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I Assfucked My Mindhacked Sister

“Brad!” a voice shouted from behind. Zack slapped Brad’s shoulder good-naturedly. “So glad to see you out and about!”

“Just wanted to get some fresh air, and to check your place out.”

“Make yourself at home, all food is on me.”

“Thanks, man.”

Just then, a shock of dark brown head appeared from the kitchen. Abigail.

Even fully clothed, his sister’s body made an incredible impact on Brad. His cock throbbed at the sight of her halter top, clinging tightly against her massive breasts. The nubs of her nipples were poking proudly through. It was clear why the restaurant was a popular draw for male customers. Zack excused himself as Abigail approached, a smile beaming on her face. It was another busy afternoon.

“How are you doing Brad?”

“I’m doing fine thanks.” He tried hard not to stare at her body. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down with desire. “Looks busy.”

“Yes, even with the extra help, we’re swamped practically every day. It’s a good thing really.”

“Do you need a hand?”

“Do you mind?” Her big, hazel eyes shone expectantly at him. God, he could look into her eyes all day.

“Of course not.”

“I’m out the back, moving some stock.”

Brad followed Abigail through the kitchen, into the back. He waved briefly to Zack, who was engrossed with cooking.

His heart was beating harder and harder as they made their way to the back. It was just the two of them, alone. He couldn’t stop staring at the way her ass swayed and wiggled as she walked. His cock throbbed painfully at the anticipation. For a long time now, he lusted after his sweet younger sister. He managed to control it when they lived together, maybe sometimes indulging himself with her underwear, but when they lived apart, it was torment.

God, I hope this works.

Satisfied that they were completely alone and far enough from the main building, Brad pushed Abigail against the wall of the storeroom. He felt the hunger risen from the depths of his stomach.

He needed her badly.

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sherlyn chopra nude

It was now or never. A few days ago, some of his friends talked about a rumoured app. It cost an insane $100 but you do stupid things late in the night. Feeling desperate and extremely horny, he took the chance and made a purchase. For all intents and purposes, it looked like a regular app on his phone. It had a few rudimentary settings, which he fiddled with. It seemed all he needed to was point and shoot the camera into the intended person’s eyes, and then things will happen.

“Brad? What are you-”

“Look at this sis,” he said, bringing his phone up to her face and pressing the camera button.


Was there a sign or anything? Brad wasn’t sure.

Abigail just stood there and blinked a few times. “Are you done messing around? I got to get back to work.”

Fuck it.

He pressed forward and muffled by her mouth with his. Holding her close, his hands gripped her wrists tightly. His lips pushed painfully against her full, plump lips. He kissed her desperately, bruising her. The first thing he noticed was the lack of resistance. Her eyes opened in shock at first, then she closed them. She didn’t fight it. Eventually he broke away from his sister.

“Fuck,” she groaned between gasps. He swallowed her breaths and could taste the sweetness of her saliva.

She pushed him away, albeit weakly. “Stop it Brad.” He could see lust clouding over her eyes, rationality evaporating. He knew it; she wanted this as much as he did. “W-what are you doing to me?”

“I came to see you.” He continued with his advance. He kissed her neck. His teeth grazed the skin area between neck and shoulder, eliciting erotic mewls out of her mouth. Fuck, that sound was delicious. It only made his cock throb even more. He needed more of her.

Shamelessly, he yanked her halter top up, exposing her big beautiful breasts. They were obscenely huge. He spent many nights jerking off and fantasizing over them. And now he can claim them. Her nipples were like miniature orbs, erect and tempting. Without warning, he plunged his mouth over one, sucking it desperately and running his tongue over the hard nipple. Abigail’s hands fisted his hair, half trying to stop him, half encouraging him. He sorely wished she had some milk to give him. Fuck, he bet his sister’s milk would taste sweet.

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sherlyn chopra nude

“I want you, sis,” he growled.

“We can’t,” she breathed, yet she did not try to stop him. “I’m your sister.”

“But I’m so lonely,” He read you can embed suggestions to the target and they are powerless to deny them. Here, the keyword was ‘heaven’. “I bet it would feel like heaven if we had sex.”

She stared at him for what seemed like forever, and finally her face softened. “Let’s go to your place.”

She ushered Brad away and promised she will see him in a few hours.


It was dark by the time Abigail finished moving the stock in the back. She borrowed her husband’s car and made her way to Brad’s place. Her heart beat hard against her chest as she reminisced about earlier today. It was so.. Sudden. The way Brad took her so powerfully. It felt like his dominance overwhelmed her. Her pussy throbbed at the thought.

Why didn’t she stop him? Why did it not feel wrong?

After he left, it was all she could think about. Her mind filled with carnal images of fucking her brother, and she was sorely tempted to masturbate, to milk out some of that frustration. But she knew deep down that the itch wouldn’t go away without a cock. Her brother’s cock.

She made her way up to his apartment, mindful of her overcoat being tightly wrapped around her body. The sound of her 8-inch fuck-me boots clanged loudly against the steps as she made her way up. She hoped it didn’t announce her presence to his neighbors. Luckily she had the foresight to wear a pair of flats when she drove over here. There was no way she could’ve driven in these boots.

God, she loved these boots. They made her feel like a whore.

Was she going to be a whore for her brother?

She bought them for Zack. They were long and slender and made of tight black leather. The heel spike looked long enough to take out someone’s eye. Completely impractical, but so fucking sexy to wear. She was glad she didn’t have far to walk.

Moments after knocking on the door, Brad opened up with a wide grin. “Welcome.”

Abigail walked through, noting how clean the room is. Brad used to be a bit of a messy lad. He used to party hard and calmed down a little after college. At the moment, he was looking for work. The room even smelled faintly of jasmine. Probably an air freshener. She appreciated the effort Brad was putting into sorting himself out, even down to the tiniest details. Speaking of Brad.. He wore a casual T-shirt which hugged his… body? Why did he look so damn hot?

And his shorts… She bit her lip, wondering what the package between his leg looked like.

“You want a drink?” Brad offered.

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sherlyn chopra nude

“I’m okay thanks.”

He nodded and went to the fridge to get himself something. As he returned, Abigail unbuttoned her overcoat. He almost dropped his drink as her coat pooled around her legs, revealing nothing but a lacy red bra and matching lace underwear. A pair of fishnets wrapped her shapely legs like a sultry gift, complete with sexy long boots. It was a sight for Brad to feast on. For a moment he was frozen in his tracks.

He was speechless.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” he murmured, remembering that he had a drink in his hand.

She felt her cheeks reddening at the compliment. “Thank you.”

Abigail liked his approval. There was always an easy going back and forth between them; they got along great as siblings. Brad was always the sweet older brother to her.

Looking at Brad, she wondered why she never realized how physically attractive he was to her before. It was like he turned mega hot overnight.

God, she wanted a piece of that.

Waiting no longer, she advanced upon him. A gleeful smile appeared on her face as she noticed the telltale bulge of his cock. She can tell how big he is. She licked her lips and gulped in anticipation.

She got on her knees and hooked her fingers across the band of his shorts and pulled down. His cock tented painfully against the band, until she pulled them over it. His cock sprung out at her.

She gasped.

It was long and big. The crown had the most beautiful shade of soft crimson.

She licked her lips again.

She could smell the pungent scent too. God, it was so fucking intoxicating. A familiar yet different perfume of lust and man.

Gingerly, she kissed the end, sending a shiver down his spine and eliciting a low groan.

“Fuck, that feels so good, sis.”

She smiled like the cat who got the cream. She loved having this effect on him. All she ever wanted right now was to pleasure him. Her lips engulfed the xnxxxfree painfully engorged head, swirling her tongue and tasting the sweet saltiness of his precum. His hands fisted her hair as she did so. She savoured the feel of his fingers raking through her dark curls. The more she sucked and swirled, the tighter he gripped.

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sherlyn chopra nude

Abigail made sure to look up and meet his eyes. He spent most of the time having them shut, but he groaned on occasion when they met. She knew men loved it when women looked at them during a blowjob. It was an extremely erotic, slutty act.

And feeling like a slut for her brother got her really excited.

“God, your mouth feels amazing,” he moaned. “What excuse did you make to come here?”

“I said that I was going out for dinner with some friends.”

“We don’t have long then,” he moaned, half in pleasure and half in dismay. “Don’t think I will last very long anyway.”

The desperate throbbing of his cock in her mouth promised her of the delicious reward. She redoubled her efforts, making his legs buckle. She couldn’t wait to feel her mouth being flooded with his hot, thick semen.

But she was going to be disappointed.

Instead, Brad pushed her back, her mouth off his penis.

Pushing her down on the floor, he tore away her bra and peeled off her panties. A slick trail of excitement came away with them.

He wrapped his cock around her big pendulous breasts. Abigail felt his cock sandwiched between her, hot and slick with her saliva and his precum. She moaned in pleasure as he tugged on her sensitive nipples and pumped back and forth between the globes of her flesh.

He was so desperate and eager that it chafed a little.

“Stop it, Brad..” She moaned. But his anguished expression was just too cute. Relenting to his needs, she helped with the friction, pressing her arms close together, tightening the contact.

“Fuck..” He hissed.

Yes, that’s what she wanted to hear. The lust and need dripping off his words.

She looked down and saw beads of cum forming out of his beautiful slit. It wouldn’t be long now.

She enjoyed the friction of his cock being milked out by her large breasts. She was so proud of them, despite them being so big and heavy.

“I’m going to cum!” he growled. Abigail tightened her face in response.

Spurt after spurt of thick gooey semen erupted from his penis, coating her breasts, nipples, face and neck. An involuntary groan escaped her lips as she pornografici italiani felt the cum dribble down from her nose and onto her lips. She licked, savouring the taste. She was absolutely covered.

He must’ve been really pent up.

Still, she was glad that he got it out now. Maybe he has satiated his need.

Without warning, Brad bent down and flipped Abigail over on all fours.

“What are you doing?” she asked, but was met with silence.

Brad walked away and came back with a small bottle in his hand. Almost like a ritual, he squeezed and let a viscous green fluid coat his fingers.

“This is a special aloe vera lubricant I’ve found on the internet. It’s supposed to be very soothing,” he said.

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sherlyn chopra nude

She tried to come up with a response to that, but before a suitable answer entered her brain, he eased two of his fingers in her tight little asshole.

Abigail groaned in surprise and pleasure. Her fingers clawed uselessly at the floor.

“Does Zack fuck you in the ass?” he asked as he pumped his fingers into her slowly.

She didn’t reply, she couldn’t. So he continued. He got on his knees and gave her ass a playful slap. The noise was loud. He rubbed her ass with the aloe vera balm, soothing and comforting her.

Then he slapped her again.

And he caressed her again.

Each time he slapped her, she gritted her teeth and moaned through the delicious pain.

Each time he soothed her, she mewled in delight.

Eventually, Brad edged dangerously close to her ass, whispering almost to himself. “Your anus.. Is so pretty and soft..” His hands spread her cheeks, and his tongue darted mercilessly into the depths of her puckered hole.

Abigail squealed. “Oh god, no! It’s dirty!” Her emotions rocked, a mixture of taboo pleasure and horror. Oh fuck, my own brother was tonguing my asshole!

“Fucking delicious,” he growled as his tongue raked the inner walls of her ass. “I’m going to make you cum too, with your ass.”

“N-no,” she moaned. Abigail thought that somehow, if she italiani voiced a protest, it’ll make her feel less guilty. Less of a willing participant of having her ass eaten out by her brother. Thinking about her husband cleaning up the restaurant while she’s bent on all fours, being rimmed should’ve filled her with shame, but it only heightened her excitement. She couldn’t focus on anything else other than how deliciously wrong this is.

Brad rolled Abigail’s tummy until she was on her back. She must look like a submissive bitch in heat, she thought.

She certainly felt like it.

His fingers pawed greedily all over her lower area. His fingers raked through her pubic bush. Fuck, she loved that feeling.

His fingers grazed the outer lips of her pussy. She moaned against his touch. She could feel how much he wanted to just plunge his fingers inside her, feel how wet and excited she was.

But she grabbed his hand, firmly.

“Stop,” she whispered. Her eyes burned with lust but also distress. “We can’t go there.”

“Why?” he groaned, disappointment and frustration lacing that one single word.

“I’d feel too guilty.” Conscience is a bitch. Abigail could somehow rationalise her actions up till now, but letting her brother take his pussy was a line she couldn’t cross.

“I feel guilty too,” he said, as he coated the aloe vera lube all over his thick hard cock. “That’s why I’m taking this hole.”

He slid the crown of his cock into her ass, slowly, not wanting to hurt her.

“Ahh..” She groaned, her fingers clasping his hands for support. Yes, that made sense, she supposed, it’s not cheating if it’s not vaginal sex is it?

He sunk another inch in. She could feel the walls of her ass being filled, invaded by his gargantuan penis. He was going to break her.

She should’ve been worried, but she could only lick her lips in anticipation. Brad caught the expression and smiled gleefully.

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sherlyn chopra nude

“Your ass is so amazing, sis,” he growled as he pushed in deeper and deeper. “So fucking tight.”

He leaned in close to her face, so close she could taste his breath.

Abigail moaned and tasted his kiss. Her tongue pushed back against him, sucking his lips, licking his gums and raking feverishly over his teeth. He groaned back into her, overwhelmed with her sensual kissing and the tightness of her ass.

Finally, he broke off his mouth.

“Abigail, I want to touch yourself here,” he demanded, pointing to her pussy.

“Why?” she asked. But she knew why.

“Since you won’t let me, you gotta do it instead. It’s only fair.”

It was a twisted logic, but she couldn’t resist. The thought of him watching her touch herself was exciting. She always had a voyeuristic streak in her. Sometimes during work, she would purposely wear a loose fitting t-shirt, letting customers glimpse her bare breasts. It always left them flabbergasted, and it gave her a perverted thrill.

Without complaint, her hand drifted over her clit and ran circles over it. As with all women out there, they were the utmost experts for teasing and manipulating their pussies to orgasm.

It took little with her rear being stimulated by a sherlyn chopra nude deliciously thick cock and her own fingers on her pussy. With her lips being so painfully swollen, she was sorely tempted, sorely desperate to have her pussy filled. For a moment, she seriously considered withdrawing his cock and letting it plunge deep inside her, all the way to her cervix.

“How does it feel to be ass fucked while touching yourself, Abigail?” his tone dripped with lewdness.

She felt a flush of redness on her cheeks.

He slowly pulled back. Right before he was completely out, he plunged his cock all the way in. With the lube, it slid in easily and effortlessly.

“Fuck!” she screamed out. It felt so fucking good.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“It feels.. Good.”

“What feels good?”

“It feels good when-” she moaned, his tongue once again probing her slutty mouth. “…when your cock is fucking my ass.”

“You’re so nice to me, Abigail,” he moaned. She could feel him reaching his limit. “You’re always one to make me feel better when I’m down.”


“So cum, please cum with me!” She felt his hands claw into her sides, desperate and needy.

At that moment she felt a warmth for him washing over her, among her desires. Instinctively she cradled him with her warm welcoming arms.

“Cum for me, bro,” she whispered into his ear. “I’m gonna cum too.”

“Fuck!” he bellowed. His entire body tightened and his orgasm erupted, pouring hot, thick semen deep into her ass.

“Oh god!” she cried, feeling her own climax overwhelm her. She clung tightly to him, the balls of her toes curled impossibly tight as she rode out her own ecstasy. She had to hold her breath as one wave after another enveloped her.

They laid there on the floor of his apartment as they waited for their climaxes to dissipate.

Slowly, Abigail felt Brad pull his cock out of her ass. With a pop, she felt the dam being released as globs of his cum leaked out of her asshole and run down the side of her leg, onto the floor.

She just laid there, panting and sweating. Speechless.

Eventually Brad stood up, equally spent.

“Your ass belongs to me now.”

Her mind went blank. Everything felt amazing. Everything felt right. “Ok,” she simply said.

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