave up for me. Being 20 myself, that’s a lot of partying and fun to give up to watch a kid. Now as a 5’10, well toned guy, wavy brown hair, I was able to have my own fun but didn’t have to worry about a kid.

You also hear all the side talk of her being a bad parent, she was a slut, and it didn’t help that she was very beautiful. His friends always gave him shit for having such a cool and hot mom and it was weird for me to hear so I just ignored and laughed along. But I admit, it was also sometimes very hard to ignore her walking around the house.

The summer of my 20th birthday really changed everything. She was now 35, and feeling like she could finally enjoy some of life.

“Honey, are you going to be out tonight?” My mom asked getting her lunch ready.

“Yea, most likely. I’ll probably just stay at Kevin’s house and be back tomorrow morning,” I answered.

“What do you think of this,” she asked holding up a little black dress. Her robe and hair were a mess, clearly worried about her event tonight.

“Looks good,” I said. It was always weird for me giving her advice on clothes when I knew she was going out with guys but she deserved her fun so I let it go. She smiled and thanked me.

“Perfect. I’m going to go to the party right from work. I shouldn’t be home too late just in case you need to call me or anything.” I’m sure I wouldn’t. Plus I don’t indian village mother want to bother her. She was about 5’7, black hair which was usually straight, toned tan body. She recently got implants to go to a double D. She looked like younger Lisa Ann. Again, it was very hard with my guy friends around.

I left before I saw her get ready but I’m sure she looked great and every guy would be hitting on her. I had my own plans that night to have some fun. When I there that night, I found most of the girls I hoped would be there didn’t show. I stayed for a bit, drank, leann  probably too much, and got kind of tired. Weird that doing nothing got me that way. Maybe it was all the built up sexual needs that I wasn’t able to get out. I didn’t see the point of staying so I called a cab and went home.

I stumbled in trying to stay quiet hoping not to wake my mom. As I made my way through the house, I heard some noises. I kept walking to realize they were coming from my moms room. The door was half open so I peaked in. There was my mom still in her dress straddling some guy! No wonder she wanted me out for the night.

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

I know I should have left but I was still so back up from tonight I stayed.

“I hope this is enough to get your business,” she laughed pulling the mans pants off. He mumbled something as she continued. She reached down into his pants and started pulling out his cock.

“Ohhh,” he moaned. I watched as her head bobbed down and begin to suck him off. She popped back up again to pull her tits out from her dress. I could see through the mirror my moms huge tits. My cock instantly got hard. I cant believe I’m sitting here watching my mom suck off some random guy!

She moved forward on the guy and was right over his cock. I couldn’t see it but I knew she started fucking him. I could her him moaning.

“Fuck yes baby,” he said louder. I could hear my mom moan, not loud but she did seem to be enjoying it somewhat.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” she repeated as she moved back and forth on top of the unknown man. I could see him grab her hips and start moving with her.

“Oh yes,” he yelled as he started to shake wildly. “Ohhhhhh!” Finally he stopped and my mother just slumped off of him. “Damn that was great.”

“Yeah,” she said clearly disappointed. He rolled over and tried to go to sleep as she slipped out of bed and headed to her bathroom. Inside, I could hear her starting to moan. She was so dissatisfied by this guy she STILL needed to finish herself off.

I went back to my room, my cock still hard from watching my mother fuck some guy. “What a loser,” I thought. He couldn’t even please her properly. I bet I could do a much better job. Shit, what did I just say? Fucking my own mother? Yet here I was jerking my own cock thinking about her tits I just got to see through the mirror. I finished up and tried to sleep. Maybe it was the beer and lack of sex that gave me those weird thoughts. Tomorrow should be better.

I was up early as it was hard to sleep after my interesting night. Sitting in the dinning room, my mom and her guest were shocked to see me as they walked out. He said goodbye and left quickly as my mother came over to ask what I was doing home.

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

“Not a great party. No girls. No reason to stay I laughed. She looked a bit annoyed.

“Well, I wish you told me. I wouldn’t have brought anyone home,” she said.

“Its ok. You don’t have to stop having fun on my account.”

“It wasn’t exactly very fun,” she admitted.

“I heard,” I said with a laugh. She let up a bit as well.

“Gee thanks. At least I got some last night.”


“Sex is sex. Even if it isn’t great. I wish it could just be a fun night for once. I still like dinners also,” she said kind of upset. I’m not sure if it was me just trying to be nice, or if I was still dreaming about seeing her almost topless last night but I offered something that I never have before.

“Ill take you out if you’d like.” She looked at me kind of stunned. “Lets go out somewhere. Dressed up. Dinner. Like a real date. I like eating also,” I added trying to feel out the mood.

She smiled and asked, “You’d really do that for me?”

“Of course. I have to go out during the day so how about I come back around 7 and I pick you up and go out like a real date?” She got very excited and was happy to go out. She commented on how she was happy she got to do her hair and dressed up again, something most guys don’t really do with her.

When I left earlier, she was in her normal robe and messy hair but when I rang the doorbell and she answered, I was blown away when she answered the door. She wore a tight red dress that hugged her whole body. Her tan skin and dark hair really stood out against it. Her red heel straps wrapped around her tiny ankle and her cleavage was practically falling out. She laughed seeing my face.

“Told you I was going to go all out,” she said.

“Yes. You did,” I spit out. I had never been on a date with a woman that looked like my mom before. She looked stunning. I was hard before we even got back to the car. Be cool, I told myself. She’s your mom. Your very hot, sexy mom.

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

The whole night we talked and laughed and had fun. I stole glances at her chest and her ass whenever I could. It made me happy that I could see other guys checking her out as well. As the night went on, we got more comfortable as we walked down the street , holding hands and putting my arm around her. By the end of the night, she no longer felt like my mom. Like the woman who raised me all alone. She felt like a real woman, someone that I wanted to keep hanging out with.

As we got home and walked in, she turned to me and thanked me for such a wonderful night.

“Thank you. It was so much fun. I never had so much fun on a date before,” I answered back. In the kitchen, we both grabbed a water and kept chatting. “And after last night, you really deserved it. That guy was so pathetic.”

Her face froze for a minute realizing what I just said. “You saw that?” she asked.

“Yes. Sorry, I didn’t mean to spy. I just heard noises and peaked in and – “

“Did you like it?” She asked curious.

“I mean, he was nothing special but you- ” I stopped myself not knowing where I should go. Does she want me to say I loved seeing her?

“What about me?” She questioned, this time very seductively.

“You looked amazing. You always have. Your body. Your hair. divorced mother caring son Everything.” She looked down at my pants and saw my hard on showing through.

“I noticed you’ve had that thing the entire night. From the second I walked out that door,” she revealed. “Guys always get hard for me when they see me and never keep me interested. You were different. You have always looked so …perfect.” She leaned in a bit closer, pushing against my throbbing cock.

“Mom, I -“

“Shhh,” she whispered as she moved in a kissed me. I couldn’t believe it. She made a move on me. This sexy, beautiful woman. My mother, kissing me. She started getting more into it when she realized I didn’t push away. In fact, I grabbed her and pulled her closer. Kissing her neck and lips.

“I have seen you looking at me and I knew you wanted me but I wasn’t sure if you would ever act on it,” she said getting more intense. I pushed her against the fridge, kissing her more slowly going down to her chest. She paused for a moment. I thought it was over.

“Follow me,” she pulled me into her bedroom. She threw me down onto the bed where she straddled me just like the guy the night before. I sat up, pulling her tits out from her dressed.

“Oh my god,” I said.

“Suck mommy’s tits,” as she shoved them into my face. I couldn’t believe what was going on as I opened up and let her hard nipples into my mouth. She let out a moan, holding my head close to her body. With my hand, i grabbed the other squeezing and feeling her soft skin in my hand. I pulled away to tell her, My god you are beautiful.”

Being turned on by this, she ripped my shirt and pants off, leaving me in just me boxers. She stood up and shook of her tight dress, her bra and panties remaining.

“I never thought I would see-” She jumped back on me, kissing me and reaching down. My cock being played with, I knew she wanted it. “Take it out mom.”

She smiled and did as she was told. My boxer flew to the side of the bed, my cock exposed and in her hand.

“Ohh my god,” it was her turn to say. My neatly trimmed cock of almost 8 inches, thick and wet with precum already.

“This is how much I want this,” I say referring to my hard cock in her hand.

“You really are mommy’s big boy,” she said as she leaned down and started taking me in her mouth.

“Fuuuuck,” I yelled. Her warm mouth felt incredible on my cock. While I would have loved her to go longer, she stopped after a few moments and started to get on top of me.

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

“Im sure you would love more of that but after last night, I need a good fuck,” she said positioning herself right over my cock. “I need a good fucking baby. Please give it to me.”

“I will. Trust me.” With that I slid right into her wet pussy. We both let out moans, loving every second of it. She was tight. She definitely was not used to having such large dick in her, I realized. He pussy was nice and smooth, I gab it a little rub as she rode me.

“Fuck yes baby. Fuck your mom. Fucker her pussy good,” she screamed. I loved how dirty and into she was. I grabbed her hips and began to take over. My thrust went harder and faster. She was now yelling, begging for more.

I picked her up and wrestled her until we switched positions, now I was on top of her. I Grabbed both of her legs and held them out as i fucked her looking down at her.

“God, I love you,” she yelled. “Fuck me more. Give me that cum. I want it in me baby.” I couldn’t hold it any longer. I gave a few more pumps as I shot cum deep into my mother. Her legs wrapped around me making sure I didn’t pull out. I held it there for a moment making sure every last drop was released in her.

indian mom son sex stories literotica
indian mom son sex stories literotica

Instead of pulling out, I lowered my head and kissed her tits and then her lips as she smiled.

“I’m so glad we got to do this baby,” she said very giddy.

“So did I mom. I hope this wasn’t a one time thing.”

“Oh don’t you worry. Just because you are my son doesn’t mean I’m going to stop having the best sex I ever had.” She rolled into my arms and we fell asleep in her bed.