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indian village incest sex stories

indian village incest sex stories the pool house

indian village incest sex stories
indian village incest sex stories

the pool house

indian village incest sex stories Mike and Gina lived next door to me. The three of us were the only kids on our block so we had been friends since we were allowed to play outside by ourselves. We spent every summer it seemed in their backyard playing in the pool and turning their small pool house into our unofficial clubhouse for the season. Now that we were in our teens we hung out with different crowds but would still hang out from time and we remained friends.

It was 1986 and the first week of summer. I was home alone mowing the backyard. As I finished and shut the mower down I heard music coming from Mike and Gina’s backyard so I popped my head over the fence. Mike had just launched himself off the diving board and did a cannonball into the pool. Gina was laying on her stomach in a lounge chair in the grass sunbathing while she read a magazine. I couldn’t help but stare at Gina as she lay there in her yellow string bikini. I had always found Gina attractive. She had long curly brown hair that fell halfway down her back. She was a voluptuous girl, curvy but not chunky. She was the first girl in our school to develop breasts and they quickly became the subject of much attention from the all the boys because of their size. Anytime I was over for a swim and Gina was around I was stealing glances at her tits in her swimsuit, but this was the first time I had seen her in a bikini. I couldn’t see her breasts since she was on her stomach but her ass was just as amazing as her tits. Full and round. It looked like Mike had been trying to splash her with his cannonball but came up short.

indian village incest sex stories
indian village incest sex stories

“Missed her by inches.” I called to him when he surfaced.

“Hey dude. What’s up?” He yelled back. “Come on over.”

“Sure thing,” I said “Let me put the mower away and grab my trunks.”

I put the mower back in the shed and ran in to grab my swimsuit before I walked next door. When I entered the backyard Mike was trying to splash Gina again. This time he jumped more towards the edge of the pool and succeeded in splashing her feet. Her head shot up from the magazine and turned toward the pool.

“Are you happy now?” She asked him.

“Hey. Be nice. We have company.” He shot back.

That’s when Gina noticed me in the yard. “Hey Shane. Tell me again why you like this brain dead freak?”

“Someone should take pity on him.”

“He just came over to stare at your ass.” Mike replied.

“He’s not a perv like you,” she said as she went back to reading her magazine.

I went into the pool house and changed real quick and joined Mike in the pool. We played around for a little bit trying to splash Gina but after soaking her feet a couple times she got up and went into the guest house. I was disappointed because I had been enjoying how good she looked in her bikini. Mike caught me watching her walk away.

“So you did come to stare at that ass,” he said.

“Uh… no,” I stammered as I blushed.

“Hey dude, don’t worry it’s an amazing ass. I look too.”

“You got any weed?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“You read my mind,” he said as he climbed out of the pool.

We dried off and wandered into the guest house. As we entered we could smell marijuana smoke in the air.

“You better not be smoking all my bud Gina!” Mike yelled. We found Gina on the couch smoking a joint.

“Shut up. I saw you guys were heading in so I rolled a joint for us. But if you’re a dick then just me and Shane will enjoy it.”

“That’s my weed!” Mike shot back.

“Here. Hit it and shut the fuck up,” she said as she handed him the joint.

Their pool house was basically just a big studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchenette. The main room was pretty spacious and had a view of the pool, it also had a huge L-shaped sectional couch and a couple recliners arranged around a big screen tv. When we were younger we had lots of sleepovers in there and would take it over in the summer and make it homebase/clubhouse. I plopped down in the recliner closest to the couch and Mike sat next to Gina as he took a hit and then handed it to me. We sat there for a while with Mtv on the big screen watching music videos and shooting the shit as we got buzzed.

indian village incest sex stories
indian village incest sex stories

Eventually Gina got up to get herself a drink and asked if we would like something. Mike said to bring us a couple sodas and when she walked by he slapped her ass and said “Thanks darling!”

She jumped and yelled but walked away laughing and just before she got to the fridge she looked back at me and Mike who were both still looking at that fantastic butt and quickly pulled her bikini bottoms down and flashed her ass as she stuck her tongue out at us.

“Awesome! We get a show Shane,” Mike said.

I just laughed. Being around Gina in that bikini was really getting me aroused. I thought if I got anymore worked up I was going to have to go home and rub one out. Seeing her bare ass just then might have sent me right home if I hadn’t started to get a boner. I was afraid it would show if I stood up.

She came back with our drinks and sat back down on the couch. We rolled another joint and passed it around. We were bullshitting for a while and then conversation took a pause as we all enjoyed our high and just sat there watching tv. Suddenly Mike said, “What about our show?”

“What show?” I asked

“The one Gina was going to give us. She showed a little ass. What else you got?” He said as he turned to Gina.

“If you want a show then you do it.”

“He don’t want to see me he wants to see them tits.” He suddenly tried to reach behind her and undo her bikini top. She pulled away before he could and slapped his hands away.

“Oh wait. I get it. You don’t want me to do a show for Shane. You want one,” Mike said.

“Oh please,” was her response. “I’ve seen that thing plenty.”

“And you still want more,” he said as he pulled down his swim trunks with one hand and with his other he brought out his sizable cock and waved it around before thrusting his hips at Gina which made her yell and jump away. She threw a couch pillow at him as he laughed and put his dick back in his trunks.

“Me and Shane did not want to see that thing.”

“It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. We’ve all seen each other naked before,” Mike told her, and this was true. When we were younger and used the pool house for sleepovers we played doctor a couple times after their parents went to bed. Nothing really more than you show me your’s and I’ll show you mine.

indian village incest sex stories
indian village incest sex stories

“Years ago,” replied Gina.

“So,” he said “Things may be a bit bigger than last time but who cares.”

“Don’t worry about me Gina. Seeing his needle dick won’t traumatize me,” I told her.

Mike pulled his dick out again and said,“Does this look like a needle to you?”

I could feel me face turn red as he sat there shaking his cock and laughing. Gina grabbed another pillow and threw it at him.

“Put that thing away.” You could tell from her smile she wasn’t really upset. Mike shoved his dick back in his trunks and continued to plead his case.

“Come on Gina. Just give us a peak. Take your top off,” Mike pleaded. “I showed you mine now you have to show me something.”

“I don’t think so,” Was her reply.

Mike turned to me, “What do you think Shane? What should she do?”

“I think she should do whatever she’s comfortable doing” was my diplomatic answer.

“See Mike,” Gina said, “That’s a gentlemen.”

“Oh well, man. I tried.” Mike said as he gave me a wink and reached down behind the couch and pulled out his two foot long green plastic Graffix bong. “How about a rip from The Green Giant?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” was my reply as he packed me a hit. We both took hits that left us coughing like we were going to die. As we both recovered and sat there in a daze staring at the tv Gina got up and grabbed the bong.

“Yes. I would also like one. Thanks,” she said as she loaded a hit for herself. She wasn’t as greedy as us and didn’t start hacking as she blew out the smoke and settled back into the couch. “What’s in it for me?” She asked after a minute or two.

Both of us were still too dazed to know what she was talking about. “Huh?” Mike said.

Rolling her eyes Gina asked, “What’s in it for me if I take my top off?” This caused a broad smile across Mike’s face and my heart started racing at the idea I might get to see her topless.

“I’ll take my trunks off if you take your top off,” was Mikes reply.

“No. I’ve seen that already. I think you should both take off your shorts.”

My heart almost stopped. I couldn’t think of any reply to that.

“Oh look. You’ve stunned the poor guy,” Mike said as I tried to recover and not looked so shocked.

“No. I’m okay,” I managed to say.

“So you’ll do it if she shows her tits?”

I thought about it for a moment and said, “No.”

“What?!” Mike said. Even Gina looked surprised.

“I think if we’re both going to be totally naked she should be too.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Mike exclaimed and turned to Gina, ”What’s it going to be sis?”

My pulse was racing as I waited for her answer.

“I guess that would work,” she finally said with a smile. “You guys first though.”

Mike jumped up right away and took off his trunks. I was worried about the raging boner I had but saw that Mike was half hard so I figured I xnxxxfree wouldn’t be the only one standing there aroused. So now all I had to do was drop my trunks and I would get to see Gina in all her naked glory. I got up and and pulled my trunks off and quickly sat back down.

“Alright. Looks like he likes what he sees already. Let see the rest now sis,” Mike said as he sat back down, “Do it slow so we can it enjoy it.”

“Shut up you perv,” she told him but she didn’t hurry. She reached behind her back and pulled the string that was keeping her top tied and pulled the top over her head. Her tits were magnificent. Large pink nipples poked out nice and hard on her large full breast. They swayed and jiggled slightly as she moved. She released the knot on one side of her bottoms and then next and let them fall to the floor. She had a thin downy patch of dark pubic hair covering her pussy. I could feel my dick flexing as she slowly sat back down on the couch. I noticed that Mike was slightly tugging on his cock as he watched his sister but she didn’t seem to notice.

indian village incest sex stories
indian village incest sex stories

“Well. There you go,” she said with a laugh and shrugged her shoulders.

“I love it,” Mike said and turned to me, “What about about you Shane?”

“Better than I imagined,” I said.

“Oh damn Gina, he’s been imagining you naked. Who’s the perv now?”

Gina reached over and swatted at him, “Shut up.” But then looked over at me and asked, “Is that true. Have you thought about me naked?”

I could feel the heat on my face as I blushed but decided to be honest. “Yeah. A time or two.”

“Well your not too bad yourself,” she replied, “You’ve grown since I last saw you,” and pointed at my crotch.

“I think she wants that dick Shane,” Mike teased. He was now openly stroking his cock and I could tell Gina had noticed because her eyes had glanced at it a few times but she wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t know what to say so I stayed silent. Gina gave me a smile and patted the couch beside her.

“You want to come over and join us on the couch? Let’s do another hit,” she said as she grabbed the bong and packed. I got up and walked over to the couch with my cock bobbing along out in front of me all swollen and red. She took a hit and packed it again and passed it to Mike who stopped stroking himself long enough to take a lung buster and went back to stroking as he coughed. She loaded up a last hit for me and handed me the bong.

As I sucked in the smoke Gina said to me, “I want another hit. Shotgun me.” As I held in the smoke she leaned over towards me, her mouth puckered into small o, with her hands planted on the couch. Her tits hanging there between her arms swaying slightly. It was by far the sexiest thing I had seen in my young life so far. I leaned towards her and as our lips met ever so slightly I blew the smoke into her mouth. She leaned into my lips and I could feel her sucking the smoke out. As we parted her tongue slip out and gave my top lip a quick lick before she leaned back and held the smoke in for a moment before releasing it. I was mesmerized by her. I just sat there as my MAMMA buzz started to ramp back up and took in the sight of her. My eyes traveled from her tits down her tan stomach and came to rest on that fine layer of pubic hair. I so badly wanted a better look at that pussy. I thought I might have made her uncomfortable by staring because I thought she was getting up from the couch. Instead she scooted a little closer to me and smiled before grabbing my cock, lowering her head, and taking it into her mouth. I leaned back and moaned as she sucked on my dick. I looked over at Mike and he just shifted to get his foot up on the couch and settled back watching us as he started to beat his cock a little faster.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Gina took my cock out of her mouth and started vigorously jacking me off as she looked up at me and smiled.

“Is this okay,” she asked.

“It’s fucking wonderful,” I croaked out. She laughed a little and went back to sucking my cock. I got a little braver and put my hand on her head and started to thrust up to meet her mouth as it came down. She would suck it a little while before pulling it out and giving it a good beating while she looked up at me and smiled. She would suck on my nipple as she jacked my cock and then just dive back down and start sucking again. My hand eventually found it’s way to her tits. I took one of her erect nipples between my fingers and gave it a gentle tug. I rubbed my finger lightly on the tip of her nipple. This made her moan around my cock so I kept it up.

I had forgot about Mike until he said, “Dude, I don’t know what your doing but she likes it. I can see her pussy dripping from here.” I let go of her nipple and put my hand on her back and slowly ran it down over that plump little ass until my fingers found her pussy lips. She was very damp. I slipped two fingers slowly into her. Her head came up off my cock and she squeezed it hard with her hand as she moaned loudly and pushed her pussy down onto my fingers. I started fingering her very quickly. She started grinding into my hand as she stroked my cock. She threw her head back and moaned, “Fuuuuuck.” She suddenly jumped up off the couch and stood with her back to me. As I wondered what she was doing I admired her ass as it was there right in front of my face. She bent over and gave me a nice view of her pussy, which was indeed dripping, before reaching between her legs and grabbing my cock as she guided it in to that tight, wet pussy. I leaned back as she stood between my legs with her hands on my knees and pumped that pussy up and down on my dick.

I had never done more than feel a girl up before and now here I was with a girl riding me while her brother watched and masturbated just a few feet away.

I could feel Gina’s pussy squeezing my cock and it was making the head of my dick feel amazing as it pushed in to that tight little cunt. Gina started to breath heavy and moan deeper right before I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my cock and felt a warm gush of pussy juice soak my balls as she came on my dick. I was so turned on feeling her cum run down my balls. Mike must of been really turned on too because I heard him groan a little. I looked over and his hand was vigorously beating his cock. Gina must have heard him too because she looked over at him and asked, “Need a little help with that big brother?”

“Hell yeah,” Mike said as he got up and walked over to us stroking his dick.

He stopped in front of Gina bouncing on my cock and jacked his dick. Gina reached up and slapped his hand away from his dick before reaching around and taking an ass cheeks in each of her hands and guiding him into her mouth. She took it in all the way to his balls. He got a handful of her hair in each hand and with him pulling her hair and her pulling on his ass he slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. It wasn’t long before Gina was cumming on my dick again, drenching my balls. After a few minutes Gina came up off her brothers cock and turned around and looked at me. “Let’s switch it up,” she said as she raised herself off my cock, turned around, and got on all fours in front of me. She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it while she licked her juice off my balls.

Mike got down on his knees behind her and asked, “Can I get that ass sis?”

She stopped licking my balls and looked back at him and said, “Go ahead, but go slow. Not like last time.” Then she turned back to me and took my entire length into her mouth and proceeded to fuck me with her mouth. That’s the best way I can describe it. This wasn’t getting my dick sucked. She had done that earlier before cumming all over my dick. This was an aggressive fucking with her mouth that felt just as good as her pussy. She was not new to this.

I watched as Mike stroked his cock with one hand and with the other on his sisters hip shuffled up to her on his knees. He nudged her legs with his to get her to spread them wider and then guided the head of his cock to her ass. I said, “Hold up a sec.” I placed a hand on the back of Gina’s head to get her to stop for a second and steady her as I sat up a little more and moved my ass to the edge of the couch. Now that I was sitting up more and leaned forward a bit I could see what was going on back there much better. I really wanted to watch this.I took my hand away from her head and said, “Okay. I just wanted a better view.”

Mike chuckled as he press the head of his dick against his sister’s asshole and slowly applied pressure. “See Gina. I told you he was a perv.”

I watched as his dick started to finally ease into her ass. The head disappeared and Gina once again moaned around my cock. He slowly eased it back and forth but it didn’t move into her that much.

“Forgot how tight you are,” he said as he bit his lower lip and tried to get deeper.

She raised up off my dick trailing a line of drool from the tip of my cock to her bottom lip and quickly plucked it off her lip with a finger and dropped it back on my dick ass she grabbed the head and started to pump her hand up and down my cock. She turned to her brother and said, “Put it in my pussy to get it wet.” Then turned back to me and started mouth fucking me again.

Mike pulled out of her ass and slid into her wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and started to pull her back onto his dick. As she backed into his dick her mouth would pull on my cock. It made me part of their rhythm as they fucked. When Mike finally stopped and pulled his dick out I could see it was very wet. He once again he pressed it against Gina’s asshole and it slid in much easier. He slowly eased it back and forth and with each push forward he sunk a little deeper. I could see Gina’s asshole pull out ever so slightly when he would pull back. Even with her juices lubing his cock she had such a tight grip on him it was like she was trying to hold him inside.

After he got to the point he could easily slide half his cock into her without a problem he said, “Okay little sis get ready.” He pulled out of her ass and plunged into her pussy for several deep steady strokes before once again pushing into her ass but this time he slowly but steadily pushed it in until her asshole was gripping the base of his cock.

Her head came off my cock again as she moan out, “Oh god,” and pushed back against him. She took me in her mouth again as he pulled back and once again they established a rhythm that I felt with every pull of Gina’s mouth on my dick. I watched as Mike’s thrusts cause Gina’s ass to ripple as he pounded away at her. Every so often one of those thrusts would elicit a moan from Gina that would vibrate against my cock and felt fantastic. I didn’t know how much more I could take before my dick erupted. Mike began to pick up the pace and was almost pulling his dick entirely out of her ass before plunging it in again. I would see the base of his cock head almost come out but her greedy little asshole wouldn’t let it out and seemed to pull him back in as he pushed forward. These long, forceful thrusts of his cock were really having and effect on both of them

“Fuck Gina. Your so tight,” Mike grunted as he fucked her.

Gina was steadily moaning around my cock now. She suddenly took her mouth off me and moaned very load before grabbing the back of my head and pulling me in for a kiss. As she rammed her tongue into my mouth I heard Mike behind her.

“Jesus dude. She is cumming so fucking hard. Her ass is like a vice on my cock. God damn.”

She moaned into my mouth as her whole body seemed to shudder.

“She’s squirting my balls dude,” Mike called out.

He started to thrust harder into her ass. Gina dropped her head again and had her mouth around my cock. She was sucking the head while jacking me off.

Mike started to moan and soon said, “I’m going to nut!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass and shot a thick stream of cum onto her back. Which was followed by several more eruptions of cum that covered her lower back and ass. As I watched his cock pump out all that cum I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to shoot my own cum into his sister‘s mouth. She never took her mouth off the head of my cock as I shot stream after stream into her eager mouth. She swallowed every drop. As she took her mouth off me my dick convulsed one more time and oozed out one last big bead of cum which she took on to the tip of her tongue and pulled it in to her mouth with a smile.

Gina gave my cock one last tug before she let go and stood up. “Feels like you made a mess back there,” she said to Mike as she turned.

“Couldn’t help it sis,” he replied.

She playfully swatted at his dick as she passed. He pulled away before she could connect and he gave her ass a smack. She yelped and giggled and called back to us, ”Be right back boys,” as she walked into the bathroom. She left the door open and we heard the shower come on.

I was leaned back on the couch still recovering MAMMA from my ball draining orgasm. Mike sat back down and found what was left of one the joints we had smoked earlier and grabbed his roach clips and lit it up. As he passed it to me he blew out his hit and said, “If you haven’t figured it out by now my sister is a little nympho.”

“She’s fucking amazing,” was my reply.

“She’ll be glad to hear that. She’s had her eye on you for a while now.”


“We only came out to the pool because she saw you out mowing. She told me I had to come out with her and invite you over.”

“Really?” I was stunned.

“No lie dude.”

“Wow,” was all I could say.

The water in the shower turned off and Gina came back out naked and damp from washing off and holding a towel.

“Anybody want to help me dry off she asked?”

As I stood up and walked over to her I thought to myself, “This might be a great summer.”