mom son sex stories mom and her boys

mom son sex stories

mom son sex stories mom and her boys

mom son sex stories
mom son sex stories

The next day it was saturday. The sound of birds chirping and the sunlight breaking trough the blinds woke Jackie up. She moved to her left side and put an arm over her husband John and snuggled up to him with a smile. In her still dreamy and foggy state it took her a while to recognize the pain comming from between her legs. Her mind responded to it and she then remembered her dream. Her stomach reacted in butterflies as pictures of her sons having sex with her raced trough her mind. She couldn’t believe how filthy and dirty her mind was to dream of such a thing. How could this happen, she felt so guilt ridden and couldn’t believe the things people could dream of.

She refused to think any more about her dream but then she felt pain on her ass as well. Her ass was so sore she could barely move her legs. As her brain started to awake a shocking reality was starting to hit her. The area around her pussy…and all the way to her asshole and buttcheeks were in pain. Her jaw muscles and throat felt funny, and then it hit her. The dream isn’t a dream after all. She got knots in her stomach again once reality finally set in. She had sex with her children last night and came multiple times. Even her breasts were sore from all the attention the three boys had given them. She stopped hugging her husband and backed off in fear of waking him up. How could she face him after what she had done? How will she face her boys when she walks downstairs in the kitchen and is asked to cook them brekfast? She won’t even be able to bend over to pick things up off the floor or stretch out to reach something in the kitchen…their eyes will be on her constantly.

She felt so ashamed and embaressed. A dark depression washed over her as she sat up on the bed. She could feel her head ringing like there were church bells inside of it. She also couldn’t remember the last time she had come so hard or so much in one sitting, which wasn’t making things better at all and only added to her guilt. Her twelve yearold was inside of her. How could she let herself get so carried away? Why didn’t she think about the consequence, she remembered that she let Alex fuck her with no condom on. She then remembered that she let her youngest enter her with no contraceptive as well.

For all she knew she could be pregnant with one of the boys. What if she did get pregnant …she would never be able to find out which one of the boys is the father because there would be a possibility of the authorities getting involved. Did she get so carried away with the boys because she had been ovulating prior to having sex with them? One thought after the other was making her more nervous and scared. She didn’t know what to do and decided that the best thing was to get on with her shower and clear her mind with a cup of coffe so she could think about what to do next. She looked at the clock it was almost 9am and tip toed out of the room grabbing her robe and some fresh panties. She had to get the smell of sex off her body. She stuffed her panties deep into the hamper covering it with other clothes because she knew Alex might go searching for them later, like covering her panties would keep him from finding them.

She took her shower and took a deep breath while looking herself in the mirror. She started to wonder what kind of a mother she was. Was she the devil in sheep’s clothing? She used to be such a loving and caring mother…why did she go trough with this? Was it because John wasn’t interested in sex as much? “How could you blame him for your sins” She thought to herself. There was no way she was going to blame this on John. She told herself ‘Why couldn’t you just get a vibrator like most other responsible mothers…how could you violate your children like that.’ She began to think that they might be scarred for life by her acts. How are they ever going to look at her as their mother again? ‘They will just look at me like a whore’…she thought.

She decided that it was best to just act like nothing had happened and her defence mechanism told her to try not to think about this any more. She had only herself to blame so this was the only way to escape guilt and depression, so she just put on her robe and made sure it covered her entire body so that no man in the house could get a peak of her skin. For the first time in a while she did not put any make up on her face, she tried to make herself look as unsexy as possible and just proceeded into the kitchen. Alex and Mark were already in the living room and since there was no school they were spread out on the couch watching TV which is probibly what they would be doing all day. She didn’t greet them and just walked into the kitchen and started making some coffee. She thought about different ways to say greet the boys, she was so nervous about facing them or even exchanging simple greetings with them.

Alex and Mark were nervous too. The situation was very awkward because the first thing their mom would usually do is ask how they slept and if they wanted something to eat. The house would be ringing with electricity and different things would be cooking. Jackie leaned against the counter and slurped her coffee slowly as she looked out the window. The youngest Mikey had just got out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth and joined his other brothers on the couch. None of them spoke. All three were very concerned with their mom because of how the night ended. They were also scared of their dad and how they would face him too after what they did to his wife last night. Mikey was the closest to their mom and most outgoing with her so he decided to go talk to her. Alex and Mark turned their heads following him as he walked to ward the kitchen. Mikey felt so bad and worried about her. Jackie gasped when she saw him enter the kitchen, like she saw a ghost. Mikey just walked up to her and leaned against the counter. An awkward silence went on for a few minutes.

“You ok sweetey?” Jackie decided to break the ice.

“I’m fine mom…and you?”

“I’ll be ok, you want something to eat? Why don’t you ask your brothers what they want.”

She said it as she got the pan out and grabbed the eggs from the fridge. She made her movements as unprovocative as possible although the soreness made it quite difficult. Her sences told her to cover her body up as much as she could. She didn’t hear a response from Mikey and it caught her by response when she felt his hands on her breasts and his cock on her ass as she reached up to grab a pan out of the cupboard. She grabbed his hands and took them off her breasts and gently pushed his cock away with her ass.

“Mikey ….listen to me carefully. What happened between me and you boys….” She decided to gather the rest of the boys around because she knew she might have the same conversation with all of them and this would only save some time. She told Mikey to sit down at the table and called out for the other two to join them.

“Alex and Mark come here mom has to talk to you boys.” The two got up immediately and with some shame approached the table…unlike their younger brother they were actually scared of what their mom might say. They were also worried about her so Mark asked her as he sat down.

“Mom did you rest well? You kinda almost passed out yesterday.”

Jackie assured them she was just fine. “I’m going to be ok don’t worry about me I’m just a little bit sore. Alex gripped my hips just a little bit to hard so I have some marks on them but that’s not what I wanted to talk to you boys about. We’re going to have this conversation just once and before your father wakes up so sit tight until I’m finished. What we did last night and over the past few days was morally wrong and is considered illegal.” The boys sat with their ears open but with their heads down.

“I want you to understand that this will never ever happen again. You must not tell your father or anyone else in your lives…this includes your best friends, as a matter of fact I want you to forget what we did and try to move on with our lives. I am your mother and mother’s aren’t supposed to have sex with their children. That’s what girlfriends are for.” She looked at each one of them. “Does everybody understand what I’m saying? This is serious.” The boys looked at their mom half ashamed and Mark felt he had to say something because he was the oldest.

“I hear you mom and I’m sorry that we all got carried away…it’s nobody’s fault and I promise you I won’t ever touch you or ask anything of you that might be sexual. Right guys?” He looked at his younger brothers who both just nodded. Jackie sighed with relief and hugged Alex and Mark and kissed each one on the cheek and forehead. She then walked over to mikey and kissed him on the forehead. She didn’t want their relationship to change but this was in her mind one of the ways to get rid of feelings of self guilt and depression. She asked the boys what they wanted to eat and proceeded with brekfast.

She had thought that having that little talk with them would somehow erase what happened but it did absolutely nothing for her. She was severely depressed and started to doubt herself as a mother. She made them some eggs and poured each boy a glass of milk. She stood next to them and combed Mikey’s hair as they all ate, watching her three kids. How could she have let herself commit the act of incest? None of the boys spoke as they ate which made her freak out even more. She remembered the day she gave birth to each and every one of them. She thought of how all the family came to the hospital from all over the country for each boy’s entrance into the world. She remembered how happy she was and the first time she held them in her arms. Her thoughts went on farther when she breast fed the boys, all the sacrifice she put herself trough to keep her boys safe, how she coddled them. She remembered how when Mark was four years old he had such a bad case of fever her and John spent three days in the hospital while her mother Hannah watched Alex and Mikey who were to little at the time to know what was going on. She was so worried at that time and when Mark got better she was so overprotected of him and it had an effect on the other two boys. She thought about the first time Alex said “mommy” which was a huge deal for her because Mark’s first word’s were dad-da. She couldn’t stop rubbing it into John’s face.

She then thought about Michael and his first little league baseball game. She was so proud that one of her boys was into sports because Alex and Mark were anything but. Still to this day Mikey plays baseball nightly with his friends when he isn’t on the travel team. She remembered how happy he was that his entire family was there to watch him and she regretted the fact that recently they haven’t gone to his games as much as they wanted to because of everyone’s busy schedule. Over all these years of care and worry for her kids and being overprotective and conservative and completely intolerant of anything that might put her boys at risk….she exposed her body to them and not only that she had sex with every single one of them…multiple times at the same time while her husband was on his way home from work. She couldn’t believe how irresponsible she acted when Alex and Mike were fucking her in the basement while Mikey was watching out for their father and then Mikey ran down the stairs to join in on the fun and she didn’t even think about what might happen if John had walked in on them. She even blamed herself for ignoring Mikey while he yelled at her from the stairs…she was so horny and nearing an orgasm that she ignored her boy in need, reguardless that what he wanted to do was give her anal sex….but still he needed her at that point. He yelled out for his mommy and she ignored him.

There was nothing that would help Jackie get rid of this guilt and every little thing she thought of just added fuel to the fire. Her worst fear of all of that was pregnancy. Her head felt like it was going to explode. She needed to get all this weight off her shoulders and tell someone …but who? If she told her soulmate, their father John, he would leave her and probibly take the kids away and possibly have her locked up in a mental institution for child abuse. She loved him so much but she still couldn’t face him after last night. She thought about calling her sister Barbara but she decided against it because they often had disagreements in life and there were some sleeping dogs who had better be left lying. She thought about going to a pschiatrist but who would listen to her story with an open mind? Then she thought of the person who might hear her out without judging her….her own mom Hannah. She had to tell her because if she didn’t she might tell someone who could hurt her and her family. First she had to make sure none of the boys ejaculated inside of her.

“Ok now mommy has to go pick up some stuff from the grocerie store but before I leave I have to ask this. Do any of you remember comming inside of me. I know that when you two pulled me off Alex…that he was pretty close to comming isn’t that right Alex?”

“I don’t know mom…it just happened to quickly I’m not really sure I think that I let you know in time.”

Mark decided to chime in “No I’m pretty sure we pulled him off in time because it was a couple of seconds after you were off him that he started cumming.”

Jackie still after doing it with all three of them in every possible position, she was still not thrilled with that type of language.

“Ejaculating Mark. Nothing has changed ….we’re not a bunch of sailors please watch your language ok?” She then looked at Mikey.

“What about you Mikey? Did you come into mommy?” And then it hit her. She remembered that he had filled her ass with his cum which then dripped down her pussy and got pushed inside by Alex’s cock.

“Well I cam…err ejaculated into your butt mom.” Her jaw dropped in shock. She had to get out of there. She ran her fingers trough her hair and gently massaged her belly with her right hand. Alex saw the worry on her face.

mom son sex stories
mom son sex stories

“Mom are you ok? Do you think that some sperm got inside of you?” Jackie responded hysterically.

“I don’t know what to think anymore sweetey. Mark please make sure the table is clean when you guys are done I gotta get outta here before your father wakes up.” She just ran off into the bathroom threw on some clothes, grabbed the car keys and her purse and took off.

She pulled into her parent’s driveway and noticed that her hands were shaking. She still hesitated on telling her mother but because of the pressure on her conscience she went on. As she approached the door walkind up the porch steps she saw the cross hanging on the front door. Her mother was a very religious woman which Jackie feared would complicate getting her approval for what she had done. She got so choked up just before knocking on the door that tears started rolling down her cheeks. ‘How am I gonna do this?’ She thought to herself. She managed to wipe the tears off and pull herself together just before her father Ed opened the door.

“Hey dad.” She kissed him on the cheek trying to hide her sadness. “Where’s mom?”

Ed just greeted her with a hello and pointed to the basement. Jackie saw that he went right back to the TV which was a sign that he didn’t notice anything strange with her. She proceeded downstairs and now started to cry again. She closed the door behind her so that her father couldn’t hear the conversation out of hell. Her mom Hanna immediately noticed that something was wrong. She set the iron down and greeted Jackie.

“Hey sweetey” she kissed her daughter on the cheek. “Is something wrong? Have you been crying?” She wiped the tears off Jackie’s face. “Here sit down you can tell me.”

Hannah knew something seroius was going on. It wasn’t too often that Jackie came to her in tears. The last time this had happened was when she was in high school and there was an issue with a boyfriend. Hanna felt comfort in knowing that her daughter always came to her first in times of trouble, but this was different. She figured her and John had a fight.

“What is it sweetey.” Jackie was beside herself. The more her mom tried to pry an answer out of her the more emotional she got. “Did you and John get into a fight? It’s ok you can tell mom.”

Jackie finally spoke. “Its horrible mom. I’m a horrible person….I don’t even know how to say it.”

Hanna pulled her closer to herself and let her rest on her bosom “It’s all right I won’t tell anyone you can confide in me.”

Jackie finally managed to blurt something out. “Mom I cheated on John.”

Hanna was shocked but managed to stay somewhat calm. “That’s awful honey, I’m sure there was a good reason for it…now who was it?”

Jackie took her head off her mom’s chest and blew her nose into a tissue. “It’s worse then you think…I commited incest, please don’t get mad at me.”

Hanna couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Who could she have done this with? “You mean when you were in high school? I knew your cousin Johnny was up to no good. Was that what you are upset about? It’s ok young girls make mistakes.”

Jackie couldn’t believe her mom would think of her cousin Johnny of all people. “No mom not Johnny. I only wish it was that simple.”

Hanna grew more impatient by the minute and was bordering on getting angry “Well who was it, your sister Jean?”

“No mom…what’s wrong with you? Although that would be better then what actually happened.”

“Jackie sweetey you’re worrying me here. Now tell me what happened.”

Jackie fought back tears as she blurted it out “I messed around with my boys.”

Hanna was having a hard time comprehending what she was saying. “What boys..what are you talking about.”

Jackie was flat out in tears “My sons mom, your grandsons I cheated on my husband with his own children.”

“Well what do you mean messed around? What did you do for gods sake?”

Hanna never used god’s name in vein which terrified Jackie from speaking any further. She blew her nose into a napkin again and sat back a little bit relieved for actually telling someone. She felt like a weight was off her shoulders but at the same time she was worried sick about how her mother would process this. Neither woman spoke for the next five minutes. Hanna was trying to gather her thoughts and maybe figure out how this might have happened. She needed to find out more in order to help her daughter who was in obvious distress. She worried Jackie would have a nervous breakdown from the way she was crying, so she decided that speaking about it and letting her get it off her shoulders would be for the best. She needed to let her daughter know that she’s there for matter what.

“Ok honey, now tell me exactly what happened. You said you messed around with Mark…how what happened, you can’t just sit there crying we have to get to the bottom of this. I’m here for you, you know that I will try to help you as best I can.” She took Jackie’s hand in her own and held it lovingly. She had no idea what she was about to hear but decided to keep an open mind.

Jackie finally spoke. “It wasn’t just Mark mom. It was Alex and Mikey too.”

Hannah’s fears grew by the moment. How could she mess around with a thirteen yearold boy? She wasn’t even aware that boys had sexual feelings that early in life.

“Ok just tell me what happened. I’m not gonna get mad I promise I’ll try to help you get trough this.”

Jackie began to tell her. “Well mom…it all started very innocently.” She heard the celing squeaking up above them and got startled. Her father was walking around the house and she turned around and looked at the door with worry.

“Don’t worry about your father honey he can’t hear us. Now continue on.”

“Well it started innocently one night.” there was a long pause. She had no idea how to continue this but it had to happen so she just went on. “About a week ago last saturday, It was raining and the thunder was very loud so Mikey came and woke me up. He wanted to sleep with me and John because he was afraid of the thunder but I knew that if he woke John up….neither of them would get back to sleep and he had to get up early to go to work that day, so I told Mikey I would go sleep in his room. Mikey kept tossing and turning and just wouldn’t go to sleep. He put his head on my breasts and I could tell that his eyes were open and that he was staring at them. I don’t know what came over me but I figured if I showed them to him he would fall asleep like when he was a baby. I had no idea that he would ask to suckle on them.”

Hanna was sort of relieved. She thought she would hear something much much worse. “Well that’s not that bad honey. Did he finally fall asleep?”

“No mom. He did not fall asleep. It gets much worse then that. Are you sure you want to hear this?”

“Yes for the love of god….what happened then?”

“Well he started to suckle on one of my…you know.”

Hanna tried to help her “Nipples…yes.”

“Yes nipples. Well he sucked on my left nipple and started to grope my right one with his hand. After a few seconds he put his hand down my stomach and tried to put it in my panties. I grabbed his hand and pulled it out and put a stop to it all.” Hanna sighed with relief. How could she let him get as far as the panty line? ‘How irresponsible of her’…she thought.

Jackie went on “Well the next morning when John left with Alex and Mark, Mikey came to me and said that he had blue balls. The poor thing didn’t know that there were ways to relieve that so I helped him out myself.”

Hanna’s breathing quickened as shock took over her body. “What do you mean you helped him out? Why couldn’t you just show him what to do without touching him?”

“Well we were running late and he had no clue how to even begin so I did it for him.” She decided to leave out the part when she spread her legs to give him some stimulation and quicken his orgasm.

“Later in the car he kept bugging me to show him my vagina later at home so for some reason I said I would show him after work.” Jackie saw that her mom’s jaw was dropped. She obviously couldn’t believe what her daughter was telling her but she said “Continue” anyway.

“Well when we came home I was going to shave myself down there so I thought I could use that as an excuse for him to see it in the bathroom. So eventually he helped me shave it and clean up the pubes and everything. He grew more and more curious and since John hasn’t been really ‘active’ in the bedroom….I kind of went along and proceeded to show him more and more of it.”

Hanna was catching on. “What do you mean? You mean you got excited over this?”

Jackie immediately covered her face with her hands and started crying again while nodding her head “Yes!”

Hanna Pulled her hands off her face and reassured her that telling her what happened would only make her feel better. “You have to get this off your chest ….tell me what happened after that?”

Jackie sniffled as she continued. “Well, I asked him if he wanted to do it with mommy, and of course he nodded yes…so I told him to go to our bedroom and bring back one of John’s condoms. He found one but it was to big so eventually he had to do me with no condom at all. He was very quick and finished in seconds.”


Hanna couldn’t believe she was about to ask the following “Did you finish too?” Jackie just nodded yes in response and continued. “He didn’t finish inside of you did he?”

Jackie was still in complete shock that her religious mom hadn’t disowned her yet. She was starting to really realize how much her mom loved her. She feared continuing on as she looked at Jesus on a cross hanging on the wall behind Hanna’s back. She then glanced over to her left where there was another picture of Jesus with The Bible sitting next to it. She figured that if her mom hadn’t put her in a straight jacket yet…she might as well finish telling her the story and help get this off her chest.

“No mom he finished on my stomach. I was very careful about that.” Jackie sounded like a teen trying to convince her mother of her innocence after being caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to. She then remembered that a few droplets of semen landed on her pussy and asshole but decided not to mention that. Hanna sighed with relief and then made a hand gesture for her to continue.

“So the next day I went down to the pool and immediately noticed that he had told Mark and Alex who both started bugging me to let them have sex with me because it “wouldn’t be fair” if I didn’t. I agreed to let them suckle on my breasts and kiss me too but then Mikey spilled the beans that I let him lick me down there too….” She then remembered that she never mentioned the oral sex part.

Hanna was even more shocked now. “You let Mikey give you oral? Was that before or after you had sex?”

Jackie answered “It was just before….but he only licked me for a few seconds so it was like it never even happened.”

“So what happened with Alex and Mark after that?”

“Well I took my top off by the pool and let them kiss me and suck on my breasts and then they talked me into letting them have sex with me, but I agreed only under the condition that they both had to wear condoms so we went to the grocery store to get some condoms and milk and flour for dinner that night.”

Jackie felt that skipping everything wouldn’t be punishing herself, so she decided to give her mom every detail hoping to in some way make her self pay for those actions. The more she kept telling the story the more comfortable she got with it, and she noticed that her mom’s face had relaxed a little bit and she wasn’t in that big of a shock which surprised her more then anything.

“When we were in the store Alex asked me to let him give me oral so we went into this bathroom by the pharmacy where I let him lick me and then when he was finished I blew him. Then the pharmacy lady came out of nowhere and asked if she could come inside and watch me blow Alex. We both approved so she came inside and held Alex’s hand while I finished my…you know my business on him.”

Hanna knew all the pharmacy people there “Was it the older tall lady Sabrina?”

“Yes how did you guess?”

Hanna always felt that she looked godless to her with her skimpy short pharmacist skirts. Her blood was boiling that her daughter let that athiest slut inside to watch that type of business going on between a mother and son of all people. Hanna remembered that Sabrina often looked at her breasts and legs when she went over there to pick up her blood pressure medicine. It made her want to puke but she decided to respond to her daughter’s question in a rather moderate way.

“I don’t know honey she always struck me as that type of person.” Hannah’s tone led Jackie to believe she was judging her. ‘What else could I expect’….Jackie thought to herself. ‘She has every right to judge me after what I’ve done but why does she make it sound like such a putdown. Oh dear god my own mother thinks I’m a complete slut…I can’t let her think that because I’m not.’

“What type of person do you mean mom? You don’t think I’m a slut do you?” She barely finished the sentence as her voice quivered.

Hanna tried to wiggle out of it. “Oh no honey I didn’t think for it to come out like that at all. I don’t think you’re a slut. You’ve just done something that’s un Godly and wrong and it was just a mistake and now we’ll work on fixing it as much as we can. I’m just trying to help you honey, I know you got carried away with it and you just wanted to make the boys happy. I completely understand that Mark and Alex cornered you after the business…with Mikey.”

Jackie felt a little bit relieved. If her mom was lying she was a damned good liar but she wanted to think what best suited her and decided to continue on with the story.

“Well ok mom I’m sorry I just don’t want you to send me off to a mental institution or something. That’s why I’m telling you all of this is because I feel so guilty and I will never let it happen again and I believe this is the best way to deal with this.”

Hanna smiled “Ok honey I’m glad you learned from your mistakes, but please continue telling me what happened when you got home.” She was shaking with fear of her daughter becomming pregnant with an incest child. The thought of it made her kringe. She could never let her have an abortion and it would mean they would have to go trough with the pregnancy.

Jackie smiled back at her mom and continued as they held each other’s hands. “Well we headed back home and I knew we had about an hour and a half before John got home but I still had Mikey watch out for him upstairs while I had Alex and Mark wait for me in the basement and get their condoms ready. I straightened out a bit and went down to the basement. They wanted me to wear these silly heels so I put them on. Then I put condoms on them both and laid back on the couch. Mark entered me from below and I took Alex in my mouth while he was kneeling to my left. We continued on for a little bit but then I got interrupted by Mikey who was screaming at me from the stairs. I guess he heard us from the first floor and couldn’t resist comming down and …you know trying to get a taste of me again.”

Hanna was silently praying to the lord in her mind that her daughter had all the boys keep their condoms on. She knew her daughter wasn’t on the pill because she taught her never to use contraceptives like those.

“He ran over to me and begged me to let him do it with me again. I was very close to another orgasm so I told him to hold on a little bit. He then played with my breasts and stimulated my clitoris in order to speed up the process. After that they all started bickering about who’s going to get to have sex with me and then Alex said that Mikey already got to go in my vagina and that I should let him do me now…so in order to shut everyone up I had Alex sit on the couch and I got on top of him while Mikey entered me from behind…you know in my butt.”

Shivers ran trough Hanna’s body. How could she not use the missionary possition? How could she go against the Bible and God himself and ride her son like that and to top it all off the other one took her anally. Hanna was about to call it quits and have her daughter stop but she somehow managed to gather herself and listened on.

“Mom I forgot to mention. We had run out of condoms. All the condoms I bought at the store were now ruined and John was out of condoms which I knew for a fact.”

Hanna had to interrupt her. “So why didn’t you run into the store and get some more condoms.” She tried not to sound judgemental.

“Well I didn’t want to go trough it all again with them. I think Mikey would have thrown a fit had I gone to get some more condoms…besides I told Alex to be careful but…..”

Jackie stopped speaking for a second and thought to herself whether she should mention the fact that it was possible she dind’t get off Alex’s cock in time. She was also 70 percent positive that some of Mikey’s semen had entered her once he ejaculated inside of her asshole and some of it leaked out and dripped down the length of her slit and got pushed into her canal by Alex’s cock. She had no idea how her mom would react to this.

Hanna interrupted her thoughts “But what…what happened?”

“Well I don’t think I will get pregnant but something bad did happen.” Hanna was breaking a sweat now.

“Well I got on top of Alex and I took mark’s penis in my hand while Mikey entered me from behind.” Hanna kringed again. Did she have to repeat the set up one more time?

“Ok go on what happened then..”

Jackie saw that her mom was losing patience so she just continued in a hurry. “Well we started doing it and in the heat of the moment I got a little bit carried away and wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on. Mikey finished inside of my butt and some of the semen dripped down to my ….you know and I’m pretty sure alot of it got pushed inside by Alex. Mikey eventually got limp and pulled out and Mark also finished.”

She decided to skip the fact that she swallowed some of her oldest son’s cum.

“And then Alex started doing me very fast after which I had another orgasm and failed to realize that he started to ejaculate. Mark and Mikey quickly pulled me off of him but I’m not sure if they did that in time. They then carried me upstairs and I fell right asleep…. didn’t even wait for John to come home…I just couldn’t face him after what had just happened.” Jackie grabbed another napkin and blew her nose while looking at her mom with fear.

Hanna just sat back and gave it a real long thought. A few minutes later she spoke.

“Well..the only thing we can do now is wait for your period to hopefully come.” She scooted closer to her daughter and put a hand on her forehead. “Did you get hot at all or maybe get sick this morning?”

“Mom I don’t think the simptoms kick in that early…like you said we’ll just have to wait.”

Mother and daughter locked eyes for a minute. Hanna started to feel really funny as she looked at her beautiful daughter. She was always a good girl. She never went out with to many boys or had sex in high school…or at least she thought that was the truth. She always listened to her and never talked back. How could this happen? Hanna decided that she could not let this go on. She had to make sure that her daughter wouldn’t violate her grandchildren like that any more, but most of all she wanted to avoid having another grandkid who is a product of incest. She was willling to lay everything on the line to help her daughter who she now thought might be a little bit sick. But was she really sick? She thought to herself. Could she have just gotten carried away in the heat of the moment? She understood how a woman could react to being deprived of sex especially when ovulating. She knew first hand because she had been deprived of sex for quite a while. Jackie’s father had long ago lost his sex drive and Hanna was practically starved for it. The more she thought about this whole thing, the more it made sence to her. ‘Stop thinking evil thoughts like that….that was just crazy and wrong now do the right thing and put a stop to this’. She was angry with herself.

After a long pause Hanna finally spoke. “Sweetey I hope you understand that you can’t do this sort of thing any more.” Jackie just nodded her head in agreement as her mom continued.

“I mean I understand what it’s like to go on without sex for a while, believe me I’m human too.” Jackie giggled inside but still didn’t know what her mom was talking about.

“But you can’t let yourself turn to the boys. Get a vibrator or something…go to an adult book store.” Jackie decided to interrupt.

“Why..have you been to an adult bookstore mom?” Hanna just sat there without answer.

“You and dad haven’t been doing it lately have you?” Hanna was embaressed.

“Oh stop it your father is just fine…he’s just in a slump thats all.” Jackie knew that wasn’t the truth.

“No mom it’s ok I know he’s not fine. He hasn’t looked at me in years….I know daddy lost his sex drive.”

Hanna was a little bit confused now. “What do you mean he hasn’t looked at you?”

“Well mom….when I was younger daddy used to check me out alot more. I would often catch him looking at my breasts or butt and he would just play it off like nothing had happened. A few times I even felt him get hard when I sat on his lap but as the years went by he looked at me less and less and I’ll be truthful with you I was a little bit disappointed. I had thought that it was me that lost the looks but I was proven wrong over the past few days by the way my boys looked at me, and you know…… did it to me.”

Hanna was shocked but at the same time interested in this story. “Aww common that’s nonsence. Your father never looked at you sexually. He looked at you lovingly and when you sat on his lap it was just a natural reaction. They get hard when there’s pressure on them it’s just a normal thing, there was nothing sexual there.”

Jackie completely disagreed. “Ok mom believe what you want but they are all still like animals. Trust me. I mean look at my boys, none of them had a problem getting hard.” Jackie just realized what a swing this conversation just took. They went from tears and fears to just casual sex talk. She wondered if her mother would go along.

“He really looked at you like that? Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Well I didn’t want to freak you out. I didn’t know how you would react to that but I just dealt with it like nothing had happened.” Hanna smirked at her daughter and both women were happy that the tention was gone.

Hanna thought about all the times when Ed might have been looking at her. She thought about the time he bought her an above ground pool…was this all he had in mind? She thought about the time a few years ago when they all took a cruise together and Jackie was in her bikini almost all of the time. This news was kind of soothing her. She was also doubting her looks and blamed herself for the lack of attention he paid to her. She had dressed quite provocatively for an older lady and often walked around the house almost half naked to get his attention. This news helped her get some of the confidence back. Up until a few years ago she was a regular at the gym and she would often get hit on by young men almost a third of her age but she just found it absolutely inapropriate at the time. Now thinking back on it she felt happiness that young men could still find a grandmother of three, attractive.

Jackie broke the silence. “Mom you’re not gonna tell him I told you that are you?”

Hanna snapped out of her deep thoughts “Oh no sweetey you don’t have to worry about that. In fact I’m kind of glad to hear you tell me this because I was doubting my looks recently and blamed myself for not being able to get him attracted to me like he used to be. I tried everything, I wore all these silly outfits that only a teenage girl should wear.”

mom son sex stories
mom son sex stories

Jackie noticed for the first time troughout this whole conversation that her mom’s skirt was inapropriately short. It was at least 3-4 inches above her knees. She can’t recollect ever seeing her mom wear something as short as that. “She must be starved” Jackie thought to herself. She noticed her mom’s legs were still quite shapely and strong. She felt a tingle in her pussy as her eyes went over her mother’s thighs. Hanna caught her lookin and awkwardly stood her cute tush up and pulled her skirt down a bit with a shy smile on her face. ‘Did I just make my mom blush?’ Jackie thought to herself. She decided to stay on the offence on this topic.

“So when was the last the two of you did it?”

Hanna’s jaw dropped. ‘How could she ask me such a question?.’ She thought, but still responded.

“Not that it’s any of your business but it’s been at least 8 months.”

“Oh my god mom you haven’t had sex in eight months!?!?” Hanna shushed her and told her to tone it down.

“You must be absolutely starved for it. Have you tried a vibrator?”

“Jackie I am not having this conversation with you this is crazy. No I have not tried any vibrators.” Jackie had her cornered. Hanna acted like she didn’t want to talk about it but her daughter senced that she might be a player in this.

“So you never looked at me in a silly way like daddy did when I was younger?”

“No. Are you crazy? I’m not some sicko and I’m not into xnxx stories women. You’re not gonna tell me you’ve been with girls too now, are you?”

“No mom I have not…but I was always a little bit bi curious. It’s just hard to ignore how attractive some women can be. I know you must have been bi curious too, I’m sure every woman questioned her sexuality at one point in her life.”

Hanna knew her daughter was right. ‘But would admitting to it be right? How would Jesus react to this?’ She asked herself. ‘He probably already knows so it can’t be that big of a deal.’

“Well sure I’ve been bi curious, you said it yourself every woman gets that way at one point.” She looked at her daughter who was now smiling. She noticed she was looking at her breasts and legs and nodding like in that “I caught ya” kind of silly way.

“Why are you looking at my legs Jackie…what’s wrong with you today you aren’t yourself.” Hanna said with a smile while she covered her legs with her hands.

Jackie decided to push this a little further. She wiped the smile off her face and took her mom’s hand in her own. “Look mom I’m your daughter and I hate to see you unsatisfied like this. If you want to kiss me right now I just want you to know I’d be ok with it. I won’t make a big deal of it I promise.”

Hanna didn’t know how to respond to that. She looked at her daughter’s wet lips and couldn’t deny the fact that they looked very inviting. If she was going to go trough with this she needed something in return.

“Ok how about this. If I kiss you, you have to promise me that you won’t touch the boys ever again…… Deal?”

Jackie was in complete agreement with this. She wasn’t going to touch them anyway.

“Oh common mom you make it sound like It’s all my fault. They pursuied it much more then I did, but fine I promise I will never touch them ever again.”

The two women shook hands and scooted toward each other. Hanna coudln’t believe what was about to happen here and worse of all she couldn’t believe that she was kind of looking forward to it. She moved her face closer to her daughter’s and ignored the cross that was hanging on the wall. Jackie placed her right hand on her mom’s left knee and held it there as their lips met. Jackie opened her mouth and met her mom’s tongue. They began to kiss slowly and Jackie moved her hand up Hanna’s thigh making it almost to the skirt. She wasn’t sure how her mom would react but didn’t get any sign to stop. She went further up her inner thigh and under her skirt. Hanna stopped her but never broke up the kiss. Jackie felt her mom’s hand on her own but still decided to push upwards toward Hanna’s pussy. She met little resistance and finally came into contact with her panty line. A million thoughts a second were racing trough Hanna’s head. She knew she needed this but could she let it go on? Her pussy was dripping wet and Jackie could feel how soaked her panties were. Jackie smiled as her mom assaulted her mouth. She couldn’t believe how in only the past few days people have been getting horny over her. Her three sons and now her own mother. Hanna soon started humming as she suckled on Jackie’s tongue. Jackie suddenly felt her mother’s hand on her left breast, groping it and squeezing the nipple. She directed her mom’s hand under her shirt and lifter her bra easing her way to the bare tit. Hanna continued to grope her daughter but was a little bit surprised that she hadn’t felt Jackie’s fingers on her pussy yet. The reality of the situation suddenly hit her and she hurried to put a stop to it before that actually happened. Hanna backed off her daughter’s mouth and slipped her hand off Jackie’s breast.

“I’m sorry honey but this is crazy. We can’t continue this this is just wrong.”

Jackie awkwardly pulled her hand from underneath Hanna’s skirt and adjusted her shirt.

“I’m sorry mom I thought you wanted it.”

“I do honey and it has nothing to do with you it’s just wrong. I guess I’ll get a vibrator like you said earlier. Now please go home and resolve this situation with your kids…I need some time to think.”

Jackie was kind of disappointed but respected her mother’s wishes. “Ok mom. I guess I’ll call you later this week?”

“Yeah Give me a call in about a week we should be able to find out wether you’re pregnant or not by then.” Mom and daughter hugged each other and kissed each other on the cheek. Jackie got in her car and headed home.


By the time she parked the car in the garage her seat was wet from her pussy juices. Her panties were ruined. She grabbed some towels, wiped the seat off and ran into the house hoping that John wasn’t there.


Over the next couple of days the tention in the house was very heavy on everyone. The boys acted like robots whenever Jackie was around. Jackie was no different. She spoke to her kids like they were strangers living in her house. It was taking a heavy toll on everyone and the one thing that Jackie was happy about was the fact that John was working on the west coast for the next few months and he only managed to come home once or twice a week. When he did come home everyone tried to act as natural as possible. Jackie was so worried about being pregnant that she avoided sex with John. She expected her period in a few days which was putting a lot of strain on her. She couldn’t stop thinking about how her mother would react to what happened between the two of them. She hadn’t talked to her since it happened two days ago. She feared the same awkwardness would arise with her. Jackie also noticed that the boys were still looking at her. No matter how much she tried to dress down they were all still checking her out. She tried to take them to the movies to see Harry Potter hoping to ease the tention but nothing seemed to work. She promised them she would take them to Six Flags next month when John got a week off. No matter how hard she worked to put their sexual episode behind, the awkwardness continued.

About a week later…a feeling of sickness woke her up in the middle of the night. She ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. She looked at the clock…it was just past 4am. Her worst fears are comming true. This is the first simptom of pregnancy. She started to panic and decided to run over to her mother’s house because she still had 3 hours before the boys would be waking up for school.

Hanna opened the door wearing her night gown. Jackie caught a glimpse of her bra before Hanna managed to tie the gown and cover herself.

” Jackie what’s going it’s four o’clock in the morning.” As soon as Hanna saw her tears she figured what happened.

“Mom I woke up this morning and I felt so sick I had to throw up in the toilet.”

Hanna tried to calm her down by hugging her. “Relax sweetey come sit down I’ll make you a cup of tea. It doesn’t mean anything yet. People get sick all the time…what did you eat last night?”

“I didn’t eat anything I just had a boiled egg, I’ve been having trouble sleeping since the last time I saw you. I thought you were mad at me.”

Hanna yelled from the kitchen as she started making tea. “Don’t be ridiculous honey, I just felt a little bit awkward and I didn’t want to call you right away. I’m not mad at you at all.” She sat back down next to her daughter as she let the tea brew.

“Where’s dad is he sleeping?”

“Oh don’t worry about him he’s out like a log.” She handed her a Pregnancy test stick and told her to go into the bathroom and hold it in her urine stream. Jackie came out a couple of minutes and showed her mom the stick which indicated she was in fact pregnant. Both women sat down without saying a word. They each thought long and hard about what to say next.

“I can have an abortion mom!”

“No. We’re not doing an abortion. We’re not baby killers.” Hanna was dead set against abortion. That was the only option she would not consider. She thought abortion was simply murder. She was one of the outspoken pro life members of the city board. There was no way in hell she would let her daughter do that.

“What am I gonna tell John mom?”

“John doesn’t need to know. All he needs to know is that it’s his fourth child. Are you even sure it’s not his…when was the last time you did it with John?”

“Trust me mom it’s not John’s. I don’t even remember the last time we did it. It might be even a couple of months.”

Hanna tried to calm her down. “Ok honey just don’t panic. It’s not that bad. Nobody needs to know. It’s just another child that’s all. We’ll take care of it like nothing out of the ordinary happened.” Hanna was in a way joyful that her daughter was pregnant again…no matter who the father might be. She hugged her daughter and assured her that everything would be all right. Hanna hated to bring it up but she just had to know.

“So who do you think is the father?”

“I don’t know it’s probibly Mikey’s. Alex could be the dad too, well now that I think about it it could be Mark too for all I know. They all went in there without a Sex Stories Mom condom but it’s more then likely that it’s Mikey’s because I actually felt his sperm get inside of me.”

Hanna hugged her again and kissed her forehead. “That’s ok sweetey it’s not the end of the world. I’m sure the baby will be healthy and we’ll go on with our lives like nothing had happened.”

“But that’s the problem mom. It’s exactly the opposite of that. Living in that house with the three of them is like hell. I can’t even look at my sons any more without having those pictures course trough my head. Thank God I don’t have to face John every day because If I had to do that I don’t know If I could take it.”

This last comment concerned Hanna a lot. To her, Jackie started to sound a little bit suicidal and she wouldn’t have any of it. She started to doubt that Jackie could ever repair her relationship with her sons. How could she go on trough life like that? Seeing them marry and have kids with their own wives all the while knowing that one of them is the father of their youngest sibling? There was no solution other then to continue the sex with all three of them. ‘In the end would that be so bad?’ Hanna thought to herself. ‘Who would get hurt? John would never find out.’ She couldn’t believe it but that’s what she was leaning toward. She figured that their complicated incestious relationship would outweight the damage that’s pushing her daughter almost near suicide. She knew she had to advise her correctly, and no matter how unorthodox the advice…she bravely went on.

“Jackie look at me.” Jackie took her head off her mom’s shoulder. Hanna wiped the tears off her eyes.

“I think that it’s best for you to continue what you started.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well the way I see it is there is no way this is going to change. It will only get more and more awkward once the baby is born. It can only put more strain on your relationship. I think it’s best if you continue having sex with them, but you have to set parameters and make rules. You can’t have unprotected sex and no more group sex, that’s just un Godly. You do what you want but life’s experience tells me that post sexual relationships between people never seem to work. They only work if the two people continue their sexual relationship…or four people in this case.”

Jackie found herself agreeing with her mother. She always took her advice troughout life and most of the time she found her mom to be right.

“They still look at me…sexually. I can’t say that I’ve been in the mood for it…” before she finished Hanna interrupted her.

“You haven’t been in the mood because of the awkwardness and nervousness. The way to get rid of all of that stress is to renew your relationship by having sex with them. That’s what they all still just said it yourself.”

Jackie couldn’t believe that her mom was actually trying to get her to commit incest again. “I promised I would take them to Six Flags and I’ve been trying to act as normal as possible but nothing seems to work.”

“That’s because all they think about is having sex with you again. You just have to do it in a civil manner. You must teach them to be quiet about it and not go into tantrums when you won’t give it up. In order for it to work you must be the boss. I suggest you create a schedule.”

“I have to think about this mom. I don’t know what to do any more but thank you for your advice you know I’ve always appreciated it.” She kissed her mom on the cheek and again noticed her blush. Hanna brought over the tea and they continued to talk.


After she dropped the boys off at school she had the entire day to think. If she was going to go trough with it, there would have to be a set of rules. She enjoyed the three of them at the same time because she loved them all so much, and having them all inside of her at the same time was probibly the most loving experience of her entire life. If she was going to go trough with this she would have to leave the group sex on the table but would have to pick one day of the week for it, and only on that day. She spent the rest of the day planning out what to do and how to present it to them. On the ride home she spoke to John for less then 20 minutes and had a hard time concentrating on the conversation considering the fact that she was on her way home to tell his kids on what days it is appropriate to fuck his wife. After telling him that she was pregnant again…she was kind of surprised the way he reacted ot it. He wasn’t to thrilled to have yet another child with the uncertainties arising in his line of work and the shaky future that was ahead. He brought up abortion but as soon as Jackie reacted negatively to it he stopped pushing it. The conversation ran out of steam as they both grew more unsatisfied with the other. Jackie’s hands were shaking as she held the phone. She finally hung up and headed for the house.

After she cooked dinner she sat down with the three of them to eat. Her apetite was almost non existent and the boys also had trouble eating. Everyone was very nervous, but Jackie decided to go on with presenting her plan to them. She spoke with authority in her tone.

“I have to talk to you guys so please everyone put down your forks.” The boys obeyed her and met her eyes for the first time in days.

“Now this can’t go on like this. This awkwardness is just killing me and I can tell that you guys aren’t feeling very good either. First I have to tell you that I’m pregnant.”

All three boys dropped their jaws. Mark looked at Alex who looked at Mikey.

Alex started to get annoyed with Mark’s stare “What are you looking at me for? It could be your baby for all we know.”

Mark responded angrily. “It was you and you know it. You just had to make it last didn’t you?” The boys started bickering and Jackie jumped in.

“STOP IT YOU TWO. There will be no more fighting in this house from now on. Mark it wasn’t Alex…and it couldn’t have been Mark either. It was probibly Mikey.” Everyone looked at poor little Mikey who was playing with his spaghetti.

“What I do?” he responded with fear. He thought everyone was going to rain a shit storm on him like they usually do for all the shenaningans he’s involved in.

Jackie didn’t want to scare him. “Don’t worry honey Mom’s not mad at you. It’s my own fault. What happened was when Mikey… Ahhhemm”…she cleared her throat

“When Mikey finished in my butt…some of it trickled down and Alex helped push it inside of me.” She further explained to them what she thought had happened. She also let them know that abortion was out of the question and that grandma knew about the whole thing. She assured them that nobody was mad at them and that grandma was very understanding with everything.

Just when Mark and Alex started to think that they would be shipped off to an orphanige or that the whole family was going to fall apart and that their father would disown them…they heard their mom say the following:

“Now I thought really long and hard about this and I figured that the best thing to do was to continue our sexual relationship.” All the boys looked at her in shock. They were happy but at the same time worried about the consequences.

“But what about dad?” Mark asked.

“Dad doesn’t have to know. We’ll tell him it’s his baby and I’ve set a number of rules about when and how we can have sex. The main thing for all of you to understand is I call the shots. You can’t bother me and If I say no…then that means no!”

Mark looked at his younger brother Alex and said “You hear that?? No means no.” Alex smirked back at him.

“Now boys boys, be nice to each other everyone will get their fair share. I’ve created a schedule for who gets to do it with me and what days of the week. Now on monday it will be Mark. Tuesday Alex gets his turn and then Mikey on wednesdays. Now there won’t be a certain time when we do it…and If I’m not in the mood we won’t do it at all, and If I say no that means no got it?”

All the boys nodded in agreement.

“This will continue on thursday when Mark gets his and then Alex on friday and Mikey again on Saturday….sundays will be the group session when everyone does it together. We can skip the group session if you boys don’t feel comfortable having sex with me all at the same time.”

Before she even finished all the boys were unanimous.

“No no no mom that’ll be fine” Mark said

“Yeah Sunday’s are good for the group sessions.”

Mikey didn’t even have to say anything his smile gave away his thoughts. Jackie just smiled back at him and held his hand.

“Now since I’m pregnant we won’t have to use condoms any more but once the baby is born we’ll have to go back to the condoms. Now another important rule is if I’m with Mark the two of you can’t bother us.” She looked at Alex and Mikey. “Same goes if I’m with Alex or Mikey, the other two can’t come around or bother us….deal?”

All three nodded their heads.

“Also another thing is the group sex sunday will be cancelled if your father is at home…that’s non negotiable. We can’t go to a motel or hide in some park somewhere. Also the sundays that we go to church will be out as well. If your father is at home and its just a regular week day we’ll do our best to hide in the bathroom or lock ourselves in the bedroom and be quick about it. We can’t let him get suspicious because this could all end very quickly…now does everyone understand the rules?”

“We got it mom.” Mark spoke for the other two.

The only thing that was on Alex’s mind was the fact that it’s Friday and it is technically his turn to go. “Mom it’s friday…so does that mean that me and you…get to do it today?”

“Sure I just have to call grandma and tell her that everything went well.”

Mark was on his way out “That’s fine with me mom I have to go to practice anyway.”

He closed in on his mom’s face to give her a kiss on the cheek but before he did he asked her “Does that mean we still have to kiss you on the cheek?”

Jackie smiled invitingly “Not if you don’t want to.” Mark planted his lips on her’s and started to french her. Jackie hummed into his mouth as her eye wondered over to Alex’s who’s heart was starting to race. Mark was still slobbering all over her and Jackie was running out of breath. She started to giggle and smile because of how happy she was that their relationship was back to normal. She squealed into his mouth and broke the kiss.

“Good lord…it’s only been a few days you ok there buddy?” She ruffled Mark’s hair who turned around grabbed his lacrosse equipment and ran out the door while waving back to his mom with a smile.

Jackie told Mikey to go to his room and to give her and Alex some privacy. She scooted over by the phone and dialed her mom’s number, while Alex sat right next to her.

“Hey mom. What’cha doin’?”

Hanna was glad to her her daughter come back to life again. “Wow you sound awfully chipper…what happened?”

By this time Alex had started unbuttoning her blouse, and one of his hands was slipping underneath her bra and groping her breast, but Jackie did not protest.

“Well nothing I did what you told me to. I created a schedule and…” She went on telling her mom about the conversation she had with the boys…while Alex had her blouse completely unbuttoned. Jackie leaned forward and helped him get it off. She also let him unclasp her bra after which he was nursing on her in seconds…making loud suckling noises. Jackie smirked at him to be quiet but he just went on. Alex soon had slipped her jeans off and Jackie now sat there only in her panties while her son was rubbing her snatch and sucking on her right nipple while groping her left breast. He switched from one nipple to the other and Jackie started to have a hard time concentrating on the conversation with her mom.

“I’m sorry to say mom but I had to keep the group sex session so I set that one for sundays.”

Hanna raised her tone in disbelief. “Sundays?? That’s church day you can’t do that type of stuff on church day.”

“Don’t worry mom we’ll only do it on the sundays when there’s no church.”

By now Alex had his hands down Jackie’s panties and had two fingers deep in her snatch while his pinky was playing around her butt hole. He pulled his hand out of her panties and tried to pull them off, but Jackie stopped him by saying quietly

“Hold on a minute.” …giving herself away. She was all over Hanna’s radar.

“Hold on what?? What’s going on over there?”

“Nothing mom Alex is trying to take my panties off.”

Hanna found it inapropriate “Oh for goodness sakes can’t he wait till your off the phone at least?”

Jackie finally stood up and helped him slip her panteis off her long shapely legs. Within seconds Alex was rubbing his cock up and down the length of her slit as Jackie leaned back on the couch having a hard time holding onto the phone…she somehow managed to continue talking to her mother, as Alex’s rock hard cock stretched her pussy open.

“So we agreed that no sex would go…gooooOOOo on” the tone of her voice was going up and down as Alex thrusted from below and tried to make out with his mom at the same time but she placed two fingers over his lips telling him to hang on a second.

Hanna figured that he was inside of her by now and decided to cut the conversation short.

“Ok sweetey I can tell you are busy over there….why don’t you call me later when you have a little more time.”

Jackie responded almost out of breath “Ok…mom…..I’ll later” and hung up the phone. She hugged Alex closely as she kissed him passionately. She was so close to comming. She couldn’t believe how the conversation with her mom got her way hot. In only a couple of seconds she was comming.

“Ohhh god Alex….don’t stop baby don’t stop”

In the other room Mikey could hear his mom yelling in ecstacy but rules were rules. He just sat back and continued jerking off while listening to the sounds of bodies slapping and humming and kissing. Soon after Alex started to erupt inside of Jackie filling her up so much that some of the semen leaked out of her pussy and onto the couch. She saw this and quickly jumped, ran over to the kitchen and came back with some towels while the mixture of her pussy juice and her son’s come leaked down her inner thighs. She scrubbed the cum off the couch and said.

“We have to be more careful with this honey. This is a brand new sofa…not to mention if your father saw it and smelled it…he would give you a grilling.”

“I’m sorry Mom I promise I’ll be more careful.” Alex responded humbly as he helped her clean it up.

The next day it was saturday which only meant one thing. It was Mikey’s turn. After finishing her session with Alex the previous day, Jackie spent some time thinking about her new schedule. She knew it was imperfect and that it probably needed some improvements. She had to figure out when to squeeze in blowjobs and on what days to let them give her oral. She also thought about what she would do once John got home and probably wanted to have sex after a long week of work. Would she still be able to stay horny enough to give it to him? These were all good questions. She also had to do some preparations for the baby so she planned on going out to some stores to check out cribs and baby sections in different stores. She had almost forgot that it was Mikey’s day today which she was sad to say she least looked forward to. His penis was by far the smallest of all the boys but a deal was a deal. She thought of different ways she could still enjoy sex with her youngest. Just thinking of several delicious things she could do to him was getting her pussy moist.

Jackie prepared brekfast only wearing her bath robe. She cooked some eggs and bacon and debated in her mind if she should go put on some makeup for Mikey. She decided not to because she would have to do it later again before going out to the mall. Jackie noticed how much more normal the boys were acting. She could finally look them in the eye and talk to them without being nervous and scared. They talked about normal things that moms and sons talk about like school and homework…and what they were planning on doing later on in the afternoon. Mark and Alex said they would chill by the pool, not really spelling out that they wouldn’t interrupt her session with Mikey. After brekfast the two boys went upstairs to grab their swimming trunks and Jackie sat next to Mikey’s chair.

“Hey honey…how’d you sleep last night?”

“Good mom, I fell asleep early and I had some wet dreams too.”

Jackie noticed her bath robe had parted a little bit and the top of her breasts was catching Mikey’s eyes.

“Oh really? What did you dream about?”

“I honestly can’t remember.” Mikey was now staring at his mother’s lips.

“Hey mom can I make a request?” Jackie just nodded with a smile as she noticed his young prick poking up underneath his shorts.

“I’d like to try it doggy style this time…and can you wear those heels for me again?” He made a baby face like he was asking her to buy him some candy.

“Again with the heels?? You boys love those heels don’t you. Let me ask you this, how are you supposed to reach mommy’s ass if I have those heels on?”

Mikey thought about that for a minute “I can just stand on the stool right behind you.”

Jackie was always amazed at how effective Mikey’s thinking could be when he wanted something really badly.

“Hmmmm….let me see what you have in those shorts first.” Jackie purred as she pulled Mikey’s shorts down to his knees. His young pecker popped up like Jack in the Box.

Jackie pulled his skin back and inhaled the musty smell. ‘Mmmm how I love that smell” she thought to herself, before she planted her mouth over it and started to blow her son. She bobbed up and down slurping up his young pecker deep down her throat. She circled her tongue around his cockhead as she made her way up and down his length. She could hear him breathing quicker and quicker and then felt his hand go into her bathrobe and grab her left breast. She knew he was close to comming so she backed off and took her mouth off his cock.

She stood up and took him by the hand into the kitchen. She grabbed the stool under the table and placed it next to the sink. She then told Mikey to wait there and walked over to the hallway to grab her heels. She was worried about if he would still be able to reach her pussy even with the stool underneath him…but she was willing to give it a try anyway. She walked back over to him and let her robe drop, exposing her completely nude body. She helped Mikey onto the stool and made sure he wouldn’t slip off it and fall down and break something. Jackie decided not to bring up the fact that Mikey is probably the father of the brand new life that now grows inside of her.

“You sure you’re not gonna fall off this thing?”

Mikey nodded just a second before his mom met his lips and gave him a quick french kiss. She turned around and positioned her ass in front of his cock. She grabbed behind herself and aimed his young rod toward her now moist pussy. Mikey took over from there and slipped it inside of her in less then a second catching his mother by surprise.

“Ohh sweetey …be careful, just hold onto mommy’s hips.” She reached back and made sure his hands were firm on her hips. A few seconds after Mikey started pumping away. He quickened his pace and let go of Jackie’s right hip to start playing with her asshole. Jackie heard the stool clumpeting and got worried a little bit. She stopped the sex momentarely.

“Now just hold onto my hips baby and don’t go to fast.” Just as a safety precaution she gripped his cock with her pussy as he started to fuck her again but more slowly this time. About 20 seconds later she finally managed to relax herself and even though still keeping an eye on the stool between her legs, she began to get into it and let go of Mikey’s left wrist to grab her own breast while still holding onto Mikey’s right wrist with her own right hand. She tried not to push back to hard so she wouldn’t knock him over but it was beginning to get harder and harder not to. She needed a release and the pace he was going at wasn’t quite going to do it.

“Go a little faster baby, but be careful still…hold onto mommy” Mikey sped up his intrusion and went deeper and deeper into his mother’s snatch. A few moments later the phone started to ring. Jackie had to answer it because she was expecting John’s call. The phone almost stumbled out of her hands as Mikey never flinched as if he didn’t know his father was about to call. Jackie looked at the call ID and saw that it was in fact John’s cell phone number.

“Hold on Mike it’s your father.” She said in a very serious tone. Mikey obeyed and stopped fucking her but his cock was still pulsating inside of her still stimulating her.

Before speaking she tried to slow her breathing down and make it sound like she wasn’t out of breath. “Hey John what’s up?”

John responded on the other line “Hey hun’ whatcha doin’?”

“Ohh nothing just…doing some homework stuff with Mikey. I was planning on going to check out some cribs in a little bit.” She tried to cut the conversation short but unsuccesfully.

“That sounds like fun. You takin the kids?”

“I don’t know Alex and Mark are out by the pool so I don’t see them leaving that scene to go shopping with their mother.”

John laughed on the other line. “Well sounds like you’ve got your hands full today huh?”

Jackie continue talking with John but her pussy was still throbbing as she felt Mikey pulsating inside of her. She didn’t want to continue the fucking while she was on the phone with John but she responded by gripping his penis with her pussy and soon after they were slow fucking as Mikey very slowly pushed in and out of her trying not to bump her which could send a shiver trough her body and change the tone in her voice. Mikey knew his father was very good at picking up on these things.

John picked up on something “You ok honey you sound like you’re out of breath.”

“Oh it’s nothing I’ve been running back and forth taking some drinks out to the other two while I’m trying to help the little one here.”

They talked for another few minutes and John told Jackie to pick him up the next day at the airport at 9am. They said their goodbyes and Jackie finally was able to hand up the phone and continue.

It took another 2-3 minutes to get back to the level of excitement before the phone call and they were yet again at full steam. Jackie wanted to make sure Mikey could last long enough because she didn’t want to get left out here so she slowed it down for a while and then picked up again. Just as she was approaching her orgasm she heard sounds of arguing comming from the living room. Alex and Mark had moved to the living room and now were arguing over who was going to have the remote. Jackie tried to block it out and concentrated on her orgasm…pushing back against Mikey a little harder then she should be.

The arguing voices were getting louder and louder and she could hear Mark screaming at Alex “No don’t go in there now you nitwit…don’t you know what the rules are when they’re doing it?”

She then heard Alex respond but his sound was comming from just ouside the kitchen door and was much louder. “I don’t care it’s my turn to watch the big TV.”

Jackie lost all her patience, she stopped pushing back against Mikey and yelled “Mark just give him the remote you’re the older brother.”

Just as she finished Alex barged into the kitchen almost in tears. The sight of his mom and younger brother did nothing to disturb him.

“Mom Mark took the remote and won’t let me watch wrestling, he had the TV pretty much all day yesterday and It’s only fair for him to give me the remote today.”

Jackie was very annoyed with this and responded “Alex I told you not to come in here when we’re having sex.”

He could tell his mom wasn’t joking so he just ran back to the living room to finish his argument with his older brother. A couple of minutes later Jackie finally realized she couldn’t orgasm with them two arguing over there and she snapped. She stood up from the doggy position and let Mikey’s cock slip out of her pussy.

mom son sex stories
mom son sex stories

“Hold on Mike I’ll be right back.” She angrily opened the kitchen door and started walking over to the living room wearing nothing but her heels, which were clacking very loudly. As soon as the two boys heard them they stopped arguing and their now angry and naked mom entered the living room.

“What is going on here Mark…give me that remote!!” Her tits swayed back and forth as she grabbed the remote from her oldest son.

“Alex why can’t you just watch the TV upstairs?”

“It’s not fair mom I wanna watch the big TV today. Why can’t he just go upstairs and watch the little one.” Jackie could see that both boys cocks were getting harder and harder as there were tents forming in their shorts. Mark’s tent was even getting wet at the tip. Even though she thought she could probably use that cock right about now, Jackie was still very angry.

“Alex I told you the rules. You are not to disturb me when I’m with Mikey or Mark. And this is partly your fault” she looked at Mark angrily. “Just let your brother watch the big TV today and you get to watch it tomorrow. Deal?” The boys could tell their mom’s pussy juices got smeared all over her thighs from the short walk trough the hallway. Neither of them could keep their eyes off her tits and her sexy legs which looked even sexier with those high heels on.

“Ok mom I’ll go upstairs and he can watch the TV…ok??!?”

“Thank you sweetey.” She kissed Mark on the cheek and handed the remote to Alex. She then turned around and walked back toward the kitchen, feeling their eyes on her ass.

“I’m sorry sweetey your brothers are acting like children. Did you miss mommy?” She smiled as she looked at his cock.

Mikey was still hard as a pole so they just simply got back to it. Within seconds Jackie could feel the warm goo filling up her pussy. If for some reason the pregnancy test was wrong…this ought to take care of that. She felt Mikey’s hand grip her breast and she placed her own hand over his trying to get a couple of more pumps out of his cock hoping to come but it was to late. He was limp just a few seconds later and his cock slipped out of her pussy leaving her unsatisfied. She was a little bit disappointed that she didn’t get to come but when she looked at the clock she saw that it was time to go to the mall because the stores would be closed soon.

She turned around and made sure Mikey got off the chair safely while some come leaked down her thigh. She was getting used to having her kids’ semen leaking down her thighs and she couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed it alot.

“Did you have fun honey?”

Mikey just nodded his head. “Mmm-hmmm…and you?”

“Well It was not bad you did a good job.”

She didn’t want to ruin it for him. Jackie just hugged him close and placed his head on her bare chest. The beat of her heart quickened in pace and a wave of happiness washed over her. She was proud that her little man was the father of the new life that now grows inside of her. Jackie just ran her hands trough his hair and kissed him on the forehead. She then looked into his bright blue eyes as numerous thoughts ran trough her head. Finally she planted her lips over his and they embraced each other in yet another passionate wet kiss which might have just marked the beginning of a new relationship between them.