Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

Tamil actress Sex Stories A Roman lesson

Tamil actress Sex Stories A Roman lesson

Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

A House full of PUSSY

….(“…do we have enough time?”)
…..Those were the words I loved to hear. We’d have to hurry so we didn’t get caught. I loved the way she said them breathlessly in my ear. That meant she was horny and she wanted a quick fuck. We had done this before and we were good at it. We could fuck standing up very fast. She was a moaner and she would bury her mouth in my neck and muffle her moans. I loved her breathing hard with those sexy moans.
She had already excited herself and was now ready to risk a much needed fuck she wanted. She needed a lot of affection and now was getting it.

….. Running my fingers across her back in passing would make her gasp and grab for my hand to put it where she wanted it, if it was safe from detection. I could touch her anywhere in the house at any time and her eyes would roll back in her head as they closed. I could watch the chill bumps follow my fingers if I just touched her arm. Her little gasps for air were so sexy to me. If I stood behind her and snuck in a back of the neck kiss, she automatically leaned back and pushed her ass into my cock.

…. I had learned all of her sensitive spots and used them to watch her get excited. I use to do it close in front of her sisters and pretend I was sneaking in a feel and her sisters could not see us. This made her sisters excited too. If I looked at her sisters, they would quickly looked away, pretending they had not seen me, but their tell tail smiles let me know they had.

….She would whisper: (“…Stop, my sisters can see you doing that.”) She would make a lame attempt to stop or move my hands, making it ’look good’ if someone saw us.

…..I’ll just call them Mom, sister 1, sister 2 and sister 3. I was living with sister 1. We lived next door to her parents. Our back yard had an open gate to her parents house, and her mom and sisters came and went freely between to two houses. We also spent a lot of time at their house.

….To continue…. I first met sister 1 and was dating her. I was brought into a new world of 4 horny women and I was the only guy around them. The adventure took me to a ’nest of pussy’ I called it. The ’dad’ worked all the time and spent all his home time in the garage, and away from his nagging wife and attention wanting daughters. He even enclosed part of the garage and slept there. He was glad to see me come around and entertain them and leave him alone. They all wanted male attention, and I was it.

…..My girlfriend, sis 1 was still living at home then and we loved to sneak around and at first, cop feels. Then we got bolder and got in a quick fuck. Now we wanted lot’s of quick fucks, but the trick was to do it and not get caught. They all wanted me to move in and live there, but sis 1 and I moved in next door, which still made them all happy. I was fucking sis 1 and I played with the others…at first. Soft porn you might call it as those women liked to rub up against me. Lean on me and their touching got longer and longer. It was like a pussy toy box. Take one, play with her, make her hot and watch her head to the bathroom or where ever and masturbate.

…..How did I know that, they told my girlfriend, sis 1, that they did it, and bragged how hot I had made them, including mom. A guys ego can only take so much. Mine was going crazy. Hell I wanted to fuck them all. My girlfriend seemed to just look the other way at our touching, feeling and giggling. She was getting he sex ok, and was satisfied it seemed.

…..Sis 3 was the youngest in her late teens. I wanted to fuck her the most. She was the best looking too. Long blond hair and sweet body. They all had medium tits but hers were young and perky. She had a boyfriend but her parents soon ran him off. Sis 2 had one too, but he was always gone. Then there was mom. Horny, lonely for male attention and had no will power to stop herself from wanting me.

…..Her mom was the most fun of all. I could just get her semi-alone and stand behind her and whisper how nice her hair looked. I made sure my breath was felt on the back of her neck. I told her how her perfume aroma was intoxicating to me. I would watch her take a big breath and turn her head, look back and whisper back quietly… (“…why…thank you Erick…I‘m so glad you like my hair and perfume. I have a new bra too and I love the way it fits me, did you notice?”)
(“I sure did, but I didn’t want to embarrass you by saying something.”)
(“Oh….don’t worry about that Erick, we can always duck around a corner and you can always tell me how I look to you.”)
….Her hand came back and just touched my jeans. She felt the material and said: (“…are these new jeans?…they look so nice and tight on you.”). I felt her breathing get heavy. She was getting real hot. I put my arms around her waist. Her hand stayed on my leg, but now advanced to the inside of my leg. She warmly rubbed her hand up and down. I raised my arms up under her tits. I pulled us tight together, placing my semi erection between her butt cheeks.

Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

…..This was the furthest we’d ever gone and her body was very hot in my hands. The last sister yelled goodbye and left. Now we were alone. Mom raised my arms with her other hand, up and gently rubbed it over her tits. For the first time she moaned and pushed her butt back into me. I figured I could do more. I dropped one arm and took my hand and felt gently above her pussy, on her lower tummy. More moans and heavy breathing. She breathlessly whispered: (“Let’s lock the door….and go to the couch.”) Bingo, she was wanting more. I had a little contest with myself as to who I would fuck first, mom or youngest sis 3. Mom was winning out.

….I picked her up and to the couch we went. I locked the door as she kept her eyes closed. I placed her hand on her pussy and had her rub it. She had on a old robe and I put her hand inside on her bare pussy. She never opened her eyes. I didn’t know when the last time she had sex, but I think it was a long time ago. I gently laid on top of her using my elbows to give her chest room to go up and down. I started kissing her neck as she gasp for air. She kept rubbing her pussy as I went inside her robe for her tits. With my other hand I joined hers to feel her wet warm pussy.

…..Her legs sprang open as our fingers worked her pussy. She was gasping and getting pink in the face from the excitement. I thought, I hope she doesn’t pass out or something. We joined our fingers in her pussy and moved them together, slowly in and out. When I rubbed her clit with my thumb…she moaned out and shuddered. She just had an orgasm and pushed my fingers up to her G spot. Now her juices began to flow all over our fingers. She was trembling and moaning as she kept our fingers moving in her pussy. She was getting way to hot and moved her head back and forth to get air. I got off her to let her cool down. She grabbed my arm and whispered: (“…oh god, don’t go”) I fanned her with my hand and opened up her robe all the way. Wow, she sure kept her body in shape. I said: “You have to go take a shower right now and cool off.” She said a shower sounded good. I helped her up and walked her to the shower. She was wobbly but wanted more kissing. I left and closed the bathroom door behind me. I let her cool down.

…..From then on she was aggressive with me. Copping feels, and rubbing on me every chance she got. She would whisper: (“… do we have enough time?”) “Soon“, I always said. Now I wanted to fuck teen sis 3 more and more. She turned out to be an ’oral’ girl. When I got a chance to get her all excited, we were in the hall upstairs. We had a 30 minute window to play.

….. She dropped to her knees and went for my cock. She rubbed her own pussy and sucked on my cock so good. I held her head as she started jacking me very fast. I very quickly had to cum and that’s what she wanted. She wasn’t expecting that much cum out of me and it splattered on her school uniform blouse with the overflow. She giggled and ran to her room.

Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

Next time I wanted my cock in her teen pussy.

…..That was what she wanted too and the timing was right two days later in her mom’s car.

….It was the middle of the afternoon and mom was the only one home. Mom talked on the phone all day and was doing just that. Sis 3 said: “Erick, would you help me bring in the groceries?” We went out to her mom’s car and the one bag of groceries was on the back seat. She moved the bag and pulled back a old blanked over the seat. Under it were lots of spots, ’pecker tracks’ we called them. I said: “Are these all yours sis?” She smiled and said: “Maybe…., why?….did you want to add to them?”

….. I turned her around and laid her on the back seat and said: “Maybe…” She had on a school uniform short dark blue skirt. I began kissing her as my hand went under the skirt. No panties and a wet pussy were just waiting for me. A quick pull of my short pants and in my boner went. Oh god she was tight and squirmed as she moaned quietly. We got right to it as she played with my butt. She moaned that we shouldn’t be doing this and that I was living with her sister and….then she said that next time she wanted us in a bed with lots of time ….then she just moaned and started fucking faster.

….. We neither one thought about the risk or time we were ’missing’ from in the house. She felt so good as I now had a hand on her perky tits. Her legs locked around mine and we fucked faster. I kissed her to stop the moans as she yelled in my mouth. I let go with a big load in her and she shook and squeezed her tight pussy around my cock. It was exciting for both of us and the car springs squeaked away. She whispered: (“..Oh my god…oh my god…I’ve wanted you for so long…I want more time for us. Help me with a plan Erick..”). I had to pry her arms off my neck as we planned a longer fuck time soon.

…. I saw the garage house door barely close shut. Opps.

(Mom thought peeking out the garage door…)

……I wondered what the squeaking noise was. So he’s making it with her. Well your going to have to share girls. He makes me so hot and horny, I haven’t felt that in a very long time and I want more of it. Wow…look at his ass go up and down on her….damn I want him and I to do that. I need him. I bet that feels so good to her. Just watching this is exciting. I wish I was watching closer and could hear them. I’ve heard her moan before in her room. It drove me crazy listening to her and last boyfriend. I played with my pussy as they fucked. Now that was hot. I found those spots in my back seat.

….. Does she think I don’t know what they are? I bet he puts a big one there now. Oh my god her legs are shaking, he must be fucking her deep. Oh gezzz…I just heard her moan. Damn, that gave me a buzz in my pussy just then. I have to have a private talk with Erick. I want time to really have good long sex with him. I’m going in the bathroom now and rub out an orgasm for myself. Soon I want to feel Erick feeling my pussy and make me aroused again. I got so hot last time I felt faint. I love his attention to me, and his hands on me….

Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

…..Damn sis 3 is so hot and what a tight pussy she’s got. She loves to give me blow jobs as I found out. In the days ahead, she like to suck me off fast and risky. She liked her moms car and in risky places. Her school parking lot, the mall parking lot, behind the stairs at her house, in a closet and when everyone was asleep. She was fast and could make me cum quickly, then swallow it all away and lick her lips and smile.

….Mom was very horny and always wanted to plan a trip for me to come to her bedroom. The girlfriend was content and slept like a state of death, never waking up. I would sneak out and over to her mom’s house and her bedroom. Our first time to fuck was really hot. She got me in her bed and licked about every part of my body.

…..She went crazy when I ate her pussy. She banged her pussy into my face and moaned beautiful. She turned out to be the best fuck and the most grateful. She would whisper: (“…my body is yours, do anything you want Erick.”) She loved to play a little game of: “Oh…there’s a young man in my room!…your not going to try and have sex with me, are you?…oh my.” I would hold her wrists up and feel her up real good. She would get real wet and squirm her pussy around.

…..She would breathe real hard as I then held her head and forced her to kiss me. She moaned and drove her tongue in my mouth. She would whisper: (“…oh…let me up young man, your making me all hot and horny. I’m old enough to be your mother. Oh…oh …stop rubbing my clit, it makes me crazy….take your time…I know you don’t want to force me to have sex with you…or…do you?….hurry …before my husband comes…yes now…hurry and put it in mister….”

…..I played her little game and she went for duration. She let it build up in us and made the most of our really hot sex. I took my time licking her wet pussy as she moaned and played with my hair. She didn’t tell me she squirted when she came and flooded her pussy when I licked her pussy to climax. She shook like a leaf with a steady moan of pleasure. She then pulled me quickly on her and reached down and put my cock in her super wet pussy. She knew just how to work her pussy on my cock.

….. Her pussy squeezed, pulled and massaged my cock like no other woman I’d ever been with. She worked her legs to drive my cock deep in her and massage her cervix. Now I was the one going crazy with good feelings on my cock. She knew when I was about to cum and whispered: (“…cum baby, cum baby“, over and over. I think my balls heard that and I felt a huge load starting to rise up my cock. She seem to know it and dug her fingernails deep in my butt cheeks and began to climax and shake with me. Our moans were so loud, I know someone in the house had to have heard us, but we didn’t care.

…..She just kept it up after load after load flooded her wet pussy. I felt her squirting all over us, shaking and squirting more and more. She began to almost cry with pleasure. “Oh god yes!”…she kept muttering over and over. Her pussy squeezed every last cum out of me. My mind drifted as I kept pushing my cock in her wet pussy until I couldn’t fuck anymore. She kept slowly fucking with tiny moans and gasping breath. I felt I had better get out of there, but I lay on her and couldn’t move…….

…..I was ’fucked out’ for a short while after that. There was still sis 2 to be filled on my score card. Sis 2 was quiet, smart and like to play little games with me. Once in the hallway we passed and she stopped and felt my cock. I put my arms around her and said: “I hear you have a boyfriend and….a boyfriend on the side….so why are you feeling me up. She smiled and said: “I know what’s going on with you and my mom and sisters. If you want me….you’ll have to beg me for it Erick. I’m not a pushover like they are.” She looked at me with a little smile and one raised eyebrow.

….I dropped to my knees. She had on a red full skirt. She was the shortest sister and had the biggest tits. I put my hands on her legs and worked them slowly up. She had really nice legs. I mumbled as my hands continued up. “What’s that Erick, I can’t hear you Erick did you say something about ’begging’???” I lifted up the skirt to find a tiny thong running right down her slit and to one side of her clit. I said quietly: (“Shhh, I’m talking to your clit.”) She giggled as I spoke. “Oh beautiful clit, let me lick you please, my tongue wants you so bad,…in fact I’m ’begging’ you to let me lick you.”

Tamil actress Sex Stories
Tamil actress Sex Stories

….I felt her hands on the side of my head. She slowly teased me by pushing her clit close to my mouth. “What was that word again Erick? Say it again for me. “ She was breathing hard as she moved her now swollen clit oh so close to my out stretched tongue. I love the aroma of pussy, and I could feel the heat and aroma from hers. I looked up at her big tits and smiling face and said: “I forgot the word.” She jammed her clit right into my tongue. She rubbed her clit on my tongue and started moaning. She said: “Your tongue is knocking on the door…(pause for breath)…xnxxxfree but the password is ’beg’, Erick. I stood up and said: “I’ll try and remember that…but I really don’t have time for you sis.” I turned smiling to walk away, she grabbed my arm. She said: “Oh no, once you lick my clit, that is ’tongue begging’ and now you have to make my clit happy….I…a….”

…..I slowly started kissing her neck and licking it. I said: “If my tongue is doing all the begging, I better make all of you happy.” She gasp and moaned …”..your cheating…that’s not fair…I mphlhp.” I kissed her quivering lips as she tried to talk. I felt those big tits move up and down in my hands. She tried to whisper: (“..not here in the hallway.”) We headed for the bathroom. We locked the door as buttons and zippers flew open. Her bra opened in the front and out popped those tits, all white and full. I licked them and nipples too. I turned her around and bent her over the sink. I lifted up her skirt and pulled her thong down.

…..I slipped my cock in her wet pussy from behind. She ‘moan talked’ and said quietly: “…you son of a bitch, you just like my big titties don’t you…Oh damn….you better hold my arms back so I don’t try and get away…yes! …now pull my hair….Yes!…fuck me you bastard…you want me bad, don’t you Erick…hold me tight and fuck me hard!”

…..The was certainly different from the other sisters. She liked it rough as I held her tight and fucked her hard. “Squeeze my titties you love so much, fuck me harder Erick!” she moaned. Her ass was bucking back on me hard as she began to gasp for air and began to climax. “Harder!” she moaned. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. Her whole body began to shake as she bit my arm. “YES! Baby…YES!” she gave out a long moan and got red in the face as I shot a big load in her pussy. She rubbed her own clit fast and bucked back hard. I grabbed both her big tits and held on tight.

….. She took her hand away from her wet clit and started licking her own fingers as I kept shooting in her. She finally went weak and just panted for air. She took my fingers and rubbed them on her clit, then she licked them along with hers. I guess she liked the taste of her own pussy and my cum. She kept moaning and licking our fingers. As I pulled out of her, she put her fingers at her pussy and caught the overflow of cum. In her mouth it went, sucking her fingers. She turned and got on her knees, she licked my cock absolutely clean…..

….I would have never guessed she was that wild a woman.

…..I was over at their house one evening watching T.V. I closed my eyes and was nodding off when I heard a strange voice. It was their dad. I looked up as he stood right in front of me. He smiled and said: “You look tired Erick.” He leaned over and said: (“…these women are a real handful, aren’t they boy.”)