Hot Romantic Porn
Hot Romantic Porn

Hot Romantic Porn EroticaX Britney Amber Romantic Afternoon Sex

Hot Romantic Porn EroticaX Britney Amber Romantic Afternoon Sex

Hot Romantic Porn
Hot Romantic Porn

Beth stood in the middle of the bedroom. It was warm and the only light came from a lamp beside the bed. The boy she had just meet today was closing the door. Her 5’ 3″ 230 lbs body shivered. She wasn’t really sure how she’d gotten up here. She had just met Kevin a few hours ago…

“Riggs! Where’s my date!”

Beth jump at the sound. Her 44G chest bounced even in the heavy halter bra her mother made her wear. Just before the sound startled her, Beth was considering leaving her friend’s dorm room and heading back to her’s. Don had told her about his buddy, who was throwing a party at his off campus apartment for a few friends. The guy’s girlfriend had dumped him recently and Don knew Beth was shy about meeting new guy, but was sure she would have fun.

“She’s over here, just like I promised.”

Don smiled, his girlfriend Debbie hopped up from his lap, put her hands on Beth’s shoulders and spun her around to confront Kevin.

Beth swallowed and looked at Kevin as he approached. He was 6’ tall, light brown hair and if his shirt and jeans were any clue, all muscle.

“Well, Don did not lie. You are a pretty thing and just my size too.” Kevin gave her a smile.

Beth turned a light red to match her strawberry blonde hair. Beth had always been a heavy girl with big breasts, but most guys could not get past her weight. She was shy, but friendly at the same time. Right now though she wanted to run as Kevin stepped in close.

“Don says you’ve never dated before? And you’re a freshman, like me?”

Beth just nodded her head and stared up at Kevin. Her face turned redder.

“Bet you haven’t even kissed a guy yet. So I’ll be the 1st then.”

“I have too kissed a guy! Last week when I lost at poker!” Beth reddened more and clamped her hand over her mouth.

“Oh, really! Don you told me she was a virgin and I had to go slow.” Kevin grinned at Don.

“She can tell you about it later. I got there before the game could come to an end.” Don winked at Beth.

Beth was feeling weak in the knees and short of breath. Kevin stepped in, his chest touched hers. Her nipples hardened out of reflex from being so close to a guy. His face was almost touching her face. She could feel his hot breath. A strange tingle ran through her, her pussy ached for some reason.

“So you have a tale to tell. Later, I think, not in front of all these people as you are redder than your hair now.”

Beth lowered her eyes, her skin was hot. Kevin brushed her lips with his and turned away quickly. The knot in her stomach twisted and she was oddly moist between her legs. She had a strong urge to stroke herself, like she did under the covers at night lately.

“Well, we’re doing nothing here. Let get to my apartment, finish setting up and get the party started!”

Beth spent the next 2 hours helping get things setup. She made sure the beer was in ice and help Don’s girlfriend Dee put out snacks. At some point she ended up with a beer in her hand. Beth had never had more than a small glass of wine at home. The beer was bitter, but it helped her nerves. The next she knew the party was on.

Beth stayed close to Kevin. His hands were around her waist most of the time. They talked about school and where they were from. Sometimes his hand would find her ass, she would move it away like her mother told her to, but not before enjoying the feeling of it move around and make her legs weak.

Hot Romantic Porn
Hot Romantic Porn

Beth was not sure how much beer she had drunk. Her head was fuzzy and she felt numb and giddy at the same time. Kevin spun her so she was facing him and they swayed to the music.

Kevin’s mouth covered hers and she felt her body flush from head to toe. His hands moved over her plump body and sent tingles through her. Some how Kevin’s hand was on her breast. She felt him squeeze her soft flesh through her shirt. Her nipples hardened and clit was aching for contact. Beth’s legs were weak.

“No, my mom says good girls don’t do that.” It was weak and soft.

“Not out in the open anyway.” Kevin’s smile cut through her and he kissed her deep again. “You haven’t told me about your poker game yet.”

“Not here, in front of everyone.”

“Then let’s up up to my room. My roommate is out all weekend. Besides, most of the people are gone.”

Beth looked around. Only a few people remained and they were making their way out or passed out. Beth felt a tug and she followed Kevin up stairs…

Beth stood in the middle of the bedroom. It was warm and the only light came from a lamp beside the bed. The boy she had just meet today was closing the door. Her 5’ 3” 230 lbs body shivered. She wasn’t really sure how she’d gotten up her. She had just met Kevin a few hours ago.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable sitting on the bed?”

“My mom said I should always keep both feet on the floor, when I’m with a boy. I’m a good girl.”

Beth fidgeted back and forth. Strange feelings coursed through her body. Her whole body wash flushed. Her nipples were hard, her breasts ached and moisture was forming between her legs.None of it made sense to her.

“Ok, by me.” Kevin stepped close and ran his hands up and down Beth’s arms.

“So, tell me about this poker game where you got kissed and Don came in at the last minute.”

Kevin’s eyes sparkled and Beth shook, with fear or excitement she was not sure. Maybe it was both.

“I… I was waiting with a friend for Don. We were going to study together. His roommate and a friend were there too. Grady wanted to know how long it would be before Don got there. I said about an hour.”

Beth shivered, Kevin kept stroking her arm as she talked. It sent tingles down her arm and made her stomach feel strange. The moisture between her legs was getting worse. She wanted to go back to her own dorm room.

“So what happened next?”

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Hot Romantic Porn

“Grady asked if I wanted to play cards with them. They were going to play poker. I told Gady I didn’t have any money to play and I’d only play a few times before as a kid. He wanted to know if I was willing to play more grown up version. I asked him what and he said strip poker.”

Beth remembered the fear she felt when Grady had asked. She had only know him a few months since getting to college. She knew it was not something her mother would approve of. The memory oddly excited her, if only she was in her dorm room in the dark. She could take her clothes off and get under the warm heavy covers. She could do the nasty things to herself her mother said only bad girls did.

“I told him, no. Good girls didn’t play games like that.”

“So, what did he tell you to change your mind?” Kevin was close to her again. She could feel the heat of his body.

“Grady said that that I was a big girl now and in college and besides Don would be there in an hour. We’d just stop the game then.

“I was scared, I’d never seen a guy naked before, except my little brother and that was a long time ago. But I said ok, and that I had to keep both feet on the ground like my mom told me so that nothing would happen.”

If Beth was back in her dark dorm room, naked under the warm heavy covers, she could spread her legs and lightly stroke her clit and pull and twist her nipples while she remember the naughty game she had played with Grady and the 2 other boys. She could be naughty and no one would know.

“Hmmm, both feet on the ground? An interesting idea.”

“”My mom said good girls do that when they are alone with a boy.”

Kevin traced his fingers along Beth’s arms and neck. She shivered and felt her knees getting weak. She wished she were in her dark dorm room so bad.

“So how did the Kiss happen?”

“Grady got some cards out and we sat around a table in his room. I lost the 1st hand and Grady said I owed everyone a kiss.” Beth blushed.

“Show me.”

Beth gave Kevin a quick peck on the lips and backed away.

“Hmm, I don’t think you were playing the game right. Did the three boys accept the Kiss?”

“No.” Beth’s voice quivered as she remembered. “I had to kiss each of them again.”

“Show me. You should show me the whole thing, since you are my girlfriend now.”

“Your girlfriend?” Beth’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, so you must show me all that happened.”

Beth felt stirring in the pit of her stomach, at least she thought thats what it was. She reached up and kiss Kevin on the lips a little longer.

“Grady even put his tongue in my mouth.”

“Like this?”

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Hot Romantic Porn

Kevin held Beth’s head softly but firmly and pushed his tongue in Beth’s mouth. He swirled it about her mouth and then sucked her tongue into his. Beth was breathing hard. She felt Kevin’s hands roam over her shirt almost touching her breasts. And then he stopped.


Beth was breathing hard. She was feeling hot. She wanted to be in the dark dorm room under her warm heavy covers with her legs spread wide and rubbing her clit and pulling on her nipples, like she had done every night since the poker game. Replaying through her mind what had happened and the nasty naughty things that could have.

“He didn’t suck on my tongue, but yeah kinda like that.”

“So what happened next?”

“I won the next three hands. Grady lost two shoes and his roommate 1. Then I lost and took off a shoe.”

“Show me, remember, you have to show me what happened.”

Beth slipped off her left shoe.


“Wwwhhhat?” Beth gave a shy smile.

“They let you take off your own shoe?”


“I see, I’ll have to show you the correct way. Here, I’ll be Grady and you take off 2 of my shoes.”

“I won a couple more hands and the boys had lost their shoes and one had lost a sock, then I lost again. So I took off another shoe.” Beth went to remove her shoe when Kevin stopped her.

“No, the winner gets to take the winning in poker, whether its money, cookies or clothes.”

Beth sucked in her breath. Kevin knelt in front of her. His hands slid slowly down her right leg. He untied the sneaker and lifted her foot. Gently Kevin pulled her sneaker off and rubbed her foot for a moment.”

“The winner always takes the prize and gets to enjoy it.” Kevin lowered her foot to the floor and stood up

“I lost the next hand too.”

Beth was breathing deeply as Kevin knelt again. Once again his hand moved down her body, past her hips and slowly down her legs. He lifted her left foot and removed her sock. Kevin rubbed and massaged her foot. Beth gave a small moan, she wanted to be in the dark dorm room under her warm heavy covers with her legs spread wide and rubbing her clit and pulling on her nipples, like she had done every night since the poker game, replaying through her mind what had happened and the nasty naughty things that could have. She wanted to be screaming in her pillow as an orgsam raced through her body.

“See the right way is more fun.”

“Yes.” Beth gave a quick reply.

Hot Romantic Porn
Hot Romantic Porn

But she was here, in a room, with a boy and she wanted to run back to her dark dorm room. But she wanted to stay. Her stomach was turning in knots, her nipples were so hard they ached and she knew between her legs was soaked. She so wanted to be touched, but she knew her mother said it was wrong.

“What happened next?”

“Grady and the other boys lost a few hands. Grady lost his shirt and socks by then.”

“Well, you need to take my socks and shirt off then.”

Beth was shaking. Her hand moved lightly down Kevin’s chest and legs. She looked up as she knelt. She blushed when she realized that Kevin was looking down at her and could see her large 44G chest. Even with the shirt buttoned high he could easily see some of the flesh of her breasts. She sucked in deep and bent down so her head blocked his view.

Kevin lifted his foot at her touch and she quickly removed one sock then the next. Beth was flush. She wanted to massage Kevin’s foot like he did for her, but she was afraid.

“Now my shirt.”

Beth stood. She reached over and grabbed the bottom of Kevin;s shirt and lifted it over his head. He was right, it is more fun to collect your own winnings. Beth had not been this close to Grady when he lost his shirt. She reached out her hand. Kevon’s skin was hot to the touch. She moved 1st one hand then another over Kevin’s muscled chest. Grady had been more flabby, then Kevin. Kevin’s chest was hard and warm. She felt a wave run through her lower body and light headed. Beth snached her hands back as if they had been burned.

“So what happened next.” Ken’s eyes seemed to sparkle.

“I… I… I lost the next two hands.” The words came rushing out in the end.

“So first the other soc.”

Beth nodded.

Kevin knelt again. His hands are lightly down her body. He lifted her left foot and slowly pulled the sock off. Warm hands massaged and rubbed her foot. It felt wonderful.

“Shirt or pants?”


“Did you lose your shirt or pants?” Kevin was close, so close to her.

Beth trembled, she wanted to run, but Kevin had said it was only fair that he see what had happened at the game. He was her boy friend now. She liked that. Beth had never had a boyfriend before. So heer she stood reliving the events of a couple of weeks ago, only this time instead of her doing the undressing, Kevin was driving her mad by undressing her and touching her as no other boy had done before. She could feel the wetness starting to run down her legs. Her underwear was uncomfortably wet and starting to ride into her crotch.

“My shirt.” It was a whisper.

Kevin’s hands moved up the front of Beth’s shirt. They played across her chest. She knew he could feel the hardened nipples through her heavy bra. The touch, even through two layers of cloth was electric. The hands moved away, much to Beth’s relief or was it disappointment to her top button. Beth sucked in hard and the first button was undone.

“Good girls don’t do this.” It was meek and soft.

“But good girls do what they promised, right? And you are my girlfriend. And I should show you off to other boys, right?”

Beth did not reply. Her eye were locked on Kevin’s hands. The second button came undone and the top of her bra was exposed.

“I’m a good girl.” A third button was undone. Beth started breathing hard. She was so wet between her legs. She wished she could rub her throbbing clit.

“Yes, you are. You have both feet on the floor like you mother said you should and you are showing your new boyfriend what you did with those other boys.”

Kevin undid the other buttons of Beth’s shirt quickly. Beth trembled.

“Yes, I’m a good girl.” Beth tried to sound confident.

Kevin grabbed the collar of Beth’s shirt and pulled it off her shoulders. There was a quick rush of cool air and then she felt Kevin’s hot hands on her shoulders. They moved down over her bra. Beth stopped breathing, no boy had ever done this. Her nipples were rocks now. She involuntarily pushed her chest against, Kevin’s fingers as they played across her breasts and nipples.

“The boys didn’t do this when we played.”

Beth tried to block Kevin’s hands from going farther, but he place her hands at her side and move his hands back to her covered breasts.

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Hot Romantic Porn

“I told you you weren’t playing right. I’m showing you what should have happened. The winner gets to collect their winnings remember?”

Beth shook her head. Kevin’s hands moved off her covered breasts and over her belly. Strong, soft hands then moved back up and over the flesh of her breasts that was exposed by her bra. Without warning Kevin leaned in and kissed the exposed flesh.

“Ohhh!” His lips were warm and moist.

“This is why I like big girls. Their skin is soft and their breasts big and full.”

Kevin kissed the exposed part of her breasts again. His lips lingered and sucked softly. Beth’s nipple were hard and poked at her bra. She felt finger pinch lightly at her nipples through the bra. It hurt so good. And then the hands and lips stopped. She groaned. The room was hotter for some reason.

“What next?”

“Grady lost his pants!”

Beth clamped her hand over her mouth, she didn’t mean to blurt it out so loud. She had a fire in her hips and was breathing hard. She waited shaking for Kevin to speak.

Kevin just stared at her. Slowly Beth stepped in. Her hands shook as she undid Kevin’s belt and opened his pants. She pushed and pulled at Kevin’s pants. She felt a hand on her shoulders and sank to her knees. She hesitated only for a second and yanked his pants to the floor. Beth kept her head down as she helped Kevin step out of his pants. She wanted to look up, but she was frightened.

Firm hands held the side of her head and tilted her head up. Beth could see the huge bugling outline of Kevin’s cock in his underwear. It was so big and looked so hard under the white cloth. Grady’s had been like the nub of a finger compared to Kevin’s. She wanted to reach out and touch it, but she bit her lip and stood up, staring at the covered cock as she did. They had never finished the game, so she never saw Grady’s or the other boy’s cocks.

“Did you lose next?”

Beth could only nod.

“I assume you took off your pants?”

Beth nodded again.

Kevin’s hands started at her shoulders. They moved so slowly down her neck and over the exposed part of her breasts. When his fingers got to where her nipples poked at her bra, Kevin grasped each covered nipple between his fingers and pinched.

“Ahhhhh!” It came deep from inside her.

The hot hands moved further down. Over her belly and down to the top of her pants. Her stomach did flip flops and she tried to suck in her stomach as Kevin’s fingers undid her pants. She moaned at the sound of her zipper being opened. Beth squeezed her eyes shut as warm hands pushed her pants off her wide hips. The smell of her wet sex suddenly filled the room.

Kevin rested his hands on her hips and knelt in front of Beth. She could feel his hot breath over her panty covered mound. She squirmed, her pussy was wetter than it had ever been, even when she had played strip poker with the other boys. Her panties weren’t fancy, in fact Grady’s roommate had commented that they looked like something his mom would wear. They completely cover her hips and were a pale yellow and they were soaking wet. Kevin’s hands started to the front of her panties and just before they got to her covered mound, they moved back to her hips and and down her bare legs.

“Nice panties.”

“My mom bought them.” Beth was breathing hard.

Kevin grasped the top of her pants that were now at her knees. He pulled them until they puddled at Beth’s feet. He lifted one leg and removed the pants then the next.

“Stand with your feet further apart.” It was a command.

“But, I’m a good girl.” Beth reply was horse.

“Yes you are and both feet are on the ground like your mom told you to.”

Beth edged her feet a few inches apart.


A few inches more.

“Wider.” Kevin’s voice was firm.

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Hot Romantic Porn

Beth moved her feet until the tops of her plump thighs just parted. The lips of her pussy were swollen and the crotch of her panties had started to work their way into her pussy when Kevin had helped her out of her pants and then had made her part her legs. She jumped and squeaked as Kevin ran a hand up her inner leg. He stopped just below her soaked panties. She felt the tip of a finger run over her covered pussy. She exhaled but still kept her eyes closed.

The finger traced over her hairy mound and around her panties. Beth’s stomach turned every which way. Her leg moved apart more and the finger moved back and forth across a swelling clit and panties seemed to move into her slit. Her pussy lips opened wide.

A hot breath was at her face. The finger continued to tease and torture her. She move her legs as far apart as she dared. Fire was now racing through her loins. She moaned and groaned each time the finger slow closed her engorged clit. It had never felt like this when she played with her own pussy. She wanted Kevin it keep going, to press harder, but when her hips jerked forward, he pulled his finger away.

“What happened next?”

The finger continued to move and tease. She would cum soon. She moaned and tried to steady herself with a hand on Kevin’s shoulder.

“What happened next?” The voice was insistent.

“The other boys all lost down to their underwear! Ohhh, ohhhhh, OHHHH!”

Beth had fingered herself several times but her orgasm was never like this. She shook and trembled as the orgasm started rolled over her and still the finger teased, promising more. But it never came, Kevin’s wonderful fingers suddenly were gone.

“And then you lost your bra.” Hot breath washed over her face.

“Y-y-y-yes, but I… I only got it unhooked and was holding the front up when Don arrived. I was trying to decide if I wanted to finish the game. I promise, I never showed the boys my titties! Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, OHHHHHH god!”

“So, Don stopped the game and you left those poor boys.”


“Well, time to finish the game.”

“I’m a good girl.” Beth grunted, ” good girls don’t do that.”

“Good girls keep their promises. You promised to play strip poker and you have to finish the game.”


“No buts.” Kevin’s finger glided across Beth’s panties and caught the edge of the leg band.
“Unhook your bra.”

“But you said the winner collects the prize.”

Beth caught her breath as the finger flicked her clit on the way to the other side of her panties.

“Yes,I did and this is how I choose to collect.”

Beth opened her eyes and stared into Kevin’s. She saw them sparkle and glow. She reached behind her back and undid the hooks of her bra. As the last hook came undone she felt Kevin’s finger drag back across her panties, only this time they caught the material and exposed her soaked pussy and swollen clit. She let out a gasp as the tip of his finger ever so lightly dragged back and forth across her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh. YES!” Was all she could managed.

Her hands cupped her bra just like in the strip poker game. But, this time Don was not coming and she was. This time a finger teased and stroked her clit.

“Drop your hands.”

“No.” So quiet it could barely be heard.

“Drop your hands.” Kevin grasped Beth’s clit between two fingers and gave it a light squeeze.

Beth gasped as electric shocks coursed through her body. Finally the orgasm she needed started. She dropped her hands and her 44G breasts bounced into view.

“Yes, very nice. This is why I like big girls. Hold up ours tits for me to suck on.” The command was sharp.

“No! Good girls don’t do that!” Her hips ground against Kevin’s hands as the orgasm grew.

“Good girls do as they promised and you are a big girl now. Being a big girl and a good girl are different. Hold up your tits so I can suck on them. You lost that hand of poker and this how those boys would have claimed it.”

Kevin squeezed her clit again and gave it a twist. With the turn of his wrist his middle finger slid into Beth’s gushing pussy.

“Hhhhhhhhhh!” The finger began slide in and out of her pussy sending all new feelings through Beth’s body. Just when she thought she could regain control and run away, she was held in place by an incredible feeling of pleasure and pain. Just as the orgasm was about to to peak the finger pulled out of her sucking pussy and only the nail of the thumb continued to tease her clit.

“Last warning. Hold up your tits for me to suck on.”

“They’re not tits, their breasts.” Beth tried to be defiant, but she lifted her huge 44G tits.

“Good girl. Time for you to cum.”

Kevin’s lips clamped down on one of the hard nipples and his middle finger plunged hard and deep into Beth’s pussy. She let out a deep moan as Kevin started sucking her tender nipples. The feeling ran through her body and she involuntarily tried to push her nipple deeper into Kevin’s warm wet mouth. The suction felt incredible.

Kevin grinned to himself as his thumb dragged across her clit and his middle finger twisted and twirled inside Beth’s pussy. She gyrated and humped his hand as her orgasm ran through her for the first time tonight. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever felt in her life. Beth moaned and groaned as the most powerful orgasm of her life was just seconds away. It couldn’t feel any better, then pain, wonderful pain hit her other nipple. Kevin pinched and twisted her other nipple between two fingers. He showed no mercy, he pinched hard and twisted and pulled.

Beth screamed as her orgasm slammed into her. She had to put her hands on Kevin’s shoulders to steady herself and keep from falling.

“Ohhhh my god! Ohhh my god! It hurts! I’m cumming! Please don’t stop!” Beth screamed and jerked and finally slumped hard on Kevin.

She was weak and on her knees as Kevin withdrew his hand from her sopping pussy and forced her to stand up.

“I’m sure you would have lost the next poker hand, so let’s not waste words or time.”

Beth was too weak to word a protest as Kevin knelt and ripped her panties from her loins.


Kevin did not wait his mouth found Beth’s clit and he forcefully plunged two fingers into her pussy. Beth gave the only reaction she could. She humped Kevin’s face and hand. Her orgasm just came full force. Her virgin body had been put through the ringer and the constant assault on her body was too much.

Only one hole had not been touched, her anus and Kevin’s little finger slid in the wet hole and forced it open. He sucked and bite her clit. His hand positioned in and out of her pussy and ass. Beth’s response was simple, she grabbed Kevin’s head and pulled him into her crotch. Her hips gyrated and humped seeking more pleasure. Her orgasm just came in wave after wave.

“I… I… I’m cuming! Suck me! Lick me! Oh, please don’t stop! It hurts! Please don’t stop!”

Beth’s legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor. There she spammed and jerked on the floor. The feelings rolling through her body were so amazing. She wanted it to go on forever.

Kevin watched as Beth as she writhed and finally settled on the floor. She lay panting on the floor looking up at Kevin.

“I’m a good girl.”

“Yes, but you have to finish the game.”

Kevin helped Beth to a kneeling position and pulled off his underwear. His rock hard cock sprang into Beth’s view for the first time. Pre-cum oozed from the fat 8 inch length. Kevin placed his hand on the back of Beth’s head and brought her lips right to the cock.

Beth’s nose flared at the smell of sex and musk. She shook her head no and clamped her lips shut. Kevin did not wait he slapped her across her face just enough to get her attention. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Open your mouth and suck my cock.”

Beth shook her head no again and Kevin slapped a little harder.

“You said your a good girl, well good girls finish the games they started and keep their promises. They also suck their boyfriend’s cock, especially after he’s sucked on her pussy and given her many orgasms. Now open your mouth and suck.”

“But I don’t want too! I’m a good girl” Beth cried and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Kevin grabbed Beth’s by the chin and tilted her head up. He could see the tears freely flowing.

“I told you to be a good girl you have to keep your promises, right?”

She nodded yes.

“And you agreed to learn how to play strip poker correctly, right?

“But… but I don’t want your cock in my mouth. I’ve never done it before. It’s nasty!”

Kevin gripped Beth’s chin harder and stared into her eyes.

“I’ve given you several orgasms and even sucked your pussy. You still have things to do and one of them is suck my cock til I cum in your mouth.”


Kevin reached down and twisted one of Beth’s hard nipples. She groaned and bent forward. When she did, Kevin released her nipple and grabbed his cock and forced it in her open mouth. Beth gagged and coughed and tried to back away. Kevin took a hand full of hair and held her firm. He roughly moved her head back and forth so she no choice but to swallow the cock in her mouth. The cock in her mouth was both bitter and salty. It scared and oddly excited her as the cock made it hard to breath.

“I know you know how to play with yourself. Play with your pussy while you suck my cock.”

Beth fought the urges running through her body. Kevin had slowly built up her level of excitement until the thought of the next act was to much for her body to deny. Beth still struggled, but her right hand went to her sopping pussy and found her clit. Her left hand pinched and pulled at her one of nipples. Kevin was torturing the other.

The cock kept trying to force its way deeper down her throat. The bitter salty taste was getting better but the cock going down her throat made her gag and gasp for air. She massaged her clit hard and fast. Fire was raging through her body as she struggled at the same time. Beth was pulled in so many directions at once. The pain and fear made her want to run. The pleasure made she stay.

Kevin got a rhythm going. About half of his cock was now sliding easily in and out of Beth’s warm wet mouth.

“Going to cum soon. I’ve been hyped up all night to do this to you. Get ready to swallow my load!”

Beth screamed around Kevin’s cock as he gripped her hair and pulled her face into his crotch. She gagged and flailed as his entire cock was forced down her throat. He pulled back and she had seconds to suck in air before the cock went plunging back down her raw throat. Another gasp and Kevin held Beth’s head tight to his crotch as he pumped a load of cum down her throat.

Beth beat her arm against Kevin’s thighs. She couldn’t breath and salty sticky cum was spurting down her throat. She wanted to throw up, but instead she came. She submitted to the assault and she came.

“God, your mouth feels so good!” And Kevin let go.

Beth fell to the floor. Her body was being racked by uncontrollable orgasms. All she could do was shake and jerk. Her mother had been so wrong. Sex was good! Sex felt wonderful!

Kevin rolled the shaking girl on her stomach and pushed her legs up. His cock was still hard.

Beth jerked back to reality as she felt the cock touch her ass. She was on her hands and knees, her butt high in the air and her legs wide apart and pussy dripping. She was still a virgin.

“No, please. I’m a good girl, but please don’t put your cock in my pussy. I’m a virgin!”

Kevin forced Beth’s head down when she tried to rise and gripped her by the hair. Beth put her head on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could.

“You have been a good girl. I’ll tell you what, you do as I say and tonight I won’t fuck your pussy.”

“Fuck is a bad word.”

Smack! Smack! Beth cried out as the hand burned her ass.

“Fuck is what I’m going to do to you and often. Tonight I’m going to ride that tight ass of yours.”

Beth cried, tears ran down her cheeks again.

“Please, I’m a good girl!”

“Are you going to do what I say?”

“Yes, please anything, just don’t put your cock in my pussy!” Beth begged and sobbed.

“Put your hands on your ass and hold your cheeks apart. Show me that pretty pink virgin anus of yours.”

Smack! Smack! The heat burned and called to her. Beth reached around and placed both hands on her ass and spread herself as wide as she could. Why, why would he want me to do this was her thought.

Kevin had often wondered what it would be like to ass fuck a girl. He had planned to fuck Beth’s virgin pussy, but he wasn’t about to pass this up. Her ass was sweaty and warm as his cock touched the skin. He spit and the glob landed on her bright pink anus. He placed the head of his cock at the tight entrance.

“You might want to play with your pussy again. This is going to hurt and a lot.”

That was all the warning Beth got. The touch of the cock and some words and then blinding pain filled her.


Kevin gripped her ass and pushed. He pulled her head back by her hair. It was tight, but her ass yielded and down he sank, deep into her bowels.

“OH MY GOD, your ass feels so tight. Its tighter than any pussy I’ve ever fucked!”

Kevin pushed until he was all the way in. Beth screamed in pain as the cock burn down her anus and buried deep inside her.

“Play with your pussy, it will help with the pain. Time for a hard fast ride.”

Beth screamed into the carpet. Hot tears flowed from her eyes. She wailed and screamed with each plunge of Kevin’s cock into her ass. The cock was ripping her apart. It pull almost all the way out and force its way back in. Kevin slammed into her without mercy. She tried to clinch her ass closed, but it only made it worse. As Beth struggled, Kevin slammed harder into her bowels. She was pinned under Kevin, she may have out weighed him but she submitted, spreading her legs as far apart as possible and lifting her ass high to give Kevin a better target to fuck and the cock started sawing faster and faster and harder and harder in and out of her ass. Beth did the only thing she could, she cried and wailed. She reached under her heavy belly and began to stroke her pussy. Lightly at first then harder and faster as Kevin increased his rhythm, she increased hers.

It hurt. It hurt so much and she fucked back against every invading thrust of the cock. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room. The smell of sex was intoxicating. Beth bucked and humped for all her might. The pain started to give way and she brought her other hand to her open pussy lips. One, two then three fingers made it inside her pussy. She had never done more than 2 fingers in for fear of ripping her hymen, but now she was on fire. She didn’t care. Her clit burned and ached, her pussy practically sucked her finger in and the cock in her ass sent her over an edge she did not know existed.

Beth howled as her orgasm slammed into her like nothing ever had and then blacked out. Kevin continued to ride her ass until he pushed one last time and fired his cum deep in her ass. He collapsed on top of her spent. He knew she was his now to use as he pleased.

Somewhere in a haze Beth felt herself being moved to a bed.

“Good girls don’t sleep with guys unless they are married.” It was a mumble.

“You belong to me now. You’re my toy to play with and use as I see fit. You will do as I say and fuck whenever, whoever and whatever I tell you to.”

“No, I’m a good girl.”

Kevin slapped her tits until they were bright red. Beth cried and spread her legs as wide as she could. Kevin smile to himself and smacked and slapped her pussy. She begged over and over for him to stop, all the while coming closer to another orgasm under the assault of Kevin’s hands. The orgasm wasn’t big, but it satisfied.

“I’m a good girl…” Beth burrowed close and drifted off to sleep. She knew her Master would take care of her. She would complain and cry, but in the end Master would do as he wanted with her, causing her great pain and even greater pleasure.

And that was all she needed.