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xxx mom story

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xxx mom story the retirement house for women

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

Jonny came to room with me. It was half past seven. Dad usually used to came after 8 at night. Mom was in kitchen cooking dinner for night. Mom has changed her dress. She was in skin color stocking. Over stocking she wore front open black top and medium length black skirt. Skirt was hardly covering her lower thighs.

Tonight dad came home approximately at 9 pm. We all came for dinner at 10 pm. Dad asked Jonny about her study and parents. He was eating less and staring more at momma. Tonight momma was looking awesome in top, skirt, and stocking. I saw many times in stocking but now she was looking hot and beautiful.

After finishing dinner, Jonny went to my bedroom. I stayed here because I daily assist mom in finishing her kitchen works. I came to my room at 11 pm. Jonny was watching XXX movies on my laptop.

As I entered into room, Jonny told….Bro, Linda is looking gorgeous tonight. Does she daily wear all this clothes?

I replied….No; it might be possible that you are my guest, so she dressed up nicely.

Jonny….Do you know one thing, your mom knows how to welcome guests. My mom don’t have so courtesy. You came to my house several times, but she behaves same as she does at home.

I replied….It’s ok bro.

Jonny…..Harry, have you seen her stocking. She really has good dress sense. That stocking was matching with her black top and skirt. She has natural beauty.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

I replied…..Ok bro, I told you all this before and that is why I am continuously attracted towards her.

Jonny….So, when will they start their love?

I replied…..I don’t know, but they usually do after midnights when they get assure that I am sleeping.

Now we started talking about other topics. I went downstairs for enquiring whether they went to their room or not. Dad went to bedroom, while mom was just about to finish her kitchen works.

I came back to my room and provided all current information to Jonny.

I know that within half an hour mom will be in her room. So I told Jonny to keep patience for sometimes. He was so egger because I discussed lot of things about mom.

After an hour we went to momma’s bedroom. Room was locked from inside. Window was also locked. Now days I used to watch their sex from top of the ventilator, which was in back of room.

We just stand on a desk. It was really tough to stand both of us on same desk, but there were no more options available to us. We managed and can do everything to watch them doing sex. Table was not enough space so we both stand in a queue in such a position that Jonny’s back was in front of me.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

We started peeping inside the room. Dad was lying on the bed. Mom wasn’t on bed. She might be in bathroom. We were still looking at bed and feeling very uncomfortable standing on the desk.

Suddenly mom appears. She sat on edge of bed. She sat in such a way that her whole ass base was on bed. Skirt was scattered around her waist. Now she was applying moisturizer on her arms, and waist. She lifted her top a little bit applied some cream on her abdomen too.

Seeing all this Jonny started squeezing her dick over trouser. I was habituated to seeing all, so I have some resistance to control my feelings.

After applying cream she stood up and came back to dad. She bent over dad and start kissing his face. It seems that dad was not in mood. After 2-3 kisses and smooching, dad separated her from himself and replied…. Honey, we can’t do all this. Tonight, harry with his friend and it will not be safe.

Mom replied….Don’t fear about his friend. They are here for study. Next month their examination will commence. Let’s do it baby.

But really dad was not in mood. He denied once again.

Here Jonny whispered….Please, don’t spoil mood of our mom. Let’s Do it. Harry, really your mom is sex freak.

But still we were waiting for dad’s initiative.

After several request dad was still lying rigid. Mom stood up and brought massage oil and forcefully opened trouser of dad. Dad was nude below waist. His dick was still sleeping. He had nice dick. 3 inches in sleeping mode and 6 inches when it gets in full tension.

Mom touched his dick and asked….Baby, why are you so silent today? It seems that you were tired from your work.

Mom just touched dick with her lips and came up on dad’s lips and kissed him. She started chewing his lips. Saliva was getting exchange from each other’s mouth. Momma’s right hand was working on dad’s penis. Dad’s penis had little hairs. It seems that he shaved pubic hairs a week before. After rubbing genteelly, it starts taking shape. Dad put his both hands inside her skirt and started squeezing her ass cracks. But tonight she wore stocking and it prevented dad’s palm to completely go deep inside her ass lining. They both still were kissing each other. Mom was dancing her waist and I know that she is in mood.

Jonny was watching them silently but very attentively. I also got harden and my penis was creasing Jonny’s back. He was no objection from my harden dick, so I encouraged to push more my dick inside his trouser. He was still rubbing his dick and was feeling more excited as compare to me. He was watching first my mom doing this.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

Now mom ordered dad to stand on bed. Dad obeyed her. As he stood up, mom came nearer to him and opened his T- shirt. Now dad was completely nude. His penis was semi erected. Dad sat on bed and mom whispered some words in his ears. It seemed that mom again ordered him something to do. After a moment he bent on bed and made himself a doggy. I was seeing first time dad in doggy style. Dad’s ass cheeks were also smooth and shaved. Mom applied some oil over both ass cheeks and start giving him ass massage. Mom was slowly slipping her fingers on his ass cracks. After a few minutes dad start enjoying and moving ass in air. It was not last. Now mom bent on his ass cracks and inserted her tongue inside back hole. It was enough to create ecstasy for both.

Dad stood from bed and pulled mom towards him and lifted her in his arms and starts kissing her neck and ears. Mom hold dad’s waist with legs and grabbed him such a way that there was no gap between them. Dad was holding each ass cheeks with both palms. Dad was putting his face inside her darling’s boobs. Mom was pressing his heads deep into her boobs. By pressing boobs with dad’s face, boobs were finding the way to come out of skirts. Mom’s hairs were open and scattered on her neck and back of shoulder.

Doing all this for some more times they detached from each other. Dad came back on bed, while mom went to bathroom. I asked Jonny…. Bro how it was?..Are you enjoying?

Jonny replied….Friend, I am enjoying a lot. Tonight I want to see her getting under your dad.

I was also enjoying, not by seeing mom and dad session. First time I was sharing peeping session with my best friend and first time my penis touched with anyone’s ass. This ass was of Jonny’s, but it was enough for me to getting hard. Till the time mom got back to bed. Her boobs were bare nude. She was only in stocking. Her boobs were looking huge and hanging from top just giving feeling of hanging two melons of 5 pounds each. Jonny was full excited now. His penis acquired full length. He removed his trouser. I was amazed to see that he didn’t wear underwear. His medium sized ass was in front of my dick. My dick was still pressing his ass cracks. I was astonished to see that my penis is creasing his cracks, but still he has no problem.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

First time it came in my mind, whether he is gay? I thought (If he didn’t have any problem then why I have to think so about all this).Now dad put on bed removed her stocking and we saw her bushy pussy. Her pussy lips were full of half inches long hairs. Dad spread her legs and put both legs on his shoulder. He guided his 6 inches long shaft on her queen’s front hole and pressed her back quickly inside her. As he pressed his penis, mom cried loudly…..oouch…you killed me….aaahhh… (She cried so loudly that we also heard)

Now dad was fucking her owned whore with great velocity. When his balls were touching between pussy and ass place it was releasing nice music. He was squeezing as well as patting her boobs badly. He pated a lot and turned her boobs from milky white color to pinkish red. He put his left hand thumb in her mouth and she was sucking it like a 5 year old kid sucks ice-cream. Mom was getting horny and she was moaning…..aaahh…fuck me baby…ooouuch….go hard…plz …aaahhh….go deep…tore your whore’s pussy…baby…I want a kid…make me pregnant…aaahhhhh…..I beg you for baby…..aaahhh….oooouchhh…

Hearing such words from mom, dad got more excited and started fucking her badly. She was in pain but enjoying too. Here Jonny was finished and getting ready for second time. Tonight I saw dad’s stamina. Though he had smaller dick as compare to me but his experience gives great edge. Both are made for each other. After 5 minutes both got finished at same point of time. Momma was satisfied. Her eyes were telling the whole story. Dad was still laid on her. Mom was giving her love by fingering his hairs. After staying 5 minutes more, we came back to our room.

Jonny was getting mad. He told me….Harry, your momma is a slutty whore. I never saw such fucking session. She was even better than many porn female stars. She has great talent and I am sure that she can prove her better porn star. Leave it all, just tell me. What were you doing that time with my bare ass, when you were watching them?

I got stunned. I never had been thought that Jonny will ask all with me. I took my time and replied….That was nothing, I just excited that time, and my dick was getting hardened and it touched your ass cracks.

Jonny….Are you sure, you were hardened seeing mom nude?

I replied…. Yes.

He just insisted to off my trouser. I wasn’t wanted to be nude in front of him. He insisted a lot and by his excellent reasoning’s he made me ready to remove my trouser. I stood down bed and removed my trouser. I was in jockey’s brief. My dick was in normal condition but my 80 cm brief tightly holed my scrotum & dick. I usually used to wear 5 cm smaller brief so that it can tightly hold my all external reproductive parts. I started feeling embarrassing. He ordered me to off my brief too. I had no other option now. I just removed my brief. My sleeping dick was in front of my best friend. I was feeling shy and was thinking (Why I am doing all this? What Jonny will think about me? Why he insisted me to doing all this?)

Seeing my dick, he replied….Harry, do you know?..Your dick is much bigger and far better than your dad. Your mom will certainly feel hornier with you. She really gave birth to a real man. Your manhood is capable of winning every woman. Bro, I am little jealous with you due to having smaller dick as compare to you. Harry just starts taking initiative with Linda. Initially you have work hard for getting her to your bedroom. Once you get succeed, she will be all time yours. I am sure about all. Horny ladies like more creative sex session and they prefer teens for this.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

I was still standing nude and hearing all compliments about me. By praising me Jonny started opening his T-shirt. He had six pack muscled physique. He had been going Jim for last year and in very less time he got six packs abb. I also praised his physique. Now he opened his trouser too. He was fully nude. His dick was really smaller than me but still it was standing on 90 degree.

Jonny was 5 feet 8 inches tall. He had nice Jim body and always keeps his face shaved. He was still standing on bed and replied…. Do you know, every momma loves her kid most and whenever if any mistake took place by kids, they forgive them and don’t mind their own kids fault. Kids are lucky in this. They use to play their husband on their finger, while they are always ready to play according to their kids. Saying all this Jonny sat on bed and made himself dog. He made himself dog in such a way that his ass was in front of me.

As I discussed in previous chapter, I am an ass freak. I started my voyeur with seeing momma’s ass. Right now I was seeing my friend’s ass. Jonny’s ass was skinny, shaved, and medium size ass. But it was ass and I started feeling erection in my shaft. I never imagined that Jonny will do this before me. He was also squeezing his ass and sometimes he creased ass opening with middle finger. It was enough to get me full erection. That time I came to know that I was not only liking female’s ass, but also liking male’s ass too. It confirmed me that I am 100 percent ass freak. My tool got full erection and it was standing in air and saluting my best friend’s ass.

Suddenly Jonny moved and sat on bed and saw towards me. He had smile on his face. His smile made me more embarrassing, but I couldn’t do anything. He expertly reviled my secret (that I am an ass lover). He told nothing, just spread his arms and just indicating….Come & Hug me.

I wasn’t in such a position to deny his proposal. I came to him and hugged him tightly. As I hugged him, he started raining all his kisses all over my face. He was kissing my passionately. He lifted my both hands up and opened my T-shirt. We both were nude now. He laid me on bed and lay beside me and brought his lips just 1 inch over my lips and start thinking whether to kiss or not. I pulled his face on my face and we both locked each other’s lips. It was my first ever lip to lip kiss and never thought that it will start like this. We both were enjoying each other company. After all we both were searching for someone with whom we get start sex at least. Jonny was pulling my tongue inside his mouth and sucking all my saliva. I never had been thought, a man can also make horny to another man. I just heard and read some sex stories about gay sex but still I were in dilemma whether it is happening in real or I am dreaming.

After kissing each other for more than 15 minutes, he took off his face from my face, slide little down on me and extended my arms in such a xnxxxfree way that both arms were attached to my shoulder in a straight line. I like always keep my whole body clean shaved and my mom was my inspiration for keeping body clean and smooth. But I always keep hairs on my dick and it surroundings, because my mom does the same things. Seeing my armpits clean shaved, Jonny replied….woooo.You have nice shaved armpits. It is so good.

Now he started licking my armpits. I can’t describe all these feeling, which were happening with me. I liked his all moves, touches, smooching, teasing. He slide on my naval and inserted tongue inside it. I knew he was treating me as lady, but I did not want any distraction in our sex. He filled naval with saliva and again started licking. He was so expert in all. I start thinking (His expertise can’t be learn in a day, it might be possible that he was indulge in gay sex with others too).

He was seeing my dick up and down. He replied…. Baby, you were already erected so there is no need to excite you. If you don’t have problem then I want to taste your back hole. This time I am requesting, not ordering. If u like then only I will do. You are my best friend, so need your permission before I proceed further.

I replied…. Honey, I don’t know much about all this. I never had done all this before. But whatever you are doing, I am enjoying. You seem to be more expert. You are my master tonight. So do whatever you want to do.

He turned me. My abdomen was on bed. My ass was upside now. I was average built, so ass was just like Jonny’s ass. Firstly, he bent my left leg between bed & my abdomen and then he bent right leg. My whole weight was still on bed. He told me to extend my both arms forward. I did it accordingly. He slightly separated my thighs in opposite direction. He was expertise and knew how to present medium sized ass in such position that it also gives feel of huge ass. He lied behind my ass cheeks & quickly pated 4-5 time on both of cheeks. He started touching my ass furrow with middle finger. He was first person (excluding my parents) in my life that touching me with sexual intensions. I started feeling itching on entry of asshole. He was driving his finger from up to down.

I knew that why women like ass sucking. It is such a nice experience. Now Jonny touched hole by tongue. I moaned….aaaahhhhh….oouuucchh….

I was clearly feeling his lips on asshole. He was kissing. He was such a nice dog. I am sure every bitch likes him. He smelled my asshole and gives 7.5 rating out of 10 and also promised to share ass smelling rating technique. After sucking and rubbing my ass for half an hour, he told…. Harry, do you want to know what Linda will feel when you will fuck her ass.

I replied….Yes.

xxx mom story
xxx mom story

He sat on knees just behind my ass, and slightly widened asshole. Now he hold his penis in hand, pulled back its skin back and put its upper pink on ass. After few seconds, he only inserted pink part of penis inside ass and replied….Baby feel it. You will give same feeling to your mom, when you will fuck her. Just feel it and share with me after sex.

I can’t describe it in words. It was such a nice experience. Feeling amazing. I knew that anal sex is much better than doing masturbation and pussy fucking. I was just memorizing its advantages, which I will surely discuss in next story. Putting dick for more than 10 minutes, Jonny pulled it out and himself dog and ordered me to fuck her ass. I was amazed with her offer. I never did it before. He told…. Baby, let’s do it for your best friend. Don’t scare. I will manage it well. Just imagine I am not Jonny, I am your mom Linda. Let’s fuck my ass assuming me as your mom. I assure you, you will enjoy a lot.

He spread his thighs and pated ass cheeks and moaned in sexy voice…. Come on baby, your momma is waiting for her son. Tonight make your mom a complete woman.

I came back and put my dick on his asshole and start pressing my waist on his ass. My dick was heavy one. It was going slowly. Jonny was also adjusting his thighs so that dick can take easy passage. Just more than half dick was inside and Jonny screamed with pain….Harry, it is last limit. I can’t take more than that. You have huge dick. I never imagined that you will give such sensation. Please start fucking your friend. I know you will please me tonight. This night will great and memorable for both of us.

Jonny was my best dog and I fucked him more than 20 minutes. I cum inside him. It was my first sex and really unforgettable. I filled whole his ass with my hot & white jelly. Then we both took shower together. We cleaned each other’s private parts. Private parts of ours became public part for each other. We came to bed and slept by hugging each other. We were so tired that when we got sleep, didn’t know.

When I awaked, it was 8 am. I found Jonny’s one leg tiding my waist. I also found something hard in my ass cracks. It was Jonny’s penis. He was hardened and was giving my ass feeling to his penis. I turned back towards Jonny and gave simple morning lip kiss. I asked…How was last night at my home? He came closer to me and replied….It was one of the best nights of my life. I won’t forget till my life. You gave me what I need it. Bro, I know you like anal. So today I promise you, when you will be need anal sex, I will with you and please concentrate and work more on making Linda to be your wife. I will be the first person who will more happier to see you both as couple.

By saying I hugged each other again. Our dicks also became friends now. They both were also kissing each other.

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